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How to Fight Drowsiness

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7. Exercise Daily


Regular exercise of 30 minutes, 5 times a week, can greatly help improve your alertness and energy and fight daytime sleepiness. It also improves your sleep quality at night. Outdoor exercise provides the most benefits.

  • Enjoy 30 minutes of brisk walking in the morning in a park.
  • Do some stretching exercises to get the energy you need for the day ahead.
  • Do aerobic exercise in the evening, but avoid doing it just prior to bedtime.
  • Also, do breathing exercises a few times during the day to improve blood circulation and fight stress.
  • You can also try yoga postures.

Do not overexert yourself while doing exercises so that you feel exhausted.


8. Enjoy Aromatherapy

essential oils

Aromatherapy can help reduce daytime drowsiness as well as irritability, low energy, fatigue and headaches. Some of the best essential oils for aromatherapy include rosemary, basil and peppermint.

  • Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a napkin and sniff it from time to time to keep you alert and awake.
  • Aother option is to add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to your bathwater.
  • You can even diffuse the oil throughout your office or living room for sustained results.

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