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Medic for Pneumonia

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9. Turpentine Oil

turpentin oil

This oil helps relieve pain associated with pneumonia.

  1. Rub a small amount of turpentine oil over your rib cage. You can also mix camphor in it and then massage.
  2. Cover the area with a warm cotton or wool cloth.

10. Oil of Oregano

oregano oil

Oil of oregano combats pneumonia-causing germs due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also helps thin mucus and clear congestion.

  • Add two or three drops of oregano oil to a glass of water or fresh juice. Drink it three times daily.
  • Put one or two drops of this essential oil on a tissue or cotton ball and place it beside your pillow before going to sleep so you can inhale it throughout the night.

Apart from these remedies, make sure you take the entire course of the medications prescribed by your doctor even if you start to feel better or else your pneumonia may recur. Plus, get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids, especially water.

In addition, consult your doctor before taking any cough or cold medicine. Coughing can actually be helpful because it helps your body get rid of mucus.

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25 thoughts on “Medic for Pneumonia”

  1. My son (16mnths) has dry cough, its been over 3 weeks now, he’s been from the dr, went to the clinic, now I don’t know what to do. His chest is making a funny noise as he breaths. I’m going to try home remedies and see.

  2. Magnificent website. Lots of helpful information here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your effort!

  3. I’m lung Pnemounia patient now a days and i feel like dying with my chest pain,And hopefully this will work out,I’m having medicines but not working out i’m tired of it.

    1. I have same diseases of my father, will you tell me some home made treatment to do.Give me some home made tips that he feel relax from coughing

  4. I started with high fever last Sunday, went to emergency room they admitted me. My fever was up and down finally with all the tests they finally said I had a left lobe pneumonia in my lung. I am trying to do the right thing by changing my diet, and start juicing. SO I WILL BE LOOKING OR RECIPES.. God bless to all with the same condition.

  5. I am recently diagnosed with pneumonia and I am just hoping these remedies do work and help us eradicate pneumonia out of our bodies.
    Well I would like to express mt regards to people who took initiative towars this problem. Thank you and may god bless you.

  6. For quick chest congestion and mucus relief. Crush 1 once of Ginger add to 16 oz of boiling water. Allow to cool and enjoy. Been in the family for over 100 years

  7. Radishes are amazing for purification and cleansing excess mucus. I eat them raw to make sure I am receiving the total benefits.

  8. Am suffering from sever UTI have been in and out of hospital. Also my chest keeps on bringing problem.Have been treated by doctor but there is no change.Will try these hope they will work.Thanx a lot

  9. Was reading, and thought I would let you know with cold or mucus I have chicken noodle soup with as much garlic and cayenne as I can stand. Since I like these spices it’s quite a lot, the effects of clearing my head and lungs is dramatic. I have two to three times a day, and by third day all is clear.

  10. You say in 2 places to drink milk but dairy is extremely harmful to people with lung problems.
    Also is choline not chlorine in the vegetable.
    This is a lot of second hand info. that would have been better if the writer knew more about lungs I think.

  11. You guys are good I got treated my chest pain from you and I appreciated my voice is to tell you that may God bless you as you are continuing to treat one another

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