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How to Get Rid of Lizards

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9. Camphor

The strong smell of camphor can also help drive away lizards from your house.

use camphor to keep lizards at bay

  • Place camphor balls in different corners of your house where you usually spot these creepy crawlers.
  • Another option is to put a few drops of camphor oil in areas of your house where you find lizards most.

10. Get a Cat to Chase Them Out

If you do not have a pet cat, it is time to bring one home.


get a cat to kill lizards

Cats simply love to catch lizards and rodents. They’ll quickly nab lizards whenever they see one. With little training, cats will work on your behalf to keep your house free of pests. In short, get a cute, cuddly, blood-thirsty predator.

A 2014 study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences reports that in areas where cats were plentiful, lizard populations were approximately half those of areas where there were no cats.

So, to take control ofthe lizard population in your home, get a cute cat to help you out.


Additional Tips

  • As light attracts lizards, it is recommended to keep the lights off when you discover any lizards.
  • It’s best to chase away lizards at night, as most of them prefer to come out in the evening.
  • Keeping some egg shells around the corners of your house, doors, and windows can also help lizards at bay. Change the shells every three to four weeks, until you no longer see any of these creepy creatures in your premises.
  • Suspending onion slices or garlic pieces against the walls of your house can help repel the lizards.
  • You can also try coffee and tobacco balls. Mix equal amounts of both powders, add a little water and prepare small balls with the mixture. Place them in the cracks on your walls, behind cupboards, and under the bed for lizards to eat them and die.
  • If you have an ongoing battle with lizards, you may want to buy an electronic pest repellent. The sound, vibrations and ultrasonic waves that they produce keep lizards at bay.
  • Approach lizards quietly and cautiously, as even a small signal will cause them to run and hide.


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