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How to Improve Your Posture

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9. Take Up Swimming


Many sports can help improve your posture, and swimming is one of them. Swimming helps strengthen the back and core and is especially good for the lower back. It is considered a great exercise for people with back or neck problems.

Swimming in the backstroke style is great to reverse the effects of time spent on the computer. It helps open up the chest muscles and strengthens the upper back muscles. It also pulls your shoulders back, which is important for good posture.


Along with the backstroke, freestyle (or front crawl), breaststroke and butterfly styles are also good.

No matter what swimming style you prefer, always do some stretching exercises first to balance out all the muscles in your upper body.

10. Buy a Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar support pillow

Many people have a tendency to slump or slouch while sitting for long periods of time. Slouching puts pressure on the lumbar region of the spine, which can affect your posture over time. It even increases tension in the back muscles, which in turn may cause pain.


During such situations, a lumbar support pillow can go a long way toward correcting your sitting posture by supporting your spine.

Such pillows are designed to sit in the curve of your lower back while you are sitting, forcing you to sit in the correct position.

Instead of lumbar back supports, you can even use a towel or a small, flat pillow while sitting in an office chair or while driving long distances.


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