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How to Get Rid of Jock Itch

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7. Onion


Due to its antifungal, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, onion can easily kill the fungus that causes jock itch or athlete’s foot and bring relief.

  • Grind an onion into a paste. Apply it on the infected area. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then rinse the area thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry the area. Do this once or twice daily until you get relief. In place of onion paste, you can also use onion juice or onion oil.
  • Also, add onions in your cooking to give microbial protection to your whole body.

8. Salt Bath

salt bath


A salt water bath is one of the easiest ways to resolve jock itch. Salt helps control the growth of the fungus and will help the infection heal quickly. It can also be effective in treating boils and blisters. You can use Epsom salts, bath salts or just table salt.

  1. Fill the bathtub with warm water and mix in a generous amount of salt.
  2. Soak in it for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Repeat at least twice daily for best results.

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  1. I am broke out with this in my private area and spot on my wrist and on my leg close to my knee why do I have it on open spots like my leg and wrist if its cause from closed moist areas im wantin to know all there is bout wth this is and how to get rid of it and not get it again please help anyone feel free to comment what u know

    1. it might sound gross
      1. less gross—-add 1/4 th cup of baking powder to bathing water and soak in for 15 minutes. after drying properly apply human saliva to the affected area three times a day.

      2.more gross—-add 1/4 th cup of baking powder to bathing water and soak in for 15 minutes. after drying properly apply human semen to the affected area one times a day.

      3. most important
      ————-do not scratch or even rub that area keep it as dry as possible———

  2. I had the itch for many years and finally saw a suggestion to rub banana peel on your skin. Sounded weird but I tried it and it worked! Easy and cheap. Rub the inside of the peel on the affected area once or twice daily at first till the bulk of the problem has subsided. Then once or twice a week on persistent spots will keep the itch on the run. Feels so good not to itch I sometimes forget it for days at a time, then a little spot will remind me, so I have a banana for breakfast and then put the peels to work wherever it itches. Only a very slight burning sensation at first and then none at all from then on. Kiss your potions goodbye and give the monkey fruit a try. Worked for me!

  3. I just tried hand sanitizer, and it hurts very very very very very much at first, and it will last for almost 30 seconds, and after that, you will feel nothing.

  4. Absorbine Jr. will kill the fungal infection. People have discovered that it kills ringworm and it does the same job when it is jock itch. Start treatment by diluting it with water because it will burn a bit on skin that is reddened and broken. After 1 -3 treatments the fungus should be killed and the itch will be gone. Follow up with an Aloe Vera Gel (like CVS after sun aloe vera gel) to heal it. Then go on the Atkins diet and quit eating sugar and flour.

  5. Alcohol seems to work sometime, once in awhile I wake up in the middle of the night and have to use alcohol again…been at it for a week now and I’m still getting that burning feeling, question I have is: Does the burning goes away after the fungus dies or does it burn even after the fungus is gone?

  6. Hey, I’ve enjoyed reading all these comments some hilarious of course, and others painful to read. I just want to add to all of this that Tea Tree Oil really does work and I’d recommend it for the gals, but for guys – NEVER! And here is why: Tea Tree Oil as well as Lavender Oil (another, great skin healer) both defeat Testosterone production. Now what guy in his right mind wants to have that happen? So skip the Tea Tree Oil if yur a guy, and go for the Apple Cider Vinegar or try either the onion or garlic. Any of these should work. And you gals: Tea Tree or Lavender Oil with both work just fine, and make your p—- smell nice too!

    1. That study was based on only 3 individuals and has since been disproved. Tea Tree and Lavender are fine to use on boys and men.

  7. i m actually relieved. didnt know, that many people ‘ve gt this condition similar to mine. it has been years since this problem started. i just need help from anyone accross the globe. Its been years and it has deprieved me of certain life opportunities which will never surface again for me.

    Thanks to those sharing their experience. God shall help clearing that itchness in you guys

  8. This is specifically for the busty ladies out there. I live in Florida and do yard work for a living, not to mention I exercise outside, so I get a rather bad rash beneath and between my breasts in the summer months quite frequently. I have found that changing to clean bras every day helps, but once you’ve got it, regular apple cider vinegar works great. My grandmother (also busty) has used it for her entire life and it works in one or two days. Yes, it burns, but the momentary pain is worth it. Aloe (we cut it from our plant but they sell it at drugstores) helps cool the burning itch after you’ve used the vinegar. I put on the aloe at days end, after bathing and wiping the area with the vinegar and when I’m able to lie down and allow the affected flesh exposure to the air to dry. I’m sure this method would work on other infected areas as well. And don’t scrhand! If you must, gently rub the itchiness away with the flat of your hand. Good luck y’all.

    1. Thanks you all for your suggestions. I will check all the treatments given by you all. Let’s hope I may find the treatment.

  9. Spend $2 on a large bottle oh hydrogen peroxide. Wipe down the area 2x a day w/soaked paper towel…….Gone in 3-4 days very little burn..not like rubbing alcohol

  10. I have this itch joke for about a year on and off I tried all counter anti fungal cream but didn’t work I just read all the comments here and some home remedy so I mixed garlic unions white vinegar tooth paste rock salt hydrogen peroxide and alcohol and I put it now used cotton balls I scratch for a while and it’s too hot I wish it will work now thanks a lot for all the suggestion here

  11. After reading everyone’s posts I just had to share my experience. I have actually been to a Nurse Practitioner and have a diagnosis of fungal jock itch. She prescribed both fluconazole (diflucan) oral and ketoconazole 2% topical cream. I am an RN myself and I have been trying to self treat for nearly 2 months. I did not realize I had jock itch, I thought that I had an external yeast (candida) infection and thought for sure that I could treat it myself. Boy, was I wrong. For those of you who do not have insurance and who have been trying home remedies with no success, there is often times the option of going to your local health department for an STD exam (usually free). Its always good to get checked and at that point the practitioner can prescribe you an anti-fungal if in fact you do have jock itch. I noticed a comment or two that concerned me that some people may need to be checked for other infections according to the symptoms they listed anyway. Play it safe and get checked, that is, unless you have never ever had sexual of any sort with anyone else. I am on day two of using the prescriptions that my NP gave me. The diflucan is a one time dose that I will repeat in 3 days. The cream is to be applied once a day. I am also going to use a mixture of rubbing alcohol with lavender and tea tree essential oils and spray it on from a tiny spray bottle. I believe that taking the bath in 1 cup of bleach per tub of water could be beneficial as well. I am not saying the other things will not work, but it’s important to be careful not to use too many treatments at once. My practitioner strictly demanded that I not shave the affected area until it is all cleared up. She said to continue to use the cream for another week after all symptoms are gone as well. I definitely agree with those who suggested eliminating excess sugars from the diet as well. In extreme cases when all else fails with the itch, the Vicks vapor rub gel/cream has worked for my itch. It has some essential oils in it that I attribute that to. Again, be careful using too many treatments all at once. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…..Ice packs for itch as well, just be sure to keep the skin dry. Best luck to all. (By the way, I am female. This is not just a male thing).

  12. To rid jock itch forever mix 3/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature, 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 3/4 cup flour,1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1 cup sugar,3 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 cupbuttermilk or sour cream in a large bowl. Dump the entire bowl of mixture into your lap and let it sit there utill it is completely dry. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. No more jock itch and your crotch will smell like a chocolate cake. Enjoy.

  13. Bleach is listed here. Bleach removes fungus and mold but also promotes it’s later development. I had jock itch on and off for years until I stopped using bleach in my wash. Once I stopped using bleach it never returned. Fungus thrives in high PH environments caused by Bases like bleach. My jock itch returned for a short time when my wife used bleach again. If you must use bleach you should neutralize it with a post acid rinse like vinegar or lemon juice. Both may be hard on your fabrics and it’s probably best to use neither.

  14. I found the perfect cure. First off, don’t waste any money on OTC creams. None of them including Tinactin or Lomitrin work. Maybe in very early stages, but the JI will only come back worse than before you used an OTC cream.
    Here’s the solution: Take a teaspoon a day of coconut oil and have yogurt for breakfast. The good bacteria from these food groups helps kill fungus from the inside. From the outside, take an epsom salt bath every couple of days and apply a generous amount of Gold Bond medicated ( blue box) powder. Within a week the JI will be gone. If it comes back ( which may take a few months), just repeat the process. In real severe cases, take a anti-yeast pill like Diflucane. That will knock out the JI within a day or two. Now you know what to do. Good luck and enjoy being itch and rash free.

  15. hey guys, ive been suffering from this itch for about a month now. i didnt realize for the first two weeks that it was jock it but since i did i’ve been applying this prrescribed cream. they say to apply it twice a day for 2 weeks and its been one week so far with no change. ive tried the garlic paste once which helped a little bit and coconut oil as well which didnt help much. i am tryiing white vinegar right now to see the results. please let me know of any fast remedies. the infections have started to spread to my knees and neck which i need to get rid off.
    thank you

    1. Well I suffered from the same problem, didn’t found creams to be of much help. So I simply applied tiger balm it contained some clove oil and methanol. To my surprised it worked better then any antifungal cream or medicine and it got rid of the problem within 5 seconds. It was that night after weeks that I really slept for good. But remember don’t apply too much at a time otherwise it will burn. I mean really burn!

  16. Comment on the article – Thank you. I used the apple cider vinegar and epsom salt treatments. I’ve had a JI problem for 5 years now. Over the last 4 days of treatment, my skin is feeling better. The itch has subsided. After a long bath soaking in epsom salt, I rub additional epsom salt in the groin area (it hurt bad the first 3 days but not anymore). After rinsing and drying off, I use cotton balls and straight apple cider vinegar (that hurt real bad the first 3 days too). I’m happy to report my JI problem is getting better. Skin rash is getting smaller. It doesn’t hurt or itch as much. I’m optimistic. And thank you for the article. Since my JI problem is chronic, I figure I’ll continue using the same treatments as a preventative.

  17. Thanks to a comment left in another forum I tried ‘oil of clove’. Have jock itch since about one week, tried Penaten Crème, Ozonol, AC vinegar, Polysporin, but it got worse by the day. Red sore skin with hundreds of tiny pimples looking like white heads. So I put on the ‘oil of clove’. At first I felt nothing, then after about 5 minutes it started to get warm, then burn and even sting. After about 1/2 hour the burning receded and the itch did not come back at all. It is now around midnight, just looked at the skin and most of the pimples have vanished. It actually feels very good like it is healing, just re-applied the oil, it burned a bit, no stinging this time, and it only lasted about 5 minutes.
    Now I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep without waking up because of the itching. ‘Oil of clove’ worked amazingly well.

  18. Hi, I’m jayee 22 and I really hate Jock itch for I have been suffering now for almost 4-5 months, it’s really embarrassing and can lose confidence. I already tried most over the counter anti fungal cream and drops it only gives short term remedy and then it comes back. I really wanna get rid of this coz I’m tired of shaving and it gives me hard time to sleep coz it’s itchy, painful and the burning sensation like you want to shout out loud. I will try any of these remedy and I’m hoping this would work for me.

  19. Oil of Oregano is one the most powerful anti bacterial anti fungal herbal supplements on the market, you will need to dilute this and would suggest the Tea tree cream . You will see results but be prepared to feel several minutes of extreme discomfort. I would wash after a few hours of application it will peel the skin. This is extremely powerful but may need follow up treatments according to your severity. Good Luck !

  20. I’ve been suffering from Jock itch for almost 10 years, I tried everything over the counter, its just a temporary fix. My rash is from my groin to the side of my thighs all the way back to my rectum, as a matter of fact I think it went inside my rectum, cause I feel the itch inside. The only relief I have is when I take a shower, I take the sprayer and spray it with really hot water to satisfy the itch. But I’m trying some of these remedies and see if they work, I’ll keep you guys posted.

  21. My wife was suffering from jockitch … after a long term of alopathic, Ayurvedic and various home remedies treatment no result has been found… Caused mentally and physically desperated our life…At last with the help of this article we used Apple Cider vinegar , the magic medicine cured her problem Completely.. I recoment everyone who suffering from jock itch please use this ACV It’s a Miracle solution..

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