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How to Get Rid of Fever Blisters

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9. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera is another very effective way to treat fever blisters fast. It has natural healing powers and antibacterial properties that help disinfect the infected area. Plus, this herb is known to speed up healing and also reduce pain and inflammation.

  1. Cut an aloe vera leaf to extract the gel.
  2. Apply the gel on the affected area with your fingertips. Allow it to dry on its own.
  3. Then clean the area with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  4. Repeat the process several times a day for about three to four days.

This remedy will keep the infected area clean and soft so that the skin doesn’t split open, which can cause further infection.


10. Yogurt



Yogurt contains lysine that fights the virus that causes fever blisters. It even plays an important role in preventing the virus from becoming active. You can make an egg and yogurt facial mask to soothe and heal the blisters.

  1. Mix one egg, one cup of yogurt and one tablespoon of honey to form a thick paste.
  2. Apply the paste on the fever blisters using a cotton ball.
  3. Leave it on for half an hour, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  4. Repeat the process once daily as needed.

Also, try to eat one cup of yogurt two or three times a day to get rid of fever blisters quickly.

Be careful not to touch the fever blisters, and make sure to wash your hands regularly so that you do not spread this virus. Fever blisters are contagious, so it is highly recommended not to share lip gloss, drinks or food with others while you are having an outbreak.



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133 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Fever Blisters”

  1. I had one to start last night so I put tea tree oil on it at bedtime. I didn’t see much difference this morning so I have been using Abrevia today with no change. I just crushed an aspirin and mixed with hydrogen peroxide and I can feel it doing something. I will try a tea bag, then vanilla, then tea tree oil and toothpaste before I go to bed. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’ve got to get rid of it! 🙂 Haven’t had one in almost 20 years.

  2. I appreciate seeing all these experiences for fever blisters. I want to add my own remedy I haven’t seen anywhere else. A styptic pencil, that one uses for razor nicks, will stop them dead in their tracks, the earlier the better.

  3. I just tried milk garlic and honey together . Let’s see how I feel tomorrow I need this blister to go away I look horrible can’t go nowhere . Thanks

  4. I’m so grateful for finding this site – and especially for all the real testimonials everyone has been willing to post! It makes the thought of trying these things not so scary!
    It’s amazing how fast a fever blister can come in! One day there’s a little pimple-like thing, then the next day it’s swelling the whole area and hurting like crazy!
    This is the 3rd day since my little pimply thing appeared.
    I’ve tried the tea tree oil w/ olive oil yesterday and today without any dramatic changes (good or bad).
    This evening after work I washed the area with 3% peroxide (and did a peroxide and water mouth rinse as well – getting rid of bacteria there too!)
    Then I rinsed with water and applied the cold milk (which felt great).
    I also made a warm cup of milk with tumeric (I’ll continue to have these over the next couple of days as well.)
    The most intense treatment was definitely the garlic – OMG! It hurt like CRAZY – I thought my skin was burning off! I stuck with it for the whole 15 minutes though. (I’m a die-hard!) Now, a few hours later, the pain is gone and the fever blister seems to be smaller and cleaner (more healed). I’m currently holding another glob of raw garlic on my lip, this time using a cold wet-ish teabag to hold it in place (and ease the pain from the garlic a bit). I’m debating whether or not I should do any other treatments before going to bed… I’ll report on my progress tomorrow.
    Thank you for all the useful tips!

  5. lI’ve tried soaking a cotton ball with listerine and pressing down leave on for 5minutes on infected area then brush your teeth an rince with the listerine,keep applying then take a dry cotton ball and pat area not wipe to seal moisture.your gonna smile again!!

  6. Normally, I use zovirax at the first sign. But this time when I went to get my script filled, a tube coat $2,500!!! The generic was $699!!! since I don’t have that kind of money for a 15 gram tube of Zovirax, I searched the internet and found this site. I bought the tea tree oil, & I didn’t delete it, & I put it directly on the fever blister. That was about 6 hours ago, and now it’s already dried up. I am so happy I found this site. All used tea tree oil from now on

  7. I have been on this site a bunch of times and tried a few different ones, but now i used the garlic and the tea tree oil. And within 24 hrs it has changed dramatically.

  8. I hate fever blisters and I get them on my ears you talking about painful those things ain’t no joke …But one day i found this site and fell in love Toothpaste and salt have been my two best friends they work

  9. I have been getting fever blisters for as long as I can remember.. at least one really “good” one a year since I do not get sick that often they always pop up right after a high high fever. I always used abrevia however even with that its costly with such a tiny amount and it still lasts almost a week or longer and doesn’t help with swelling… just went out after reading this site with all of the comments and purchased tea tree oil which is half the cost of abrevia and I can already tell after my second use that its working its magic. CANNOT believe that I’ve only just found this hidden secret. TEA TREE OIL is a must. – side note there were several different options at the store and I did purchase the more expensive more pure one and I did the one drop oil three drop water and let the cotton ball soak and then applied it for about 5 mins or so and did it three times in a day.. morning, mid afternoon, early evening. Hope this helps.

  10. I usually dab lemon juice for the tiny ones
    Vinegar for the annoying bigger ones
    And cutex remover on the painful huge ones

  11. ive NEVER had one of these things they SUCK i have pretty luscious lips this thing ISNOT acceptable, i started out using campophanique thinking it had the heavy medicine in it which it did however by the 2nd day i popped on the internet and WALLAH I saw tea tree / olive oil mixed AND hydrogen peroxide sooo yeah i started with 3parts water 1 part tea tree lastnight and IMMEDIATELY saw the healing process NOW im up to pure tea tree and olive oil mixed and it’s a BREEZE …. imma get this UGLY thing off my luscious lips and it will be just a long ago dream that i ever even had it YUCK lol BUT thanks for the info it REALLY helped this Goddess

  12. its just so irritating.. now i’m trying something which will reduce the swelling of my lower lip also.. By the way thank you.. so providing these remedies..

  13. Hi all. I hate the blisters I’ve had them most of my life. They normally appear when I am stressed out. I had another breakout yesterday and I tried the toothpaste method…. it did help for about 3 hours but I noticed the blister has more fluid. I happen to have a bottle of vodka I dabbed some directly on my blister (drank some too… this thing is sore)… but after 2 hours my blister was dried out COMPLETELY; it’s day 2 and the swelling is down I keep dabbing vodka on it every 2 hours. … it really does work but it BURNS (worth it). On my way out to face the world again but VODKA Does the trick sooooooooo fast.

  14. I am 68, looking forward to 69 in July. This is my first fever blister. After traveling to Portugal and Spain, at the end of a long flight from London my top lip started tingling. The next morning the left side of my top lip was swollen and underneath my lip showed tiny blisters. I recall the tingling started after eating a chicken Cesar sandwich served on the flight. I thought it was a allergic reaction to something in the sandwich. I went to my primary doctor who prescribed 4 pills to be taken two a day and a topical cream to be aplied every 3 hours. Almost impossible to do unless you stay indoors 24/7. This was Monday. Imagine my surprise when I found a tee tree oil remedy online. I use tree tree oil daily and keep a supply on hand at all times! I will start with tee tree oil. Hopefully my results will be as positive as those posted. I will make my way thru the list if necessary.

  15. I have a fever blister on the inside of my lip ito my first one ever. Idk what I can use or not use for it but any help I can get I would be great full for. Thank you in an advanced

  16. Peroxide has never worked for me. I have never tried tea tree / olive oil or peppermint oil, but plan on giving it a shot. I am an outdoor kind of person, so I get three or four a year mainly from exposure to the sun. I use HL30 (herpecin L), which you can buy at most drug stores for about $5. It keeps these ugly creatures down to about 7 days, providing you start using it at the burning stage before the blisters start. The blisters stay small, but do show up. Anything to keep them down to 4 or 5 days would be great. Thank you for the great tips and I do hope something on this list will truly work for me. Have a great day!

  17. tried several.tee tree oil was best but my dr.uded a labor the next day it scared the third day the scab fell off! All gone lazors excellerate.

  18. Okay so here I am hello and thanks for all this advice I’m 25 and have struggled with these since I was a child I usually only get one and here and there randomly threw out the year or sometimes its months and months before I get another. If I like my lips it makes them worse and worse and I usually get them from a pimple that appears and like transformers into a blister I find that if I let my lips get as dry as possible apply rubbing alcohol and store bought cold sore treatment it slowly goes away. But today for the first time ever I have like 3 or 4 and they are just swelling more and more and it’s horrible I also started my period today. I don’t have tea tree oil or whole garlic I am going to try some of these that don’t include those and will let you know how it works out. ☺ baby

  19. It has always been my problem, whenever I had an attack of cough and flue or malaria ,it results intro fever blisters which are very painful.

  20. Comment: i bilieve this will help those that cannot afford expensive meds. mix a strong toothpaste with a lil water and salt to create a smooth paste. apply on the blister and leave for 10 minutes then wash it off. this will help dry the blister and stop it from multiplying. after washing i applied olive oil on the blister.

  21. After only an hour of using the tea tree oil, my fever blister went from the size of texas to hardly even noticeable. TEA TREE OIL WORKS WONDERS.

  22. Toothpaste n Salt mixture works! I put on blister las nite. I awoke the next morning applied ice hydrogen peroxide n petroleum jelly went to work. I worried some because it still felt tender. But as the day went on. The pain subsided. The blisters are gone u cannot tell I had it unless I mention it! Thanks for the home remedy tip. The over the counter expensive meds do not work!!!

  23. I have used for years and prevents cold sores is Lysine. I take it everyday 500mg. If you feel a cold sore coming on take 1000 twice a day. It helps to boost your immune system and works like magic. Either you won’t get the sores or if you start feeling one, it might come out but does not hurt as much and lasts a shorter time.

  24. I have to agree with other posters here. I started to get a fever blister yesterday and it hurt like hell. I put ice on it for 10 minutes and then applied Tree Tree Oil. I did this 3x yesterday and before going to bed I put lip balm on it to keep it moist throughout the night. I woke up today the pain was gone and the blister deflated. You cannot tell I ever had one. All I can say is magic! Thanks for all your post that help me. I have been getting these for over 20 years and they normally are on my lip for 2 weeks. Never again! Ice and Tree Tea oil!

  25. i put on honey for 3 to 5 minutes then rinsed it off with warm water. thereafter i placed a thin coating of coconut oil over my lips. later on i repeated this but rinsed it off with lukewarm water and kept a cotton pad of soaked coconut oil onto the affected area. the inflamation decreased a lot, only it was a bit moist. after reading this list i decided to try the 3% hydrogen peroxide method.. dabbed peroxide onto the affected area for 5 minutes…waited 5 minutes n washed it off with lukewarm water. Dabbed it dry and ready to sleep.. hopefully this works well.. ill be updating my progress
    PS: (honey method not more than twice daily.. if decide to dab coconut oil as an independent method.. 3 to 4 times a day till the sore vanishes)
    *CJK =)

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