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How to Treat a Hoarse Voice

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7. Lemon


You can always rely on lemon to relieve a hoarse voice quickly. It helps keep the throat moisturized and relieves soreness and inflammation. In addition, the vitamin C in lemon helps combat the spread of infection.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice in a cup of lukewarm water. Sip the mixture slowly, a few times daily.
  • Another option is to dilute the juice of 1 lemon in ½ cup of warm water. Use it to gargle at least twice daily. You can also add a little salt to this solution.
  • You can also sprinkle a little salt and pepper on a piece of lemon and lick it slowly.

8. Garlic



Garlic is another common kitchen ingredient that can help treat hoarseness. It prevents inflammation, reduces pain and promotes quick healing.

  • Cut 1 clove of garlic in half. Put one half on each side of your mouth and bite down gently. Suck on the juice to reduce irritation and promote healing.
  • Also, add a few drops of garlic oil to ¼ cup of warm water. Gargle with this solution twice daily.

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31 thoughts on “How to Treat a Hoarse Voice”

    1. Rabab i believe u might be straining ur voice u should stop crying and try a recipe for a week if it doesnt work then try another for the other week:/

    2. Also try to get a LOT of sleep if possible. I find that when I become hoarse and haven’t been straining my voice, it is due to lack of sleep. Once I am able to get 8 hours of rest (or more if I have a free day), I wake up super refreshed and my voice is no longer hoarse. The better my sleep habits, the better my vocal cords. Hope this helps!

    3. I had such a hoarse throat I could barely speak, I tried the lemon Lickey and the applevel cider vinegar and it worked almost instantly! I prepared more remedies but I didn’t need them. You don’t have to sip them all day.. Thanks so much!

  1. My hoarse voice actually came back once I stopped taking apple cider vinegar (it was an everyday ritual for me), and I never really believed it when my mum said it would help me for my singing, but now I know so it works and really does help!

  2. I’ll try this (hopefully this works) cause I don’t wanna go a couple of days without talking for nothing. I’m a very talkative person 🙂

    1. Classic I Am The Only One For You Time We Will Bang In The Behive. Sniff Sniff Togs And Dont Forget The Butter Lover says:

      I really hope these help! I have my final d Nate tomorrow, and if I loose i can’t debate for the team again! Having a croaky voice now is so typical 🙄😒 anyways thankyou!

  3. I teach English all day online and all of a sudden my voice seems to have given out. I mentioned this to my
    guitar partner yesterday and she sent me the link to your site. I am just about to drink a glass of hot water mixed
    with fresh ginger and organic raw honey. If this doesn’t do it I’ll move to the apple cider vinegar. I have a couple of hours
    before I start teaching. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Omg i have been having this issue for years!! Since i was about 12 years old..now that im older it happens more often, i am definately gonna try these remedies! Thanks for the tips

  5. What is the diff between aple vinegar n apple cider vinegar.. i tried apple vinegar for my swollen vocal chord… but it doesn’t work…

  6. Hope you can hear me….I have a hoarse voice….haha…I’m going to try the apple cider cure tomorrow……will let you know how it worked

  7. Omg, I have a huge solo tomorrow, and I lost my voice a couple days ago. I tried the Lemon honey and ginger recipe and it helped. I had it before I went to school and before I slept. It worked miracles. Drink plenty of water and rest ur voice. It will help

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