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How to Get Rid of Mice

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9. Get an Ultrasonic Repellent Machine

Ultrasonic repellent machines are also an effective method to get rid of rodents. These machines send out small beeps that not only annoy but also scare off mice. These beeps cannot be heard by humans.

ultrasonic repellent machines to repel mice

However, for an ultrasonic repellent machine to work, you must know where the mice are hiding so you know where to place it.


Do not use these machines if you have other pets in your house, especially cats and dogs. Their hearing is better than humans and the constant beeping may cause them distress.

10. Keep a Clean House

Keeping your house clean will not make it mouse-proof, but a messy house will attract them and permit them to thrive in greater numbers. Hence, a clean house is a small but important step toward your effort to show the rodents the door.


keep your house clean

Clean your house regularly and pay particular attention to eliminating places where mice can find shelter and hide.


From the trash can to the storeroom to old piles of newspapers in your garage, you need to keep each and every corner of your house clean and clutter-free. Throw away the things you do not need, instead of storing them in the garage or storeroom.

You must also find a place to dispose of your garbage that is not near your house.


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  1. I live in the country and plan on trying several of these remedies.Also wondering if you have a remedy on garden pest.I’ve tried poisons but the rains wash it off.I also have issues growing melons or gords(cumubers,squash…..etc) any ideas?

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