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How to Treat a Belly Button Infection

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9. Calendula

calendula flowers

Calendula herb contains hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help sooth itching and irritation from infected belly buttons. Also, this herb supports healing.

  • Crush 2 to 3 calendula flowers or leaves and extract the juice. Apply the juice topically onto the infected area. Do this 2 or 3 times a day for a few days.
  • If fresh calendula is not available, you can use calendula lotion or ointment. Apply it on the infected belly button as directed.

10. Indian Lilac

neem to treat belly button infection


Be it yeast or bacterial infection that affects, Indian lilac, also known as neem, can definitely help a lot in treating it. Neem has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and itching and prevent further spread of infection.

  • Make a paste of a few neem leaves and apply it onto the affected area. You can also add a little turmeric powder. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Pat dry thoroughly. Do this twice daily for several days.
  • You can also add a few drops of neems oil to 1 teaspoon of olive oil or any other carrier oil and apply on the affected area for quick healing.

Additional Tips

  • Do not pick or scratch an infected belly button as it can worsen the condition.
  • Avoid swimming for a few weeks as the chlorine in the pool is not good for an infected belly button.
  • Use cotton balls or swabs instead of a cloth when cleaning or applying treatments as a cloth can spread the infection.
  • Do not constantly touch the infected area.
  • Include garlic in your diet as it is considered highly effective in preventing infection.
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants to promote healing.
  • Do not put pressure on the infected area when sleeping.
  • Take steps to control high blood sugar levels.
  • Follow all aftercare guidelines if you get your belly button pierced.

If the infection does not show signs of improvement after a week, consult a doctor immediately.

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18 thoughts on “How to Treat a Belly Button Infection”

  1. your daily health tips that you impart with us, is highly appreciated! Keep it up and May GOD bless you more…..

  2. Very informative article. It is well written as well. & I love the fact that you can use some of the home remedies on children.

    Thank you, Kindly

    Miss Young

  3. I think my belly button is infected i have a small red volume inside my belly button it is a little deap but i can see it withought stretching it too much and it does not hurt me and i do not have discusting fungus on my belly button also that volume has 2 or 3 small hairs on it is my belly button infected or is it sth else

  4. I cleaned the inner bellybutton with soap and water in the shower daily. Then dried it inside thoroughly.
    Then I used tea tree oil and neopsporin several times a day( intermittenly )that was applied with a qtip since my infection was deep into the belly button. It took about a week to 10 days to completely heal

  5. i got some bad smell in my belly button and inserted my finger and found liquid with dust came out but my finger went little deep inside easily. earlier it will go only to some extent but this time due to smell and infected it went little more. my belly also grown compared to earlier. any issue? kidnly guide.

  6. what if my belly button just itches really bad does that mean i have an infection even though the itch doesn’t happen all the time?

  7. I treated my belly button infection by using pyodine (medical iodine) just in a day i was relieved. Use it w cotton bird.

  8. I used the olive oil and tea tree oil for my Red irrataed navel. It worked fantastic! My navel was dark red and painful. No discharge that I saw. Think it happened due to wearing spanx and sweating. I used this mixture twice a day for 4 days and it completely cleared up. There was substantial improvement after one day. I highly reccomend this treatment

  9. i did the rubbing alcahol thing and the warj water and sqlt thing seems to be working out and the warm cloth thing really minimizes the pain

  10. I love how well this was said but my navel piercing is very much infected I’ve only had it a week. It just today put out a yellow pus but it did not smell. What do I do? I only use antibacterial hand soap

  11. I injured my belly button over a year now but the injury still persists and it gets more painful,I’m scared what should I do

  12. Having my bellybutton discharged yellowish like with unpleasant odor,it so itchy that i cant help myself scratch it.. hopefully these remedies would cure then..thanks for the information

  13. After years and years of soreness and irritation I gave mine one topical treatment of CBD oil and the problem vanished over night. Two days later, it started to regress, so I gave it one more treatment and it hasn’t regressed again. Two treatments with CBD oil cured a problem chronic infection that I had had for 10 years. I don’t know whether this would work for anybody else, but I think it is definitely worth a try.

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