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Medic for a Sore Tongue

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9. Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin that can temporarily desensitize the nerves that cause pain. Therefore, you can use cayenne pepper to relieve sore tongue pain and inflammation.

  • Prepare a paste with a little bit of cayenne pepper powder and a few drops of water. Apply the paste on the affected area. It will cause irritation at first, but soon it will start working. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Another option is to chew or suck on a candy containing cayenne pepper.

10. Alum



Alum has astringent and antiseptic properties that can help reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing by removing moisture from the sore.

  1. Apply a small amount of alum powder directly on the affected area.
  2. Allow it to sit for 1 minute. Do not swallow the alum.
  3. After a minute, spit out your saliva and the alum.
  4. Rinse your mouth with water.
  5. Repeat the process the next day, if required.

Additional Tips

  • Place an ice cube on the affected area to get immediate pain relief.
  • You can take sips of ice-cold water from time to time to relieve pain.
  • Take vitamin B12 supplements to prevent outbreaks of sores on tongue.
  • If you are allergic to foods like chocolate, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, eggs, cheese, nuts, and coffee, avoid these foods.
  • Along with brushing your teeth, it’s important to clean your tongue also. Use a tongue scraper to keep it clean and free from infection.
  • Regularly rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to prevent infection.
  • Do not smoke or quit smoking to prevent tongue soreness.
  • Stress increases your risk of developing a sore tongue. So, try to reduce stress with yoga, deep breathing and eating the right foods.
  • Change your toothpaste to heal a sore tongue. Avoid toothpaste that contains a compound called “sodium lauryl sulfate” as it can cause injury to skin cells lining the inside of the mouth.
  • Make sure you gently brush your teeth and use a soft-bristled brush.

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19 thoughts on “Medic for a Sore Tongue”

  1. Top left very back molar is chipped,no dental insurance,my tongue constantly rubs the broken tooth in turn causes me to constantly move my tongue around the tooth and all over my mouth so not only do I look crazy,I end up rubbing my tongue raw to a point where it seems dehydrated, drinking water makes it worse,the carbonation(sting) of sodas or something warm helps temporarily.HELP! it looks like I’m on something when I rattle my tongue everywhere.

  2. I take a small piece of a flat cotton square (the kind women typically used to remove makeup), spray it with my ASAP Silver Sol, and place it over my chipped tooth. My tongue holds it in place. At your next dental cleaning, you can ask your dentist to file the roughness away.

  3. I take a cotton cosmetic square, cut it in half, wet it, and place it over the chipped tooth. My tongue holds it in place. (Your dentist may be able to file the roughness away at your next cleaning.)

    This was a great article! Thank you!

  4. I have been gargling with salt water 3 to 4 times a day for 4 days.
    There is a huge improvement, but I’m still very sore in fewer places of my tongue.
    I’m not certain, but I may have brought this on by dabbing proxide on my gums.

  5. My tongue is sore like I worked it out and then when i put food in my mouth it hurts. no canker sores tho? what do I do

  6. My tongue hurt a lot im trying with baking soda salt bonjela but nothing work i noticed yesterday small red dittos today they are tine white

  7. My tongue is rough and the skin feels like its coroding inside my mouth tried most things but doesnt help. Can anybody help me please.

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