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How to Naturally Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth

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7. Orange Peels

orange peels

Orange peels are often used as a natural whitener to remove stains from your teeth.

Plus, the limonene in orange peels helps break down plaque without eroding your enamel, while the vitamin C in them helps prevent growth of microorganisms on your teeth.

  1. Rub the inside portion of fresh orange peels directly on your teeth and gums before going to bed.
  2. Leave it overnight and rinse it off the next morning.
  3. Repeat as needed to keep your teeth clean and white.

If you don’t have fresh orange peels, you can use dried orange peel powder.


8. Rosemary Essential Oil

rosemary oil

Rosemary essential oil works like a disinfectant to eradicate oral bacteria. It can prevent plaque buildup, cavities and help get rid of bad breath.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology suggests that the plant extracts from rosemary inhibited the growth of oral bacteria, glucosyltransferase activity, glucan production and plaque formation.

  1. Mix 2 or 3 drops of rosemary essential oil in 1 tablespoon of water or carrier oil.
  2. Swish the mixture through your teeth for about 10 minutes.
  3. Spit it out and brush your teeth as usual. Do not swallow or gargle with it.
  4. Repeat twice daily.

If you don’t have rosemary essential oil, you can use sage or thyme essential oil.

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55 thoughts on “How to Naturally Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth”

        1. THANK YOU, vey much for your information which was very significant to me and it should also be for other persons.They have to keeep in mind, that you did not have to do this and you did it out of the kindness of your heart.THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU, so much and may you continue to do what you do best and may GOD bless you and your loved ones.BEST WISHES TO YOU.
          Sincerely Yours AKEIL.

        2. Just one word “confused” carries no meaning at all. Any thoughtful person don’t commit such mistakes. Write clearly “confused” on what point/s or manner, better.

    1. Princess, as a dental nurse you should use better spelling and grammar. When patients read your comment you would hope they are convinced you can adequately perform your job giving them confidence that your training was satisfactory. Otherwise there’s back-to-school specials on soon and it’s not too late to enroll into grade ten to touch up your mistakes.



        1. Maybe he/she is from Alabama. I know a guy who visited there once and said his neighbor was a flat-earther and believed there was only 10 million people in the world and that the world is overpopulated.

  1. The point here is that dental care has become more than the ordinary people can afford today. So before a dental nurse gets critical maybe her boss needs to look over the prices he charges the people he services as it has become a difficult choice as much as health care has become.

    1. Exactly! They Never give you any remedies, only charge, charge, charge, Went yesterday to a dentist and she took her metal tool and tapped my abscessed tooth so hard I had to go to the hospital in pain, no compassion just a quick assessment to see what I needed and what they would charge to do it. And off I went with antibiotics and pain pills. Hope some of these natural remedies work. I am in horrible pain from my head ears, throat, jaw, and very sick. I feel dizzy and feel my heart racing. I am really worried.

      1. 9/17
        Carol, I hope you are feeling better. I’ll say a prayer for you but it’s already a year later so I hope you are doing well. I hear coconut oil and tumeric powder together are also good to brush your teeth with and leave on for 5 minutes, then brush teeth as normal. I do it once in a while, they say twice a week is good.

  2. I don’t know all, I will try it, but baking soda I have done for years and it really works ! it really makes the teeth clean and bright.

  3. I’m a dental hygienist and I promise you the picture with the plaque/tarter removed is after a clinical hygiene appointment. The gum tissue is red and has a little bleeding because the instruments have been in the area removing the tarter. Not oil pulling, baking a soda or vinegar. With that being said, I do not know the research behind those methods helping to stop these plaque and debris from forming. But I do know it will not remove the calcified deposits.

    1. The use of vinegar will slowly dissolve the calcified deposits. Therefore, yes it would remove them overtime. As would rubbing strawberries on your teeth and leave it there for 5 minutes before rinsing. They dissolve the calcified deposits with their respective weak acids, acetic acid for vinegar and citric acid for the strawberries.

    2. Gudmorning, just read your post,, so are all these preventive measures,? So using them won’t remove the Overtime build up,

    3. Using Magnesium oil sprayed onto your toothbrush instead of toothpaste will remove calcium deposits, remove fluoride damage, re-build enamel and whiten teeth…although not whiten as effectively as baking soda.

  4. I knew I didn’t trust dentists for a reason especially when they talk and spell in gangster slang, all these dentists do is ruin good healthy teeth, just try bicarbonate soda and lime, mix together to a slight paste and apply to toothbrush and brush, I found this to be most effective.

  5. people make fun of me because my teeth are yellow , its because , if i brush i teeth too ruff my gums will gush out blood , so when i brush my teeth , i cant get all the plaque off my teeth , and i eat alot , so plaque always build up especially when i eat batter stuff , like bread , muffins , pancakes , etc … i used the activated charcoal , it had my teeth looking white for about ten minutes then they get yellow again … im afraid to try the baking soda and salt method because like i dont know if its gonna hurt my gums and teeth or not

  6. I have been doing the coconut oil for a good while now, 1 year, and is a good hygienic practise, expecially in the morning. It makes the muscles move and refreshen, and help you clean and feel your own teeth.
    But I am a smoker, and it is not true it helps whitening. Some other blogs say it helps to cure cavities, not true either, I have to keep going to the dentist.
    Good post anyway! Dentists should be giving more advises abouth personal hygiene, and help find the cheapest cures, but they are all so busy with their tools and appointments!

  7. In the past 8 years, at least 4 times I had SCALING done due to repeated depositioning of ugly brown layer especially in the interior areas of teeth because of smoking of Indian Bidi. This not only increased gap between each tooth but also lead to unbearable sensitivity.

    Thanks for wonderful & effective tips. Yes. I tried only a few tips as per local availability but even few have worked like miracles.

    TIP : I combined Baking Soda + Lemon + Salt + Tooth paste + Coconut oil together. Result : Now no plaque or tartar !! Even the blurred crown (ie, a metal cap over 1 front tooth) shining !! Yea, now I give instant hearty smile !!!

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