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How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast

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The most common cause of a black eye is a blow to the face. Black eyes can cause pain, blurry vision, swelling and headaches. It is a sort of bruising to the tissues around the eyes.

Black Eye

Black eye and swelling around the eyes  can also occur for a variety of reasons such as nasal injuries, facelifts, jaw surgery, allergic reactions, etc.


how to get rid of a black eye fast

The following remedies can help you quickly get rid of a black eye. However, if the skin around your eye is cut or you are having symptoms like dizziness, nausea or vomiting along with vision problems, you should consult your doctor immediately.

1. Ice Pack

The first thing you need to do is apply an ice pack to the affected area as soon as possible.

ice pack to get rid of black eye fast


Ice will help reduce the swelling and constrict the blood vessels to reduce internal bleeding and further bruising. It will also speed up the healing process.

  1. Wrap ice cubes in a clean cotton or muslin cloth.
  2. Hold it over the eye for about 10 minutes.
  3. Repeat the process several times a day during the first 48 hours.

This also will help relieve pain. Never use ice directly on the eyes and do not rub the ice pack on delicate skin like that around your eyes. Instead of ice, you can also use a packet of frozen vegetables.

2. Warm Compress

warm compress for black eye

After one or two days of getting a black eye, you need to apply warm compresses. This will help increase blood flow to the tissues around the eye and accelerate the healing process.

  1. Dip a clean cloth in warm water, and squeeze out the excess water.
  2. Put the warm cloth on the affected eye until the cloth becomes cool.
  3. Repeat the process several times a day.

If it doesn’t cause pain, you can also massage the area gently. This will help improve blood circulation and remove the dried blood accumulated under the skin.


3. Vitamin C

When suffering from a black eye, it is very important to include foods with vitamin C in your diet.

vitamin C for black eye

There are many food items rich in vitamin C such as Indian gooseberries, guavas, peppers, limes, lemons, broccoli, mangoes and oranges. Vitamin C helps thicken the walls of the blood vessels, aiding the healing process.

Alternatively, you can take a vitamin C supplement to give your body the needed daily dose.

4. Calendula

Calendula, also known as marigold, is commonly used to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. It can also be used to reduce the swelling and bruising associated with black eye.

  1. Put a handful of petals separated from fresh calendula flowers in a cup of hot water.
  2. Allow it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes and then place it in the refrigerator for about half an hour
  3. Soak a clean washcloth in this cool solution and place it on the eye area for about 5 minutes.
  4. Do this a few times for a few days.

5. Arnica

Arnica is an herb that can reduce the swelling that often occurs with a black eye. It will also help heal the eye muscles and any other tissue that may have been damaged.

Begin using arnica as soon as possible to prevent the bruise from getting worse. Arnica is available in topical creams or ointments, as well as in oil form, that can be applied on the affected area two to three times a day.

6. Pineapple and Papaya

Pineapple and papaya are two fruits that can help in treating a black eye. Both are rich in antioxidants that speed up the healing process of almost any kind of injury that causes discoloration of the skin.

These fruits have enzymes that soften and heal the skin. To reap the benefits, you can either:

  • Apply the pulp of these fruits topically around the blackened area of the eye, or
  • Drink these fruit juices or simply eat the fruits.

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70 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast”

  1. The juice of potato is really wrks on dark circles i used it nd i got a effective result its a amazing tip for clear dark circle,, this all are very effective,,

  2. Tooth paste

    Add a drop of tooth paste under the eye repeat this for a week or two and you will notise the black will go away 🙂 hope it helps

      1. pimples sucks i used to to have a lot ..and i cant remember who told me abt washing my face as much as i can ..it wash the oil and bacteria off your face ..point anyways just letting you know wat helped me.
        now i have to go look after my black eye…

    1. I’ve heard it used before but I’d say wouldn’t say toothpaste is particularly effective when you say a WEEK or two

  3. The tips are nice. The items suggested are cheap and the results they produce are amazing. I am actually getting rid of pimples and undereyes!
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Please share how your getting rid of pimples?? I’m in my 30’s and what can I say..? I have the chin of a 16 year old… lol

  4. honey and lemon are very nice it cure the pimples and now i am very happy.thanks for giving the idea and they are great

  5. Pryia can u or neone plz give me info on the lemon & honey for pimples ver intrested jus turnen 30 n Jan now my face wanna get pimples wow lol plz help

  6. Several methods: 1. Apply ice immediately for a couple minutes several times a day for 2 days. Make sure not to burn the skin. You can also use a gel eye mask. 2. Plenty of rest and water and fruit juices with Vitamin C/K, avoid sleeping in eye, elevate head. 3. Lubricate and massage with coconut oil, Vaseline, tea tree oil, vitamin e or C, aloe gel, etc. 4. After a day or two apply hot compress, followed by the hickey removal trick with a circular lipstick top. Use plenty of oil to reduce hurting skin. The trick to this is to create a suction. Use different size of caps depending on the size of bruise. Follow this with another hot compress for a few minutes. 5. Use Anti-Puff eye roller (garnier or other brand) to help with puffiness.


  8. Well, I’m going to try the black eye trick.
    I will let you know. People keep asking of my
    Did it, and was just clumsy and Something and
    Hit my forehead. Now i have big shiner on left eye, t
    Two days later.

  9. when I was a kid i’d hear about placing a piece of beef steak over the black eye. True or old wives tail?? Thanks

    1. People only did that because it worked similar to a cold compress. Putting raw meat on your face! especially near the eye, is never a good idea…

  10. had an allergic reaction and swelling in my eyes, now the dark black eye effect is there. I will try these methods to remove my black eye effect. Thanks

  11. oh man oh man i got the shit kicked out of me good this time. Got caught under the slide with the little Cambell girl by her farther. He beat me something good. Well I’m home now under house arrest and looking to get rid of this black eye before my court chase in two weeks hoping this works….keeping my fingers crossed. = )

    1. seriously?! Are you a pedophile? Or did you just like that tryin to be funny? Cause I don’t think it is at all… and if you’re just genuinely putting your business out there like that I think you should reconsider and take this off especially if you have a pending court case because you basically just confessed and admitted guilt. I realize this was back in February so it might be too little too late but that was not a smart move on your part posting that… some people, lol

  12. You have to put yogurt on your eyes. On the first day put peach yogurt, on the second put strawberry, and on the third put blueberry and it should all be healed up. For severe bruises put some extra blueberry on the 4th day. I have heard that this also works with frozen yogurt. I think it might be good to try because it’s colder and will help too.

  13. i am harsha even my face look so bright and charm the dark circle cause dullness i am going to try all the home remedies thanx a lot 4 all thr tips i am so happy…………..

  14. I mixed cayenne pepper n Vaseline together and put it on my face its burning hopefully its working I let you know by morning how long should I keep it on

  15. I tried Braggs organic raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar for my blackeye I got over the weekend. My boyfriend decided to beat me up pretty bad! I started using it right after the cops took pictures of me & brought him to jail. Gotta say it worked wonders for the pain & took the black, blue, redness & swelling away! Good luck

  16. This is helping a lot! I was racing my friend on a bike, i was standing up and minutes before my dad said “SIT DOWN!” Looks like i didnt listen. I got a black eye, but it is not what hurt. Above it is what hurts. I was unconsise for like 2-4 seconds, i’m gald a car didnt come by. Thanks its helping a lot!

  17. Get a cereal plate and get like 20 little ment leafs and put a little bit of water onto the plate and alot salt then smash it all together Intel you see that it’s smashed real good then you get a cotton soak it up and rub it against your black eye.

  18. I received a collagen treatment yesterday and a vein was hit in my eye .Its very blue ! I’m leaving an abbusive marriage and unfortunately I know what everyone thinks ! I need help !!hopefully the Vaseline and cayenne works quickly

  19. i suggest ice first, next day many hot washcloth treatments, jojoba oil helps reduce bruise, and preparation h to reduce swelling. cayenne seems risky near eyes.

  20. My bf hit me n now I have to black circle around and eye it’s been a week I use ices,butter n Tony red polish it works but slowly

  21. i got drunk like shit and ended up beat now damn this black eye,i tried smearing ripe avocado on the eye overnight for three days and hey Joe,it works

  22. Smear some Vaseline around the anal region and stick your thumb in for about a minute then pull it back out. Repeat for several times

  23. Guys they forgot to put the most important one! WATER! Water is an amazing (and natural) detox you can give to yourself almost anywhere you go. Naturally, it enters your bloodstream and helps heal bruises, swelling, open injuries, etc.. Often times when a person is injured, they automatically think to look up crazy and exotic healing assistants when the most important and most easily accessible one is right in front of them. Not only will it heal you heal quickly, but if you drink at least 8 cups of water a day (and with at least 8 hours of sleep,) your skin will have a natural and healthy glow, your acne (in any region of the body) will be reduced dramatically, and your body will slim down too! Water water water!!

  24. thank you Taylor, really i needed a quick common sense answer for a minor bruised eye and you’re right, water will help so much

  25. i i have tried mixing mint and parsley in natural yogurt a few drops of engine oil, half a lemon, one strawberry and put them in the blender with ice and tea ,instant coffee washing up liquid and some humus spread it all over your face and lie down for at least three hours only dink with a straw and sing you favourite song

  26. So I ended up in a fight and got my nose broke so now have to very swollen black eyes and nose what would people suggest to take the swelling down fast tried cold and warm clothes but doesn’t seem to do anything my eyes are getting bigger and it’s been almost 3 days

  27. I have to go to Colorado in a few days and I have a stupid black eye I hope it goes away as soon as possible

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