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How to Increase Your Calcium Level

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5. Take a Daily Supplement

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To meet your daily calcium requirement, you can take a supplement. Calcium supplements are available in different forms, including tablets, capsules, chewable tablets, liquids and powders.

The appropriate dosage depends upon your age and health status. Hence, never take a supplement without consulting your doctor. Try to take supplements with food or soon after a meal for better absorption.


Avoid high daily doses of calcium supplements, which may damage your heart and have other negative side effects.

6. Quit Drinking Soda


Soda, including diet and decaffeinated soda, can interfere with calcium absorption. Hence, it is better to avoid excess intake of soda drinks.

An excess of soda beverages leads to an increase in phosphate levels in the blood. This in turn can leach calcium from your bones and increase calcium excretion in your urine. High phosphate levels also prevent calcium absorption.


An occasional glass of soda is fine, but excess intake is not good for your health. Along with soda, you must try to drink alcohol in moderation only.

7. Avoid Excess Caffeine


Many people start their day with a strong cup of coffee. However, if you suffer from calcium deficiency, it is time to quit your coffee habit. Caffeine leaches calcium from bones, zapping their strength.


According to a 2006 study published in the Osteoporosis International journal, a daily intake of 4 cups of coffee or more may cause increased risk of osteoporotic fractures, especially in women with low calcium intake.

Do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day. To buffer the effects of caffeine, drink your coffee with milk. It is better to replace your regular cup of coffee with green tea or any other healthy herbal tea. Opt for decaffeinated iced tea or hot tea. At the same time, avoid excess intake of any kind of caffeine-laden drinks.

8. Avoid High Sodium Intake

eat less salt

Eating too much salt can contribute to calcium loss. Hence, when striving to increase your calcium level in your body, keep a check on your salt intake.

High levels of sodium prevent your body from absorbing calcium. In fact, it leads to calcium excretion through the urine. This in turn compels the body to use calcium by zapping it from the bones.

Use herbs and spices to flavor your food rather than adding salt. In addition, avoid processed foods, which are often high in sodium.


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