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How to Deal with Breast Pain

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9. Vitamin E

vitamin E

Vitamin E is also helpful in treating breast pain. It helps regulate hormonal changes in the body, which in turn reduces breast pain and other premenstrual symptoms.

  • A daily dose of 200 to 400 IUs of vitamin E can prevent breast pain and tenderness during menstruation. Consult your doctor for the correct dosage.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin E, such as sunflower seeds, almonds, olive oil, spinach, avocados, turnips, beet greens and mustard greens.
  • You can also use vitamin E oil to massage your breasts gently a few times a day.

10. Magnesium

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Magnesium is an important daily nutrient that can help alleviate breast issues like tenderness and pain during menstruation. Magnesium helps reduce fluid retention, which reduces pain and swelling in the breasts.

  • Eat foods rich in magnesium like dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, soybeans, avocados, bananas and dark chocolate.
  • You can also take magnesium supplements 2 weeks before your menstrual cycle to prevent breast pain as well as other premenstrual symptoms. For proper dosage, consult your doctor.

Additional Tips

  • Wear well-fitted bras for support. Avoid wearing underwire and push-up bras.
  • Wear a sports bra when exercising, especially when your breasts may be more sensitive.
  • Practice meditation and yoga to reduce and manage stress levels and, in turn, breast pain.
  • Limit your intake of caffeine as it can cause soreness and tenderness in the breasts.
  • Eat plenty of fiber to help your body flush out extra estrogen. You can get fiber from cabbage, broccoli, kale, sprouts, legumes and whole grains.
  • Reduce your intake of hydrogenated oils, found in margarine, packaged baked goods and snack products.
  • Reduce fat in your diet and eat more vegetables and fruits that are high in antioxidants to help the body fight off free radicals.
  • Aim for at least 20 percent or less of your total calories from fats.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to get rid of toxins from the body.
  • Make a habit of examining your breasts at least once every 2 to 3 months. If you notice any difference in the size or shape of your breasts, consult a doctor.



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3 thoughts on “How to Deal with Breast Pain”

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am 25 now and have suffered from sore and swollen breasts for 10 long years which use to stay for 15 days a month and had made my life hell.

    I am now leading a very happy life combating this demon.

    Solution: Very simple. To reduce my work pressure I stopped jogging ( 30 min in morning) and joined yoga classes( 1.5hrs in morning). I first thought the yoga class would cure this problem but even after continuous classes for 3 months It dint help. One small change that I did in the forth or sometimes fifth asana while doing survyanamaskara( asva sanchalanasana step) changed my whole life. !!

    You have to do survya namskar daily. ( find out how many times you have to do and how long each asana you have to hold for , I do only 5 survya namaskar every day. all the four are with 1 inhale and 1 exhale per asana. Fifth one will have 2 breaths per asana).

    While you do the asva sanchalanasana, make sure that your leg/ knee and thigh portion is pressing your outer breast( i.e if you partition breast exactly at the center vertically, the portion of breast that faces your shoulder or hand ). May be this works because it presses the lymphatic nodes that are present at the place where your breast meets shoulder. I don’t know the reason how this works but ever since I started doing the asva sanchalanasana in this way my breast pain is completely gone and I am a happy woman since..!!! No diet changes no drugs…

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