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How to Get Water Out of Your Ear

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Water in the ear is a very common occurrence and can happen to anyone. While swimming or taking a bath or shower, water can get inside the ears. Normally, the wax present in the ear canal prevents fluid from going deep inside the ear. But at times, fluid can get trapped within the ear.

This causes a tickling sensation in the ear that can create much discomfort. It may also be accompanied by pain and reduced hearing ability.

If left untreated, fluid in the ear can cause hearing loss, cyst formation, eardrum inflammation and other complications. This is why it is important to get rid of fluid in the ears as soon as possible.

First, you need to find out whether the fluid is accumulated in the outer ear or middle ear. Fluid accumulation in the middle ear must be treated by a doctor.

Fluid accumulation in the outer ear can be treated at home. There are simple and easy ways to remove fluid from the ear.

how to get water out of your ear

Here are the top 10 ways to get water out of your ear.

1. Gravity

The best way to remove water from your ear is to let gravity do the work.

technique to get water out of ear
Easy Technique to Get Water Out of Ear
  1. Tilt your head sideways and hold the affected ear parallel to the ground.
  2. Place the palm of your hand flat against your ear and press hard for a few seconds. Quickly remove your hand. A temporary vacuum will form that will dislodge the fluid.
  3. Use a cotton ear bud to very carefully remove the fluid draining from the ear.

Yawning or chewing motions can also help get water out of the ear canal by creating pressure in the middle ear and stretching the ear canal.

Note: Do not insert the ear bud into the ear.

2. Valsalva Maneuver

Performing the Valsalva maneuver will help pop your ears to open the Eustachian tubes and push water out of your ears.

Valsalva Maneuver to get water out of ear
Valsalva Maneuver to Get Water Out of Ear
  1. Close your mouth and pinch your nostrils closed with your fingers, then take a deep breath.
  2. Gently blow air out of your nose to regulate the air pressure. If done correctly, you will hear a slight popping sound which means the Eustachian tubes are open again.

Note: Don’t blow your nose too hard as it may cause damage to the ear drum.

3. Blow Dryer

A blow dryer can also be used to speed up evaporation of the trapped fluid. The warm, dry air will turn the water to steam and eventually help it dissipate out of the ear.

blow dryer remedy to get water out of ear
Blow Dryer Home Remedy to Get Water Out of Ear
  1. Pull your ear lobe away from your body.
  2. Hold a blow dryer about 10 to 12 inches away from your ear.
  3. Set the dryer heat to warm and air flow to low.
  4. Turn the dryer on and aim it directly into the ear canal.
  5. Hold the dryer in position for approximately 30 seconds.
  6. If required, repeat again.

Now: Do not do this for more than a few minutes at one time.

4. Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar is an age-old home remedy to get rid of fluid in the ear.

rubbing alcohol and white vinegar to get water out of your ear

While the antibacterial properties of vinegar will help kill germs present in the ear, rubbing alcohol helps dry up the water in the ear.

  1. Mix together one teaspoon each of rubbing alcohol and vinegar.
  2. Using a dropper, put two to three drops of this solution into the affected ear.
  3. Rub the opening of the ear canal gently.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds.
  5. Tilt your head so that the fluid can easily drain out.

5. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can help free your ears of fluid quickly. The heat compress will help open the Eustachian tube (where fluid typically builds up), so that the fluid can escape easily.

heat therapy to get water out of ear

  1. Dip a washcloth in a bowl of hot water, and wring out the excess water.
  2. Place the hot washcloth against the affected ear for 30 seconds.
  3. Wait for a minute, and then repeat.
  4. Do this four or five times at a stretch.
  5. Lie down on your side to help the fluid drain out.

6. Steam

Inhaling steam is another easy way to ease fluid buildup in the ear.

steam inhalation to get water out of your ear

Steam will help open the Eustachian tube, in turn encouraging the release of fluid trapped in the ear.

  1. Pour hot steaming water in a large bowl.
  2. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam slowly for five to 10 minutes.
  3. Tilt your head to one side.
  4. Fluid will start coming out of the ear.

You can also take a hot shower to draw fluid out of the ear canal.

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181 thoughts on “How to Get Water Out of Your Ear”

  1. Hey! Whenever water went into my ears, I’ve always put some more water in the ear to fill it to the top. Then, shook my ear a little bit and let the water stay there for a few seconds. And finally, tilt my head all the other way round. And Lo! The Water’s gone!

        1. Putting more water in the ear works really well it has always worked for me. The only one I would not recommend would be holding ur nose and blowing out it is very easy to hurt ur ear drum.

    1. This really works first time…forget all the so called cures involving vacuums and head shaking! Very impressed and very thankful.

    2. That worked on the second try for me. I went swimming and got water in my ear. My brother’s came out straight away but my water stayed in for hours. I tried your idea and it worked 2nd time

    3. Water was stuck in my ear for 60 hours and hearing was reduced.
      Woohoo!!!!! As soon as I tried it worked!!! 21 gun salute to you!!!☺

    4. wow I had so much water stuck in my left ear and I tried everything, including yawning and tilting to the side and Q tips. This worked immediately the first time I did this, thank you so much you’re really a life saver!!

      1. I have tried everything even the blow dryer and it started to work but then it went back fire. I can’t sleep tonight and in the morning I’m going to get a hot wash rag and see if it will work.

    5. Firstly, thank you for the tips. In the end I dunked my head in a sink of warm water. I had to do this a few times but in the end it worked!

    6. Oh my God, anshul! I love you, it worked!! I got the water out of my ear! I tried all of the ones above and it wouldn’t work and I was getting frustrated, but then I tired your’s and it worked! Thank you!^.^

    7. That was bloody amazing, thanks so much!!! If you guys think it won’t work just try it once or twice, it’s amazing

      1. This method worked really well. I woke up today and everyone’s voices were sounding really weird. I relized that I had water in my ear. I tried everything to get it out ,but it was stuck. Until I tried your method it came right out! Thank you so much

    8. I had water in my ear for 3 days and tried this after everything else failed. Worked immediately. Best suggestion ever!!!

    9. Oh my gosh, thank you so much this is the only thing that worked for me, putting about half a tablespoon of water in the eat, letting it settle, I think I may have put too much though, because it felt worse and worse, but after about a minute if you mess around with your ear a little bit it will come out.. 🙂 thanks so much !!

    10. I had water stuck in my war for 4 days I tried this and the water cane right out I was just going to see a doctor tommrow thank you so so so so much!I would of never even thought if doing this!!!!

    11. Worked like a champ, first time. My son has had problems with water in his ears for years and I will be sure to tell him this one. Thank you so much.

    12. Thank you!! just tried a little bit of distilled water, then quick one-legged jump and tilt and presto. 95% gone now

    13. This remedy should be the first one posted!!! I swim frequently and get water in my ears and always have been able to get it out before by shaking my head around. Today, no luck. I was getting frantic when I read this page. I tried the water trick—-why not? already have water in there LOL, and presto! This fixed me right up. Seems illogical, true, but it worked for me.

    14. I just tried this and it worked
      on the first try! I had water in my ear for over 5 hours and I tried everything possible and nothing worked until I finally just put more water in my ear. Love this method thanks!

    15. Worked as a charm. My mom used a spoon and added slowly warm water while I was holding the affected ear pointing to the ceiling. Stayed 10 sec with ear filled with water and then started tilting and using the palm method and then jumped. 🙂

    16. Took me 2 tries but it worked great! I tried to tilt my head the other way too fast, it worked best if I slowly tilted my head back up proper which drained it.

  2. When water goes in my ear, I tilt my head with afected ear facing sky. Use finger to drop few more drops of water in ear. You will hear some noise. Just at that time tilt head other side. Because of capillary action all water comes out. You will feel warm water coming out. I have used this technique since I was child. Good luck.

    1. I was so worried and tried number of tips but to no avail. I finally decided to go on with this one. Guess what? It worked instantly. A big cheers.

    2. OMG pouring water in the affected ear worked. I thought to myself how weird is that to pour lukewarm water into my ear when I’m trying to get water out of it but I did it and it instantly worked. Thank you for sharing.

    3. OMG I didn’t believe this but I just did this to my 14 year old who has been flicking his head for hours. One shot. 5 seconds and bam!!! Thanks

  3. This may sound weird and look weird but shaking your head back and forth like you are at a rock concert aka head banging works in a matter of seconds

    1. Awesome! This worked for me instantly! 7 hrs after swimming I still had water in my ear. & the minute I read this and shook my head really hard, it drained right out! Cool!

  4. Ha! My daughter just had water in her ear from the lake yesterday. I told her we should try this. She was like pssh… the Internet remedies are dumb. We made a bet and guess whose got dish duty tonight!? Ha! Thank you for this amazing tip! *puts feet up and sips a glass of wine * 🙂

  5. Wow! I had water in my right ear for about 3 hours after coming home from the pool and I tried everything. The only thing that worked was the water drops trick. I was really impressed as I didn’t believe that would work. Thank you for saving my ear! 🙂

  6. Good idea just got back from a surf and couldn’t clear the water from my ear. tried it and it worked first time. such a relief.

  7. I have been trying for hours to get water out. And keep hurting my neck shaking my head so hard. A couple drops of water added and Presto! Immediate relief! Wow!

  8. I held my breath and pinched my nose and gently blowed until my ears popped, pulled the bottom of my earlobe down and shook my head and the water drained instantly.

  9. i I came home from the pool and hot water in my ear all day I tried everything and nothing works I finally came to the side in the water drops in the year to totally helped!!

    1. I go in the pool every day and every time I come out there is water in my ear! It’s so frustrating and annoying! At first I tried the gravity method and it worked the first few times but I guess my ear got used to it!(?) Now I use the water drop method and it works every time! Thanku so much whoever shared it!!!!!

  10. Thank you sooooo much I had water in my ear of two days . I couldn’t hear a thing but then I tried I hot water in the ear remedy and it instantly work .

  11. A way my mom had done this for me was using a sock (a soft one and clean) and uncooked rice. We put the rice filled sock into the microwave for 50 seconds so it heats up. Then you place the heated sock onto your ear. Keep it there for a while, 10 minutes at the least. The steam helps relieve pain and helps evaporate the water in your ear.

  12. i found that right after it happens, jiggle your head a lot to the sides and then tilt your head and it comes right out!

  13. I found that it works if you stick your thumb or other finger in your ear and make it sort of flat and tilt your head with the affected ear to the ground. This does something, I don’t really want to explain because then other people will be like ‘thats not how it works’ so I’m just saying that now.

  14. Amazing results I must admit just by adding water, can’t believe just by using water to get water out. I had water in my ear, (happened when I went swimming, forgot to wear my ear plugs), for the last 24 hours which made my ear and head painful. I couldn’t neither sleep nor work. For now, what a relief, feels so good after my ear is drained. Thanks a lot for the great advice.

  15. I put apple cider vinegar in my ear to help with an infection. ACV instantly made the ear feel better. Then it wouldn’t come back out. I tried several of the remedies listed… Nothing. Warm water did the trick! Thank you!

  16. Omg! It really does work! My daughter had water stuck in her ear for over 24 hrs and was becoming quite upset, it worked first time, well done that man x x

  17. Omgosh the water drops saved my life yay. I actually put proxcide instead of water to prevent swimmers ear. And it instantly worked. U kept trying to do the gravity method but the water wasn’t Budging. I’m so relived. Yay

  18. Whenever water goes into my ear I put a lot of pressure on the affected ear and let go quickly it might take a few times but that’s just my ear:)

  19. My god .. from past 4 hrs, water was making buzz sounds inside my ear… Tried many things.. finally I tried placing my affected ear on my Palm and created sunction with pressing it in and out… And water drops came out finally.

  20. The water method worked miracles!!! But you do need to make sure to move your ear around! I tried what I’ve always done as a child when I git water in my ear from swimming which was to put hydrogen peroxide in my ear but it didn’t work so I found this and tried it!! Who knew?!

  21. brilliant the first technique, tried it a few times, really press hand down and violently out, thank you Top10HomeRemedies 🙂 !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Awesome, I was hesitant to put more water in my ear! I often get blocked ears when swimming and managed it again on holiday – after reading this, I got some warm water in an egg cup and poured some in, shock my head, left it for 15-20 seconds and tipped my head so it came out, lone behold, it all came out and my ears were clear!

  23. Putting more water into the ear canal worked the first time!
    ‘so grateful for this suggestion as my hearing was greatly impaired with all of the water in my ear.

  24. Yooooo, this actually worked. The best method is to put more water in your ear and then take that out. Now I can finally sleep peacefully without all that pain

  25. I just tied the method of holding my head sideways and making a vacuum with my palm on my ear and quickly removing my hand and it worked great….so glad I looked here for an answer!

  26. I enjoy skimboarding at the beach that sometimes when you crash makes for high pressure sand and water into your ears. I had some in there for days but using warm water to wash it out worked great!


  28. I will also add one old method of removing water from the ear. In this method you need to keep ur effected ear on one side and another person use a long straw of wheat with little cotton to remove all the water from your ear. He will insert straw in your ear and put fire on another end of the straw with a cotton. Please make sure the fire he make is of low flame and heat do not reach to the hairs and face. After few second the water will start comming out from your ear through straw. It works perfectly and applicable in our village since long long time.

  29. Number 2 worked my first try but for my brother it didn’t so I would try all of the methods before you give up my brother went through all of them till it got out

    1. It didnt work for me. I put a little bit of olive oil in my ear and then put cotten wool in it. I lay with my affected ear up for around ten minutes. The olive oil dissovles the wax which traps the water.

  30. One of these methods worked awesomely for me!! Now I am relieved from the discomfort I was feeling with my ear and the water. The one that really helped is the Hydrogen Peroxide one. But instead of Hydrogen Peroxide I used water because I couldn’t find our Hydrogen Peroxide…

  31. I had water in my ear for 3 months! Tried everything even went to the doc who prescribed pills and nothing. Then read the first comment on here (after trying the others) and that one worked! Cannot tell you how grateful I am to not have that crackling sound in my ear anymore every time I move my jaw! Genius

  32. Hey when ever water got into my ear all I did was put some pour water in about 2-3 drops then I leave it there for about 10 seconds then I tilt my head to the side and shook it a bit then the water just fell right out of this does not work try reapiting over and over Again until you finally get the water out

  33. I tried one of the first remedies here – the vacuum one – which didn’t work. Then after reading the comment and responses about filling the ear with water, I tried it too. It worked the second time I did it. So relieved! Thanks for posting.

  34. Had water stuck in my ear for 5 days. Used the palm of my hand as a vacum and nothing came out, but I can hear properly again!! Everything seems so loud, thank you 🙂 xx

  35. Palm trick worked for me right after seeing your comments! 😀 Suction thing is scientific and worked in seconds!

  36. Thank you so much i had both of my ears like that for about 5 hours and it maked me have a lot of headaches, used this methob and whjen the water dried, the water were gone

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