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Medic for High Cholesterol

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7. Oatmeal


Enjoying a bowl of oatmeal is an easy yet effective way to reduce your cholesterol levels. It is full of soluble fiber and reduces the absorption of cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

One and one-half cups of cooked oatmeal or one cup of oat bran contain approximately three grams of soluble fiber, beta-glucan. You can also add fruits and nuts such as apples, bananas, strawberries, and walnuts to your oatmeal for added health benefits.


8. Fish Oil

fish oil

Fish oils and fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna, trout, herring, salmon, bluefish, sardines, and the like are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. They help lower triglycerides (fats in the blood) and prevent heart disease.

Consume about one to four grams of fish oil per day. If you have adopted a vegan or vegetarian diet, then include ground flaxseeds, which are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in your diet.

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  1. This site is very helpful to protect disease without taking medicine.please post such kinds of disease -allergy, skin,sexual problem etc

  2. I was not aware of flax seeds benefits . I was surprise to see that it is available in India but people are not aware of health benefits of it . Flax seeds(Alasi in hindi) are also good source of Omega 3 acid and helps to reduce cholesterol . I tried flax seeds , aloe vera juice and 20-30 minutes of brisk walking to reduce cholesterol and it worked brilliantly for me . Taste of aloe vera juice not great to mentioned but roasted flaxseed were too much tasty and tempting .

    1. yes i personally have tried flax seeds and they dropped my cholesterol count from 230 to 190 but along with this i did yogA for 2.5 hrs as well as brisk walks daily for at least 45 minutes

    2. Flax is very good for us but rarely people know of it. This is very affordable and also can take its oil for more effect. Old people used to consume it as Laddu etc. Aloe Vera is known well now and care be taken that this is from Barbadensis only. If required, world’s best aloe Vera products can be obtained from me.

  3. This site is very helpful how to live fit and healthy please give me home remedies for pimple(acne)

  4. Be sure to buy your oatmeal organic and gluten and non GMO free , as well as all other products and chia seeds are better than flax seeds although,you may use both, alternately.

    1. this site home remides its good for health pepple will know how to fit for health
      i always see home remides for health about cloestrol to cure thanks for avice

    1. YES. What eats you is more crucial than what you eat. I had a very high cholesterol and was under medication. I visited my kids – i had to, in fact- , had lots of fun and ate lots of ice creams. Coming back home, i was scared to check my cholesterol level but when i did, I just couldnt believe. It was the lowest in years ! Live life stressfree . Thats the best way to prevent any disease.

    2. Yes,try taking less stress because it can take your cholesterol level upto400 points .
      Which is a deadline can cause heart attack

  5. This is very useful site and information seem to be authentic. Aloe Vera and flax are boon for us.if one needs more information and products, then me.

  6. A very informative site!… Highly recommend it… I suggest FISH OIL as the most commonly used remedy. Only beware of those fish oils that are made mostly of water. Look for the labels with high EPA and DHA content… Also should be PCB-FREE and MERCURY-FREE. Just like the one I am using… 🙂

  7. please write any remedys usesfull indian name[like-jira,lahsun ,adrak etc]this is very usefull for reduce chlostrol.

  8. I have been told that swallowing 2 garlic cloves early morning will help, but not mentioned here in this page. Please advice

    1. Very good knowledge and easy to use. Please tell me what is chia seeds and flax seeds.can you tell me the malayalam names for this so that I can get it from kerala bazar.thanx

  9. Yes, Natural & Healthy this site is very helpful to all. I always refresh to read it. Home remidies are also helpful for everybody.

  10. I would consider this site as . (dadi) grand mother, s site. …..informatic ,approachable, affordable, especially effective. ..Thanks

  11. This site is realy very helpfull for poor people as modern medical treatments are very costly.to make it more effective for common people we should write hindi names(like adrak, lassan,limbo etc )

  12. Indian foods contain these ingredients compulsory in the diet. Having such wonderful herbs in routine diet helps in resolving cholesterol issue.

  13. Very useful tips for mankind. We can save lot of money and time instead wasting in nowadays hospitals. Thanks a lot. Good show and keep it up.

  14. friends

    only best for reduce colestrol is diet follow and dedication of your schedul.

    i have colestrol problem but i follow this diet i am getting result in week.

    do regular yoga , eat garlic,tulsi.
    then honey and lemon with warm water

    in break fast

    oats .and apple


    roti,sabji.without oil

    at 4 o clock

    juice of lauki.or fruit


    oats paratha without oil

    and it works

  15. Thanks for ths information. …I was really worried about my mother as she was suffering from bad foot pain cause of high colostrol only….will apply these all as much as we can…..thank u so much….a thumbsup for u brothers….

  16. I am new to Georgia area my doctor office are constantly calling me in for blood work to check my cholesterol it’s becoming very annoying for the doctor office to keep making appointments to come in for more blood work I have never been a fan to a doctor office sitting for a long time so I am taking action thanks to your website my daughter has been telling me about these remedies for the last 2 years. I plan to follow through using some of these remedies I will let this website know about my cholesterol progress report My goal is take advice from this website and put it to good use sick and tired of the doctor office being in charge I am taking over. what a constellation to know valuable information like this. exist I am so excited to get started thanks everyone for the wonderful reply’s have a great day

  17. I am sufering from Herpes Zoster (Shingles) past one week .My doctor asked me to get Thyroid n sugar test done. I went for blood test package plan. Thyroid n Sugar level(fasting) were normal but to my shock my Cholesterol level has touched very high at 385. My doctor asked me to visit a physician who can prescribe medicine to lower it but I know that these pills will damage or affect other parts of body… Since two days I am taking two spoon of flaxseed powder with warm water early morning , having Patanjali’s multigrain dalia in lunch n dinner, one apple, Two walnuts n 4 almond,(soaked overnight) 8 raisins & the cup of water these are soaked in overnight . I’ll start with cinnamon powder also today only n lemon I sm adding to my dalia. Please tell me is it okay to lower my cholesterol or I should see a doctor..!! Or any other thing to be added in my diet…!! Please suggest.

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