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Medic for Scabies

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9. Pure Lavender Oil

lavender oil

Pure lavender oil promotes skin cell regeneration and kills parasites like mites that cause scabies.

  • Add five drops of pure lavender oil to warm bath water. Soak in this bath water for at least 15 minutes. This will help soothe the skin and provide some relief from the itching. Do this once daily for a few weeks.
  • Mix equal amounts of pure lavender oil and rubbing alcohol. Apply it on the affected area and massage gently so that it penetrates and saturates the skin. This will help kill the mites and their eggs. Do this twice daily to speed up the healing process.

10. Bleach



Bleach is another popular home remedy for scabies as it helps kill mites.

  1. Mix together one part of bleach and four parts of water.
  2. Spray this solution on the affected area twice daily.

Repeat the process for a few days.

Along with these remedies, it is very important to avoid with an infected person and his or her personal items. Also, keep the surrounding area neat and clean to prevent the mites and scabies from spreading.



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22 thoughts on “Medic for Scabies”

  1. Thanks for helpful tips on scabies, i tried the vinegar not everyone want to get near me cause of the smell, lol ! but i feel some what of relief from itching ,Thanks…

  2. Scarbist can be cure Using papaya leaves crushed or marsh it with a mortar make it soft extract the juice and apply it on the affected area.

  3. I have really suffered with my whole family scrubbing our body everyday now its months I have prayed cried mostly for my little boy who is suffering for real please help me. am from a poor family I just want home remedies. thenkyou.

    1. Get fresh neem leaves in large quantity everyday, make smooth paste and at night at the time of sleeping, wash your body thoroughly and after drying it, apply this neem paste on all affected areas of skin, leave it for whole night and wash in the morning.Do this for daily for at least one month

      1. You can also get fresh neem leaves, make its paste, mix this paste in coconut oil and boil this mixture for few minutes till the water( in neem paste gets dried) Apply this mixture daily on your body everyday after bath.Do this also for a month.

    2. I have had scabies for 23 months..found this one on computer..I took 4 Asprin and two Alka selzer..and three table spoon full of borax.. place in blender, beat the hell out of them..mix with table spoon or so of vasoline. . I use glycerin sometimes, but it makes it sticky as heck, but won’t rub off…it works..m.mck

      1. 23 months?, I have been dealing with this for 4 and I am going nuts….I have lost so much sleep because of the burning and itching. It has crippled my emotional well being. I have used the scrips and still suffering, just when I think they are gone, they are back….I have washed everything in hot water, I will try some of these home remedies, and pray they work. I have almost every oil you have listed, and never thought to come here..Thank you, wish me luck.

    3. I love to help people when I can.And if you have or know someone with scabies,”I can help”!!!
      I’m lower income and have contracted scabies more Times than can be counted cleaning public buildings,restaurants etc.Seems if I go to a doctor i need a weeks pay to pay for his 1/2hr.Why I don’t know,but I never have any luck with them,their stuff never works or they are completely misdiagnosing it or missing the point all together.
      So I just don’t go much anymore.I’m bright,old farm boy,x military spec.forces.Hunter, trapper,woodsman and there isn’t much I can’t deal with on my own. So if I tell you something helps,you can count on it.Here we go.First,stop the itch for every one in your house immediately. So you can all focus and calm down,nerves don’t help the itch at all.And do it quick before someone runs out a 2nd.story window screaming!How? Like this,it will cost almost a dollar per person! You will need 1 box 8oz.baking soda,1heaping teaspoon vasoline petroleum jelly,and two cups liquid soy bean vegetable oil.Soy works the best it retards insects capabilities. Now draw hottest bath you can stand with 8oz.baking soda mixed in say 5 inches deep max.Hot water opens skin pores wide so baking soda can get in easily and as deep as possible.Baking soda does several things,it eventually will help easy itching,cleans wounds by neutralizing acidic trash the insects create and creates a ph shock wave that really beats the mites up.Soak and scrub with mild soap for a half hour.They put up a good fight so you need to ware them down a little! Now drain tub and towel off.You should already have your vasoline,1heaped teaspoon melted and mixed with 2 cups liquid soy bean vegetable oil.Draw the same temperature bath with same amount of water and no baking soda this time,instead ,get in sit down and pour in the oil mixture and be very careful when you get out.Soak for an hour or so and constantly rub the floating oil all over your body from face to bottom of feet while sitting.Hot water opens skin pores,and thins the oil so it penetrates deep into skin where it does several things.hydrates the skin incredibly,you will look way younger.It smothers the mites by plumbing cells and closing off pores in your skin and theirs.And most importantly,it dissolves mite waste and toxins that are only dissolved and neutralized evidently by oil.”DO NOT WASH IT OFF WITH SOAP”!!! Get out carefully and just keep toweling it off until you are dry but a little oily to the touch.At that moment in time you will notice that you don’t have a itch in the world.Now go to bed and sleep peacefully for the first time since this mess began.In the morning was well and use your permetherin or what ever.I use dog flea and tick shampoo.

    4. Pl. apply paste of NEEM Tree leaves (made by crushing Neem Leaf and water) on affected part of body.Let it remain for sometime and then wash. Take SAFI-Indian neem extract medicine- daily two spoonful twice a day, one hour after Lunch and Dinner. Soak the Neem leaves in a bucketful of water overnight and bathing twice a day for child. OK.

    5. Bathe in cold salt water. I have sensitive skin and take some allergy meds for the itching. At the time my family and I had it and money was tight, that was the best remedy I could use…

  4. Cayenne Pepper bath will make the “sensitive skin” of the scrotum burn — just be prepared for that mentally. The cool water rinse will be a relief…..

  5. Twenty-five years ago I had my first encounter with scabies. It was a horrible and long tern battle that probably scarred my psych forever with respect to these things. Without a doubt, exposure to these insidious parasites is not an indication of a person’s hygiene, they can happen to anyone! But having them makes you itch uncontrollably at night when you are trying to sleep and forever makes you feel dirty and untouchable. I managed to get some Quell (Lindane based) lotion, which is what was prescribed at the time, and it never completely killed all of the scabies. These things develop a resistance to poisons over time. In doing much research, I found that Elimite (5% Permethrin) was the latest weapon in the fight to kill the mite and convinced a doctor to prescribe it. I used it very carefully, cleaned everything, and it worked. That was twenty-five years ago!

    I recently came home from a short road trip, where I obviously picked up the dreaded scabies, from an off brand hotel. I will forever til the end of the time, pay the extra for at least a known chain hotel or one rated in review, to avoid something like this ever happening again.

    Knowing immediately what I had contracted, I asked my doctor for two tubes of 5% Permethrin, for my wife and I, who was not with me on the my road trip and showed no symptoms, thanks! We both coated ourselves in the lotion, from chin to toe. Scabies are not supposed to get onto your face or in your hair. We washed and dried ALL of our dirty clothes and bedding on the highest heats, and sprayed chairs, steering wheels, couches, tub, mattress, and shoes with lysol, which is always a step when using these things. I felt better for a few days and then the beast where definitely back four days later. We went through the same steps a second time and they once again came back! This is hell.

    I bought a bar of 10% Sulphur Soap, and bathed with it, leaving it on my skin each day for three days and that did not work. I tried soaking in a half cup of bleach per full bath of hot water for three days and that did not work. I bought a quart of 10% Permethrin for plants, mixed it to a 7% solution with some lotion, used it, and that did not work. The 5% or 7% Permethrin should work, but scabies obviously develop a resistance to it. Double hell.

    Finally after much more research, I found a possible remedy not prescribed and another prescribed, that I suggested to my doctor. I bought a bag of Diatomaceous Earth, food grade. You can get it at hardware stores or health food stores. I powdered myself with this talcum powder like substance from chin to toe, rubbed it in good, and immediately got relief from the mites from hell. Once again we went through the whole cycle of lysol and washing all clothes and bedding. A day later we got a prescription for Ivermectin, an internal prescription medicine, second line doctor’s defense against scabies, and took it. Once again, I informed the doctor about this from research. Most doctors don’t know about this stuff.

    I now think I’ve defeated them. I continue to use the Diatomaceous Earth each morning after I bathe, still using the sulphur soap, three mornings now. The Ivermectin was a one shot deal. They seem to be dying, the itching continues but is getting better each day. You have to put the Diatomaceous Earth on when you are totally dry, and I have continued to apply it to hot spots during the day. It is a microscopic mineral particle, that in food grade form, you can eat, but it will dissolve in water and become ineffective against mites. It also works against bed bugs. It physically destroys the exoskeleton of insects, and they cannot develop a resistance to it. I do think the Diatomaceous Earth is very effective by itself, but you use everything you’ve got. Many other things that I tried may work for others, each bug is different, but this has been MY ordeal.

  6. Tried everything I had access to like the vinegar and plants around my area and not a sight of improvement. Even Tea tree oil . I don’t know what next . Contracted this infection from primary school and I am now getting my associates degree and low and behold they are still present . All the while I was wondering what I had until today I finally found out what it was and will now give this thing a better fight

  7. After ing these horrible, horrible creatures. My son and I have used everything the doctors prescribed and nothing worked. I did a little digging on my own and discovered (the first time) that by mixing 7-dust and Equate body moisturizing cream, making a paste works very well on calming itch and killings mites.
    That was about 3 months ago. Just last week I started running very high fevers and noticed the same itchy feeling I had had earlier. I immediately went to my 1st remedy, it calmed the itching, but not like before. I have Neem oil that I purchased from Asian store it helps but not sure if it is killing the things or not. I have sprayed more cans of RID and Lysol till I am sick of smelling them. Washed everything in the house like they tell you to do.
    I am considered low income,, so purchasing some of the things they tell you to buy is out of the question for me. I think I am going to try Helpful’s remedy. I do have those items in stock, so if anyone has any other home remedies let me know please. Will post if this plan works… Thanks, ITCHING in SC

  8. Whatever you do, don’t take the Cheyenne pepper bath. I used about 1/4 cup of Cheyenne pepper and probably stayed in the tub 20 minutes at the most. When I got out I was burning from the inside out. I sat in a tub of cold water twice, took a cold shower and it still did not stop the burning sensation. Although, I must say I’m no longer itching.

  9. I use kerosine oil on my finger and it easy the itching and venigar as well. Let the kerosine oil soak for about 20 mins and wash hands.

  10. After using Ivermectin and Permethrin for 5 months and spend a lot of money I finally figured out something much cheaper and efficient. Sulfur ointment 10%. You have to apply it in your whole body for 3 consecutive nights. You can buy it on Walgreens or Walmart without a doctor´s prescription. You will spend around 12 dollars for the whole treatment. Vinegar is also very effective. I also recommend Tea tree oil. Remember to put your sheets, blankets, pillows in the drying machine every day. And also put your clothes in the drying machine BEFORE to wash your clothes in the washing machine.

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