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How to Get Rid of Clogged Ears

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9. Gargle


Gargling with a hot salt water solution can help unclog the ears and also ease nasal congestion that may be contributing to the problem.

  1. Mix one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.
  2. Gargle with this solution for 15 to 30 seconds and spit it out.
  3. Do this repeatedly until you get relief from the clogged ear.

10. Chewing Gum

chewing gum


If clogged ears are due to a sudden change in air pressure, like what happens during an airplane landing or take off, try chewing gum. This will open up your Eustachian tubes, relieving the excess pressure in your ears and opening up clogged ears.

If you still have clogged ears or pain after trying these tips, see your doctor or an ear, nose and throat specialist immediately.

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150 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Clogged Ears”

  1. the first one worked for me.. just hold ur nostrils tight and then blow air with ur mouths closed..do not allow ur breath come out of ur mouth. Make ur mouth like a balloon itself till ur breath reaches ur ear.. u ‘ll hear a great popping sound in ur ears..and blockage is gone..which was because of severe cold. But don’t breath very hard in ur mouth..or it can hurt u…
    but Thnku so much for this idea..it really worked…

  2. I blew my nose a little too hard, clogged my ear up bad. I tried about 5 of these that I could do with what I have available. Nothing was working, the warm rag offered a little relief, but wasn’t fixing the problem. Decided to smoke a bowl, (in legal state) thought maybe coughing would help and that would make me cough. Within 5 min my ear was back to normal. So in the end, if these rnt working, cough pretty good for a short time.

  3. I have been candling ears for years. I buy them from a woman in Qld ….and if it’s done correctly it’s very effective .
    The other info has been good to know also…

  4. First of all, don’t try to nullify treatments by saying that the FDA doesn’t endorse it. Do a little research and you’ll find that all the governmental alphabet agencies, like the FDA, are not here to protect you. They have been formed to control and mislead you. Vaccinations are a perfect example of this. Info is now coming out about how harmful they are, but the FDA endorses them. Hmmmm.

    Secondly, for whoever said that all holistic remedies are old wive’s tales or something like that, you are so brainwashed by big pharma you are beyond help. Holistic medicine was around long before big pharma took over and started poisoning everyone’s minds with b.s. so that they could poison everyone’s bodies with drugs to make $$. That is what drug companies are all about,,,,,making big bucks. Wake up.

    Lastly, I’ve had problems with earwax since I was a child and have had ENT’s clean them out, which caused a high fever. I’ve also used ear candles and they worked, as have other holistic treatments I’ve used. And I’m not saying they work because of the brown stuff that you could see after using them, I’m saying they work because they opened up my ears. Even if you choose to remain a sheep and use drugs for everything, you have to use them wisely. Same with holistic treatments.

    1. yes! someone with a brain on here!!! I totally agree with on on the pharma….big rip off!!! And the Flu-shot? my god!!! everyone is already brain dead in America…lets make them more…to kill them off faster….just a scam. I am holistic as well and some remedies that worked in the Egyptian times is good enough for me…not some fast drug that has only been on the market for 20 yrs. Apple Cider vinegar is so healthy for many reasons and cheap!!! I loved your blog

  5. Great, I did Valsalva maneuver and I can hear again from my ear. I did it several times smoothly and felt some liquid in my throat. I’m gonna use a steamy shower now to make sure it will not come back again. Thanks guys

  6. I had a stopped up ear and tried most remedies and none worked. I bought an ear wax removal kit and no luck. So I took the saringe and filled several times with hot water and while pulling down on my lobe would insert the saringe and squirting hard. WOW, it worked. Now I can hear again.

  7. I just woke up at 3am and I couldn’t believe one of my ears was not earing properly… only to realise it was a clog…I have tried to close my ears and mouth, then after a deep breathe it has somehow opened. Thanks a lot

  8. I have had clogged ears for years now since being diagnosed with non allergic rhinitis and silent reflux. The ENT and primary doctors look at me like I am crazy when I tell them that they are clogged. I believe that it is mucous or fluid. They don’t really hurt but can get uncomfortable and it can throw your balance off especially when working out or turning your head too fast. I can hear a clicking sound when I try to pop them but no success.Praying for relief for all of us!

  9. U all have it wrong, candles lol. You guys are all putting each other down who’s wrong who’s right and u know what, with all the HOT HEADs this debate has caused u guys have melted all the wax in yr heads, problem solved,,,,,

  10. Regarding the use of ear candles~Before becoming a nurse, I worked in the O.R. as a surgical technologist/First Assist with my speciality being ENT (eyes, nose, throat).
    Our most seasoned surgeon of 20+ years, highly advised AGAINST the use of ear candles.
    The debris given off as the candle burns can cause more ear canal build up and thus increasing the risk of further damage.

    Do what you will with this information. I appreciate and support holistic, Natural remedies but we must be sensible. Just because something is organic or all natural doesn’t make it safe. Keep in mind poison ivy is 100% all natural!

  11. Warm baby oil in problem ear, leave 10 mins. Then tilt head , oil will loosen wax then out it comes. Works for me.

  12. I suffer at least one ear infection a year, even though I try to keep the wax minimized (with Debrox, etc.). This time it felt like it was almost done and then completely relapsed, which is even more maddening. I felt like I was teased and then had my dream torn away.

    I think I have issues with Eustachian tube issues because I feel build up, become water logged, feels like the ear canal swells (probably because I can’t stop myself from trying to re-open by every means) and then finally I am unable to hear from that ear. It sometimes feels like someone glued my ear canal closed.

    Today I tried something (that I read elsewhere) and it seems EXTREMELY helpful. Take 2 wash clothes, wet them down with hot water, wring out excessive water (but not too much). Put them both on a plates an microwave them for about a minute (you will get a hang of how much time feels right for you). Put each one in a separate cup and hold them against your head with one around each ear (for at least a couple minutes until you feel the steam cool).

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the cups are deep enough so the wash rags don’t touch your ears. It is the steam effect that helps, not physical .

    I found this sooooooooooooo soothing and vowed to spread the word. I was up last night looking at every possible path to relief and I feel for anyone else going though that pain. I did this once an hour for a total of 4 times today and my ear is open. It was totally sealed shut when I got up this morning (if you consider what I did last night as “sleeping”).

    I really hope this helps at least one person, as I know the madness that comes with clogged ears. No one can truly understand the mental state a clogged ear can bring unless that have been unlucky enough to have suffered one.

    If this works for you, please pass it on.

    1. Thank you Jim for sharing this info! My ears have been stopped up for over 3 weeks. I’m on my second round of antibiotics and had a steroid shot last week, none of which has worked. I’ve also tried peroxide, alcohol, vinegar mixtures and none of those worked for me either. But the info you shared WORKED!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  13. Have just given this a go and hey think it may have helped. Can certainly do no harm apart from my hubby walking in on me and thinking I have finally gone totally nuts.. Will try again in an hour

  14. All of these but one, are not good to do. 3 years ago I had a severe block in my left ear, and had to go to the E.R. The size of the build up that was removed looked like an alien and when they were done, the doc used a peroxide AND warm water flush afterward. He said and I quote, “never use anything BUT this solution to clear out your ears. oils only build up as fast as the build up initially does.”

  15. My boyfriend is a chiropractor and whenever my ears feel clogged he adjusts them. You can feel them drain afterwards and it really helps. If you see a chiropractor for back stuff maybe ask them if they can do your ears as well when you go in (Warning: it’s the most uncomfortable adjustment in my opinion. But I’m also a big baby when I get adjusted)

  16. Most of the previous solutions work for some people. But here’s one that I use. Open your mouth and
    drop your jaw as far as you can make it go. Then move your jaw from side to side as far as you can make it go. You can feel the feel your ears pop. Good luck

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