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Medic for a Sinus Infection

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9. Turmeric


Turmeric has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat sinus infections and congestion. It has an active compound called curcumin that helps heal the swelling in the sinus cavity and clear the airways.

  • Mix a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water. Gargle with it a few times a day for a few days.
  • You can also drink a glass of hot milk mixed with one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a little honey. Drink it daily for about one week or until the infection clears.
  • Another option is to create a turmeric smoothie by blending two pieces of turmeric root (two inches), juice from one lemon, one tablespoon of honey, a pinch of cayenne pepper, one banana and one-half cup of water. Drink this smoothie daily for a few days.

10. Steam

steam shower


Breathing in steam will help relieve nasal congestion and clear sinuses. Plus, a warm compress will help reduce sinus pressure and headaches.

  • Run a hot shower and breathe in the steam vapors for about five to 10 minutes. Do this daily for a few days until the infection clears.
  • You can also place a wet, warm towel on your face for a few minutes, several times a day for a few days to help relieve sinus pressure.

In addition to these remedies, follow some simple measures like drinking plenty of water to thin the mucus and using a humidifier to keep the nasal passages moist. Plus, adequate rest will facilitate speedy recovery.


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  1. I like your home remedy pls send remedies for sugar-cure+ high-BP+arthritis & unknown pain in body.tks & awaiting for ur rply.

  2. Will for sure give two or all a try. Mulberries and oleanders. are on the bloom and every 3 months have to get allergy shots, Steve has it so bad doc has him on 90 dys of steroids along with sudafed D and Singular.Willing to try anything to get relief . Out here we use an old Mexican remedy, A bottle of Barcadi 151 stuffed with rosemary, cumin and curry powder which works great but,u get immune to it after 20 yrs of doing it.100% we are trying yours. Thanks a Lot Cuz! <U ever think bout puttin these along with others in a book? lv ya dearly!

  3. Your homemade remedies are very simple to make with easily available items around. It is a treasure to cure any disease without visiting a doctor.In short a patient can be a doctor too with your remedies.

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