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How to Get Rid of Face Fat Fast and Naturally

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When you think of someone’s appearance, the face is definitely the first thing that strikes your mind. Your face is certainly the first thing that people notice about you.

High cheekbones, a chiseled jawline and sharp edges are features anyone would crave for!

While you may love it when people call you cute for your chubby cheeks, you must understand that there is a difference between a healthy face and one that has heaps of fat.


There are three fat zones near your cheeks. The one directly at the side of the nose is the nasolabial compartment, and the other two sit on the cheekbones. When these areas on your face gain fat, you simply lose the cuteness and sharpness of your cheekbones.

So, if you are concerned about losing that extra pound of flesh on your face, you need to start working out. While it’s definitely not easy to get rid of facial fat, it’s not that difficult either.

Everyday activities like blowing up balloons and chewing gum can be major contributors toward your goal for a perfect jawline. Also, there are certain facial exercises specifically targeted toward toning and sculpting your facial muscles and relieving you of your double chin.

get rid of face fat naturally


Here are some basic and most effective facial exercises for helping you get rid of your facial fat.

1. Fish Face

This is probably one of the best facial exercises for tightening the area around your cheekbones and elongating your facial muscles.

fish face exercise for reducing face fat naturally

Pulling up your cheeks targets fat on your lower cheeks, stimulates blood flow, and tones and spreads your cheek muscles evenly, thus cutting down the flabby fat.

  1. Firmly suck your cheeks inside your mouth.
  2. Pucker your lips outward so that your face appears like that of a fish.
  3. Maintain the posture for 30 seconds.
  4. Relax and repeat 10 times for 30 seconds each.
  5. Perform this exercise as many times as you can or at least twice daily.

2. Rotating Your Tongue

This is yet another effective exercise that targets your cheek muscles and reduces the excess fat on your face.

rotating your tongue exercise to reduce face fat

This is one of the most effective exercises for reducing your double chin. You might feel a burn or tension in your lower cheeks, but that’s okay.

  1. Close your mouth and rotate your tongue in circular motions.
  2. While rotating, make sure your tongue touches the outer surface of your upper and lower teeth.
  3. Do this 15 times each in clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  4. Perform this exercise as many times as you can or at least twice a day.

3. Chin Raise

This exercise targets the area where your chin and neck merge, an area where most people accumulate the most fat.


chin raise exercise for face fat

Sometimes, you may develop a double and even triple chin due to excess deposits of undesirable fat on your face. This exercise focuses on toning and sculpting your chin muscles and shaping your jaw.

  1. Hold your face and neck upright.
  2. Lift your neck toward the ceiling for 1 second.
  3. Tighten your lips, as if trying to kiss the ceiling.
  4. Hold the position for 10 seconds.
  5. Relax and bring it down again so that you are back to the starting position.
  6. Repeat this up-and-down movement 20 times.
  7. Do this as many times as you can in a day.

4. Pull Up Your Lips

Another effective exercise for facial muscles, lip pulls help in lifting up cheek and chin muscles.

pull up your lips exercise to get rid of face fat naturally

This exercise will help you get high cheekbones with a prominent jawline.

  1. Begin with your head in a normal position.
  2. Pushing your lower jaw out, lift the lower lip up as much as possible.
  3. Keep holding for 10 to 15 seconds or until you feel some stretch and tension build up in your chin muscles and jawline.
  4. Relax and repeat 10 to 15 times at a stretch.
  5. Do this 2 or 3 times daily.

5. Jaw Release

The jaw release exercise engages your higher cheekbones and the jawline to reduce that extra flab of fat on your chin.

jaw release exercise to reduce face fat

It help stretch and tone the muscles around your lips, jaws and cheeks.

  1. Sit or stand in a straight posture (spine straight).
  2. Keeping your lips closed, move your jaw as if chewing gum.
  3. Deeply breathe in and breathe out while making a sound (humming).
  4. Go, open your mouth wide with your tongue pressed against your bottom teeth.
  5. Hold this posture for 5 seconds, now breathe in and out again. This makes 1 repetition.
  6. Continue this for about 10 times at least once every day.

6. Tongue Teaser

The tongue teaser is one of those amazing exercises that help in flexing your facial muscles and spreading them out.

tongue teaser exercise for face fat

It exercises away all the extra fat from your face in a quick span of time.

  1. Consciously pulling back your cheeks firmly, stick out your tongue as much as you can. You may feel tightening of the cheekbone at this moment.
  2. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then relax.
  3. Repeat 20 times per session.
  4. Do this as many times as you can or at least 2 times a day.

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