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How To Relieve Jaw Pain

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9. Reduce Stress

Many people unconsciously respond to stress by grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw. If you are under stress and have jaw pain, you can ease the pain by taking steps to reduce your stress.

Reduce stress to deal with jaw pain

A good first step to managing stress is finding out what calms you down. For some, it can be listening to relaxing music or taking a calming, warm bath. Yoga, meditation and a vigorous workout can also help reduce stress.


Practice your stress-relieving activity every day, especially before going to bed to prevent grinding your teeth while you’re sleeping.

10. Avoid Coffee

When suffering from jaw pain, avoid drinking coffee. The caffeine in coffee increases the tension in your muscles. This in turn increases the pain.

Avoid coffee to deal with jaw pain

Cutting back or eliminating coffee will help the healing process. You must also try to avoid drinking tea that contains a good amount of caffeine. Switch to decaffeinated drinks.


Along with caffeinated drinks, avoid other stimulants like tobacco and alcohol. In fact, drinking alcoholic drinks in the evening can affect your sleep, which in turn can raise your stress level.

Additional Tips
• You can also try many over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the pain.
• If you still suffer from pain, you can consult your dentist, who may suggest wearing a mouth guard, taking muscle relaxers or even Botox injections. Depending on the cause, jaw surgery may be a last resort option.
Maintain a good posture, especially while sitting for long hours.
• If you spend a lot of time with the phone cradled between your shoulder and cheek, stop this habit. It puts a lot of strain on your neck and jaw.
• If nightly teeth grinding or clenching is contributing to jaw pain, try wearing a mouth guard.
• If you see someone yawning, resist the temptation to join in. A big, wide yawn is sure to cause pain.
• Avoid chewing gum. Every time you chew, you tense your jaw muscles and it will only increase your pain.
• Sleep on your back to reduce unnecessary strain on your jawline.
• Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation.
• Consciously do deep breathing to help relax tense muscles, which can reduce pain.
• If you frequently rest your chin on your hand, it’s time to stop to reduce neck and facial pain.
• If you have the habit of carrying a monstrous purse or briefcase on one shoulder, lighten your load.



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  1. I was suffering from jaw pain that made chewing almost impossible. At the same time, I was feeling pain in my ribs and and in my right elbow. I am grateful to the Almighty that I started to take magnesium supplements to relieve constipation – and then all the pain disappeared! Thanks for your advice for relieving pain, but, as you emphasised, the wisest advice is to investigate the reason for the pain. You didn’t mention a deficiency in magnesium. I would advise anyone with the above mentioned symptoms to look into it. By the way, it won’t show up in regular blood tests because most of your magnesium is stored in your bones, not in your blood. You have to experiment and see if magnesium supplementation helps.

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