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How to Get Rid of Itchy Skin

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9. Thyme

dried thyme

Thyme contains significant amounts of thymol, which has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thymol can numb the nerve fibers as well as reduce inflammation caused by excessive scratching.

  1. Add one tablespoon of dried thyme leaves to two cups of boiling water.
  2. Cover it and allow it to cool.
  3. Strain the solution.
  4. Use a clean cloth to apply the solution directly on the itchy skin.
  5. Do this as many times as necessary.

Save any leftover solution in a jar to use later.


10. Peppermint Oil



Peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic and soothing properties that help relieve itching caused by dermatitis, scabies or stress.

  • Add several drops of peppermint oil to a bathtub filled with lukewarm water. Soak in this water for half an hour. Pat dry and then apply a moisturizing lotion. Do this once daily.
  • Add three or four drops of peppermint oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil like coconut, olive or almond oil. Apply the diluted peppermint oil to the affected skin area. Massage gently so the oil penetrates deep into the skin. Follow this remedy once or twice daily.

Go time you suffer from itchy skin, simply try one of these home remedies instead of scratching like crazy.



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37 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Itchy Skin”

  1. These remedies are useful. However what can be done for itchy genitals. There is no infection etc, just an itch where the pubic hair ends.

    1. I think if you try shaving as much of your pubic hair of and applying cold water, this will do the trick but DO NOT put cold water inside the genitals (If you are a girl) Ad this could dry it out and make it worse.

    2. Actually, there is an infection called foliculitis and it causes an itch at the base of the pubic hair. I had it when I was much younger. Can be caused by shaving, then not drying the shaver between uses, or using another’s shaver. Any remedy that is antiseptic, like a vinegar or lemon might work, also colloidal silver might be good. Careful to stay to hairy skin, as the mucous you skin is very sensitive.

  2. these tips are really helpful. most of the things are available at homes generally. specially the apple cider vinegar one. it burns a bit at first but then the itchy part soothes.thanks for all the tips.

  3. I have itching since last two week. my skin is dry. I used pears or glyfresh soap as my physician for dry skin. take shower with mild warm or Luke warm twice a weeks. rest day I shower with cold water.

  4. lemon juice very good
    i have itching problem many month ,some time okk then again start
    well 1 r 2 fresh lemon juice mix with one glass water very good for remove itching
    i wish i can remove my itching forever

  5. Comment:
    Thank u so much
    It’s bn months, the itching never stops. Now am going to the market to get lemons

  6. I have being itching for a year now”So much in pain. And Doctors medication not helping out.Will try this remedies “So so much in pain “

    1. I spent 57yrs itching with eczema and I got rid of it by changing my diet, I became Vegan and within 3mths the itching was gone and that was 9 years ago.

  7. I’ve had itchy genitals for more than 8 months but the doctors’ prescriptions and anti-fungal creams don’t help. I will give you a feedback after I used all your recommended remedies.

  8. I have itching on my back, stomach and side, especially just before I go to sleep and when I am sleeping. I use foderma serum, and it definitely helps a lot. It reduced or eliminated the itching. So if you have a problem like this, I highly recommend it!

  9. Both of my forearms, the underside, itch very badly. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar beside the bed and spray the arms as needed. It isn’t immediate relief but if I can keep from scratching for a few minutes after spraying the itching gets better. I also treat the area with tree tea oil which seems to help also. I have scratched some areas until they bleed and then some. Use the vinegar solution, grit your teeth for a few minutes and the itching will subside. Hope this helps some of you.

  10. I’m hoping this works fairly quick because right now I have the most intense burning itch on my face thanks for the ideas

  11. My itching seems to move around, started on my lower leg crepy up t my knee, started then on my elbow, then around my navel and finally on the cheeks of my butt, it,s really bad and I have torn the skin and as I take blood thinners, looks like I have been attacked, I am now drinking hot lemon water and rubbing the lemon straight onto the skin, helps for a little while, I also use medicated powder, over the counter creams which I find totally useless.

  12. i have been having a very intense itchy skin after taking a shower.
    kindly advise on what i can do to get rid of this issue

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