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Medic for Irregular Periods

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7. Coriander Seeds

coriander seeds

Due to its emmenagogue properties, coriander helps promote menstruation.

  • Boil one teaspoon of coriander seeds in two cups of water until the quantity of water reduces to one cup. Strain the seeds from the liquid. Drink this three times daily for a few days prior to your period. Do this for a few months.
  • You can also drink coriander juice daily for a few months.

8. Fennel



Fennel is a great herb for treating irregular menstrual periods. Being a potent emmenagogue, it promotes menstruation and also relieves cramping associated with premenstrual syndrome due to its antispasmodic properties. Moreover, it helps rebalance female sex hormones.

  1. Soak two tablespoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water overnight.
  2. In the morning, strain the solution and drink it.
  3. Do this daily for about a month or until your menses become regular.

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85 thoughts on “Medic for Irregular Periods”

  1. hi folks,this is sarah, 23yrs old. im happy that im not alone. well, i have got a gud news, is that a cure for the missed period??? bingo. okay here we go. its just the sesame decoction with jaggery two times a day for 15 days did wonders. will u pals believe if i say i get my periods only twice a year? bt its true. i had PCOD along with endometeriosis, tired of being on hormones fr 6 yrs, i gave up with it. later i tried with this sesame and jaggery remedy, i was jus damned, i got my periods within 15 days of this remedy, now my scanning report is “clear and clean”. this is as simple as dat. so wat r u waiting for? come on womens, be healthy cos, we all deserve to be. 🙂 go ahead

  2. Pls can somebody just help me out how to get all this tins and where to buy them because am only familier wit ginger alone. Am in Abuja Nigeria and am seriously inneed of this things, pls help me out. thanks.

    1. @Temmy, all those mention herbal remedies are in Nigeria at our nose, i stay in Lagos here Nigeria,i saw about four (4) out ten ingredients mention for treating menstrual irregularities,and am on one remedy now which i did everyday. I think what u should do is to get their names and picture , goes to any big market that sells fruit at Abuja ask for such fruit, especially Hausa seller. Then these are some their Yoruba names
      (1) Turmeric : Ata ile, (2) Bitter Gourd : Ejiri,
      Best of Luck

  3. I’m 18 years old now. My first menstruation was when I was 10. I had regular mens until 14 but 15-18 years old, it became irregular. I had no idea why it happened like I only had mens less that 6x a year. I went to the nearest clinic and had a check up. My OBGYNE told me that I should undergo that “internal check up” thingy so she’ll know what’s wrong with my repro. organs and could help me with that but I’m really scared so she just gave me a medicine that I should take once a day for 3 days and wait for 5 days after taking it for my mens to come out. Yes it’s helpful but it’s still not normal ’cause I only had mens if I take that medicine. The thing is I really want my mens back to normal like how it should be.

  4. Im 26 years old.My menstration is irregular.I have so many things to tried one of those are going to the different obygyne and one reason i know is im policystic thats why my ovulation not working,im 6 years married ill try to have a baby for more than 5years..i know god gave us to have our dream so try and try.im researching so many way to find this remedies thanks for this advice,hopefully effective!!

  5. Am 35 for year hav been having irregular menses nd am nt comfortable about it I scrolled nd got dis remedies I pray it works for me

  6. Hi! I’m turning 27 yrs old next yr. I’m really so scared right now because it’s been almost 7months ago since I have my last period. I don’t know why. This is the first time that I’m having this kind of irregularities in my period. My problem is, I’m so scared to go to the doctor. I’m 3yrs married. I never tried any contraceptives. At first, when I noticed that I was delayed, I bought a pregnancy test to know if I’m pregnant. But the result is negative. I was so disappointed. That’s why I’d take and tried any kind of herbal medicines. Now I’m praying that your tips will work.
    As I was reading some of your home remedies, I was relieved. Hoping that it can help a lot for me. Anyways, thanks for sharing this kind of info!!! It gives us hope, somehow! Godbless!

  7. Comment:Thanks for these home remedies …..
    it really works for me … i have used mint and honey remedy three times a day .. for the use of it .. my peroids r back after 4 months … i really thnkful to u ….

  8. I am 43 years of age having periods but regularly but flow is irregular, sometimes few drops are there sometimes its normal sanitary pad is required. Please suggest me the remedies. Also need to mentioned that there is no pain during my period.

  9. Comment:sure it worked on me though not fully in fleet but hoping the best.
    thanks for the remedy.
    hot water bath, sesame seeds and pineapple worked so quick 😍😍😍

  10. my periods are regular bt sometimes after 6-7 months it may late some days.. wt should i do for that? i am also suffering from white discharge problem sometimes..

  11. Hellow my periods are irregular they always start every friday and end on sunday the again the following friday are going to start. i even saw a doc then he said my hormones are changing and gave me the tablets to stop when i take them they will stop but again the following friday start. please help.

  12. Am 30 and it’s been about 6 months now that my period fluctuates from 28 days since last year and this year 2018 it has ranges from 27,22,24,and now 19 days.and I need a child now but can not know when I could get pregnant because of my irregular menstration.

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