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Medic to Help You Conceive

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9. Chasteberry

chasteberry vitex

The herb chasteberry, also called vitex, is another effective home remedy for getting pregnant. It helps improve ovulation and hormonal imbalance in the body that may be delaying pregnancy. In addition, it helps combat PCOS, one of the leading causes behind female infertility.

You can easily find this herb in the market in different forms like dried berry, capsules, or tincture. For proper dosage and suitability, consult your doctor.

10. Stinging Nettle


Many herbalists recommend stinging nettle for those planning to conceive because it works as a powerful uterine tonic. This herb is rich in minerals that are good for your body. In addition, it helps reduce stress, which in turn increases your chance of getting pregnant.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of dried stinging nettle in 1 cup of hot water. Cover and steep for 5 minutes. Strain, add a little honey and drink it. Drink 2 to 3 cups of this herbal tea daily.
  • You can also take nettle supplements after consulting your doctor.

Note: Do not take stinging nettle during pregnancy.

Additional Tips

  • Try to maintain a healthy weight, as being overweight or underweight can make it difficult for you to conceive.
  • Regular exercise like walking, jogging or swimming will help keep you fit and active.
  • Avoid doing too much intense aerobic activity, which may inhibit ovulation and reduce production of the hormone progesterone.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine.
  • Stop smoking to increase your chance of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby.
  • Keep an eye on your basal body temperature to determine your ovulation time and plan accordingly.
  • You can even consider acupuncture to raise the likelihood of getting pregnant.
  • Avoid using lubricants during intercourse, as they may reduce your chance of conceiving.
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as foods rich in iron, calcium, B vitamins, selenium and folate. All are essential for reproductive health.
  • Drink plenty of water every day to eliminate toxins.
  • Minimize exposure to toxins to boost your fertility level.
  • Get enough sleep. A poor sleep pattern can lower your chance of conceiving.
  • Do not take any medicines or supplements without first consulting your doctor.
  • If you are diabetic, keep your blood sugar level under control.
  • Lastly but not the least, follow your doctor’s advice.


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  2. thanks for your page really interesting stuff on your page, I took the family planning 3 months injection in August 2012, I had the injection just once, after 6months I started menstruating and till date my husband and I have been trying to conceive but all to no avail. I will need your advice on what natural remedies can help us.
    thank you very much.

  3. thanx for da page information i’ve been trying to conceive no luck…somebody advise me about apple cider vinegar and honey I want to try it

  4. Hi my name is Cleopatra.. I inserted implanon in May 2017 and removed it in December 2017.since then I’ve been trying to conveive.. Please help with the effective home remedies that I can use… Thank you

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