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Medic for Vaginal Cysts

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9. Yogurt

Another good ingredient that can be used to treat vaginal cysts is yogurt.

Being rich in lactobacillus bacteria, Greek yogurt helps restore the normal vaginal pH level. This inhibits activity of infectious organisms that can cause an infection, which would make the condition worse and delay the healing process.

yogurt for vaginal cysts

Also, it reduces vaginal odor.

  • Soak a cotton ball in plain yogurt and apply it on the affected area. Leave it on for a few hours, then rinse the area thoroughly. Do it 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Also, you can eat 1 to 2 cups of yogurt daily.

10. Sepia

A time-tested remedy for vaginal cysts is sepia. Sepia is made from the dark, brownish-gray pigment obtained from the ink sac of the cuttlefish.

sepia treats vaginal cysts

Sepia is an effective remedy for fighting inflammation and pain associated with vaginal cysts. It can also be used to prevent development of additional cysts.

It is readily available in homeopathic clinics in pellets or liquid form. For the correct dosage, consult your doctor.

Additional Tips

  • To prevent vaginal cysts, ask your partner to be gentle during sex.
  • Do not squeeze, scratch or puncture a cyst. Allow it to drain on its own to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Keep the area clean by washing it regularly with a medicated V-wash.
  • Never douche, as it can irritate the cyst.
  • If a cyst is painful, consider using a sanitary napkin instead of a tampon during your periods.
  • Maintain good hygiene habits to prevent infection of a cyst and the formation of an abscess.
  • To treat an infected vaginal cyst, you may need to take antibiotics.
  • You can opt for surgery to remove the cyst, if there is lot of discomfort or the cyst keeps returning.
  • Increasing your vitamin A, vitamin B and zinc intake helps promote healing of the skin tissues.
  • If recommended by your doctor, get a biopsy done to rule out the possibility of cancer.

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17 thoughts on “Medic for Vaginal Cysts”

  1. Comment: Iam totally impressed though m still pressed by this unfamiliar encounter…i need it treated very quickly.
    .abdominal pains and vaginal discomfort…what could be the problem

  2. If you’re an idiot like me and squeeze one of these things and they get infected LISTEN UP. You could go to the doctor but (if like me) you don’t want to spend money/go on antibiotics/let your doctor forever look at your vadge, you can still probably get away with it.
    1. Don’t squeeze it. It’s gross and gets infected
    2. When you shower, use a clean washcloth to gently wipe the area
    3. Put a spoon in hot water. Wrap that in a clean cloth. Apply to the thing!
    4. If it oozes (!!) or if you’re just hardcore (and I know this isn’t healthy for the vagina so just eat some cottage cheese or whatever to avoid a yeast infection) dab a bit of savlon on it with cotton wool.

    I have managed to go from something that was probably an abcyss and bloody sore, to a smaller cyst than before. Still taking care and assuming it’ll be gone soon. Obviously if it doesn’t go away, just suck it up and visit your doctor

    1. I use a mix I make myself. Colloidal sliver and Lavender. Soak lavender buds in the silver over night (500ml is ample) Drain and bottle in dark spray bottles. Amazing antibiotic, bacterial, and soothing. Good for genital herpes as well.

  3. Number 4 totally worked in less than 24 hours. I soaked a flat cotton round in the solution and laid it against my labia for 20 mins twice, rinsed as advised. It busted, cleaned it with a few more cotton rounds and gave it a few squeezes. Voila! No more pain!

  4. So I tried yogurt for a totally different reason. I watched a YouTube video about using yogurt for a yeast infection so I bought plain sugar free yogurt and used it in the inside of the labia. And of course did a rinse using a douche but dumbed the stuff out and mixed water and the yogurt together. I’ve had the cyst for a very long time. But when I used the yogurt after a few times the cyst was gone… well the puss that was there was gone. I still have an appt to get rid of it but I’ve had it puss filled for years and it never went away until I used the yogurt!!! I was amazed and I didn’t know it was a home remedy for it either. Use yogurt it really works!!!

  5. As someone who had suffered from vaginal cysts about every 3 months and know all too well the pain and discomfort you suffer. I decided to cut out ALL liquid body wash, if you read the ingredients they are about a paragraph long, I switched to all natural bar soap. I’m happy to report since avoiding all liquid body wash I have not had a cyst almost a year cyst free. I’m not a Dr., but if my story helps even one person its worth it. I do feel there should be studies on this. 🙂

    1. Hey thanks.. Only after started using liquid soap i got cyst. Will stop it immediatly. Hope it gets cured.

  6. I have a problem..my vag is cut while having sex..after few days thier are some lumps growing around my cut and its very uncomfortable to walk and there is pus also…what should i do?the cut is still not healing

  7. My cyst is inside the vagina. I diagnosed it while cleaning it. I felt a kind of itching inside my vagina so I thought of cleaning it with my finger. Then I felt a lump which is as big as a pea. Please tell me is it a matter of concern.
    Sadia Sadaf

  8. I have had been getting cyst for a few months now and i only use Dove Soap and try not to wear tight clothing and not shave too often. I hate that there is no cure for this i feel so self concious about this does anyone else do anything different for this

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