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How to Backent or Reduce Work-Related Shoulder Pain

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9. Eliminate Stress

Stress in the workplace is expected. However, too much stress can lead to more pain in your neck, back and shoulders.

eliminate stress to prevent or reduce work-related shoulder pain

Whether in or out of the workplace, make sure to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. To control stress, try to reduce your workload by keeping your work up-to-date.


From time to time, practice breathing exercises or meditation to calm your mind and body so you’re not tense during the workday.

Even putting on headphones and listening to some soothing music can help calm your mind and reduce stress.

10. Sleep on Your Back

Last but not least, when you get home and are ready for bed, try sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back, your spinal cord gets proper support from the bed and your shoulders line up perfectly with the body.

sleep on your back to prevent or reduce work-related shoulder pain


Sleeping on your side or using too many pillows can strain your back and lead to body pain.


Also, try to sleep on a firm mattress, which provides better support to the body. And your pillow should be neither too soft nor too hard and should provide enough support to your neck and shoulders. Keep the pillow underneath your head and neck, rather than under your shoulders.


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