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Medic for Prickly Heat

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7. Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel

Owing to its anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling properties, aloe vera is an excellent home remedy for prickly heat.

  1. Extract fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf.
  2. Rub the gel over the affected skin.
  3. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, and then take a cold bath.
  4. Do this at least two times a day for about a week.

8. Gram Flour

gram flour


Gram flour helps absorb extra moisture off your body, which in turn helps treat prickly heat. Also, it removes dead skin cells, opens up clogged pores and provides relief from inflammation.

  1. Add a little water to two to three tablespoons of gram flour to make a paste.
  2. Apply it on the affected area.
  3. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water.
  4. Do this once daily for about a week.

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17 thoughts on “Medic for Prickly Heat”

  1. I previously posted this here on Channel 4’s embarrassing bodies but it seems to be gone since so re-posting it here as I think it has helped a lot of people over the years and it has worked every year since for my wife. The original post is below…

    I feel like we may have found the solution to my wife’s prickly heat and I want to share it with those looking for a solution, especially, when I didn’t see this posted anywhere during my searches.

    She literally tried every preventative measure we could find and we tried every suggestion people gave us because everyone seems to think they know the answer. Truth be told, I’m sure a lot of these things worked for other people but not my wife.

    So let’s do a quick run down on everything she tried:

    Before we start, you can assume we did all the no brainer stuff like trying to keep cool, not pilling on the creams too much, not using cheap sun creams, showering before and after being in the sun and regular dips in the water and the rest, so assume all that and we’ll get to the suggestions for people who really have to struggle with this, bar the suggestion of staying out of the sun, that’s a pretty annoying suggestion, please don’t make it!

    1) Hypo Allergenic Sun Creams: These were one of the first thing she tried this year and we brought Soltan and Piz Buin factor 15s and they did seem to help but like many of these things, there may have been a marginal improvement and it’s hard to attribute it to any of these things. Marginal though, still aint gona cut it for anyone who has had this.

    2) Antihistamine Tablets: She started taking these 2 weeks before we went on holidays. It didn’t work last year and it didn’t work this year. I don’t think it made any difference at all!

    3) Vitamin C: Ok so this one really seems like a bit of an old wives tale but she was willing to try anything so we gave it a go this year. Of course it did absolutely nothing, although at this stage, the marginal improvement we had this year before the final solution, as apposed to last year could be down to any of these.

    4) Non Perfumed Toiletries: So this is a common one you hear, and who knows, maybe that is what causes it for some people. For my wife, taking non perfumed, shower gel, soap, shampoo etc. made no difference.

    5) Exfoliating: she had a rough glove thing and used the non perfumed stuff I mentioned, literally nearly taking a layer of skin off with that thing did nothing either except make her raw and grumpyJ.

    6) E45 Cream: I long held the believe that this was simply a case of blocked pores, so keeping them open and not blocking them up should be the key. This stuff sounded then ideal because you put it on a while before the sun cream and it’s supposed to open your pores. He presto right! No blocked pores after you put on your sun cream! Yup you guessed it, no workie and I really had my money on that one.

    7) Bare Minerals Sun Block: So my wife uses “Bare Minerals” products for her skin and she has very soft delicate skin I guess you could say. So anyway she swears by their gear and loves their products. So she came across this makeup based powdered sun block and decided to give it a go, I suppose it was mainly to be used on the face but again, it seemed to totally make sense, if it was the creams blocking up the pores, surely this was the perfect solution. Nope, if anything she was worse after it.

    So as we entered the final few days of the holiday, she was pretty down about it because in my mind, she really, really had tried pretty much everything this year and so it wasn’t until I was reading something on a web page that made me think. It mentioned how people who suffer from prickly heat or heat rash can have 3 times more of a bacterial called Staphylococcus epidermidis on their skin than those that don’t. We all have this, just seems people who get the rash have more. As it happened, we had a bar of Dettol soap, antibacterial soap with us. One of the many weapons in her arsenal and it occurred to me, if these bacteria could be part of the problem, could using the soap in heavy quantities help? So she tried this, lathering herself head to foot in heaps of the Dettol soap, I mean really pilling it on now before we put the sun cream on and headed out into the sun and low and behold, that evening when we got back to the room, no flare up. The second day did the same thing and that evening, npo flare up and the prickly heat from the rest of the week was nearly gone. Unfortunately, that was the last day of sun on the holiday and we had to head home the next day but we were pretty convinced that we had found the solution.

    I should just mention that my wife focused primarily on prevention and we didn’t pay too much attention to treatment because at that stage, you are just peeing against the wind. So just in terms of treatment from earlier in the holiday, the Hydrocortisone Cream did nothing for her but she found the calamine lotion excellent for taking down the prickly heat rash in a matter of hours instead of days.

    So there you go, solution, at least for my wife for the prevention of Prickly Heat Rash is simply:

    Heavy Lathering of Antibacterial Soap in the shower before applying hypoallergenic sun cream and I think the antihistamine tablets and non perfumed toiletries might be no harm either.

    I hope this helps someone else!

    1. I too suffer from really bad prickly heat and have done for the past 25 years. I have read your email and you have now given me a glimmer of hope. I am currently on holiday abroad and have once again got prickly heat after the third day, ruining my holiday with having to stay indoors. I will try an antibacterial soap in the near future and will let you know.

    2. Thank you, for reposting that story, Dennis. My child, too has this problem and I’ve been searching for a method of relief for her. I’m going to try your suggestions. Hopefully, she will be able to play in the summer heat with her family and friends ;-(

    3. Hi, already mentioned
      staphylococcus is definitely the problem. Over production of this has been a problem all my life from styes in the eye to impetigo to all sorts of child hood infections. There was only one doctor ever who look over all my notes for most of my life and told me that this was my life long problem. So antibacterial deep scrubbing is a key to start off a couple of weeks early before your holiday. Get someone else to help. then always dose up on antihistamine they wont hurt and will all ways do good……there non drowsy and you can still enjoy your alcohol. Finally and this I can never remember with out researching and its a alternative/voodoo suggestion lol sorry………..B6 and lots of it . Not a B complex otherwise it could bring you out in a further rash. good luck to all . it is the worst thing in the world to spoil a holiday. reply also if you suffer pompholyx I’d to hear .

  2. I also suffered from prickly hear for years until I started using P20 sunscreen. Its great as doesn’t block pores. Pity I haven’t remembered to pack it for my holiday now this minute in Hurghada Egypt as yes I’ve got it. Will get some dettol soap if I can as this also works.

  3. Me too I suffer every year but love the sun I have a 3 year old that wants me in the pool but I have to stay in the shade !! I will definitely be trying this as I’ve tried EVERYTHING else xx thanks xx

  4. You may also try the neem leaf recipies…. They are easily available and far more antibacterial than dettol soap…

  5. thank you for the solutions.I am going to try these and hopefully have a better summer! thanks again!

  6. I lived in Darwin for many years and sweating is a way of life . I found to fix prickly heat use pure maize cornflower before going to bed and by morning its all sorted.

  7. I suffer from this every winter and scratch my skin red raw every night. It affects my sleep and i am constantly tired 🙁 antihistamine tablets only work for the first few hours i’m asleep, then the prickly itching starts.

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