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Medic for Nasal Congestion

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9. Spicy Tomato Tea

This is an excellent remedy for getting relief from nasal congestion, as it can help improve the flow of mucus through the nasal passages.

spicy tomato tea for stuffy nose

As it contains healthy components such as tomato juice, garlic and lemon, spicy tomato tea is also good for giving a boost to your immunity.

  1. Boil 1 cup of tomato juice along with 2 garlic cloves (chopped), 2 to 3 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of hot sauce (if you do not have any hot sauce, use ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper) and a pinch of sea salt.
  2. Drink this tea slowly while it is hot, twice daily for a few days.

Also, eat very spicy foods and include ginger, garlic, onion and red chili more often while preparing your food to make it spicier. You can also have chicken soup.

10. Turmeric

Turmeric works as a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, thus making it another effective home remedy for nasal congestion.

turmeric milk for nasal congestion


The curcumin in it helps reduce the swelling and inflammation in the nasal passages, thereby providing quick relief from the symptoms. It also gives your immune system a powerful and welcome boost.

  • Heat 1 glass of milk, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric to it and let it boil and then simmer for 5 minutes. Pour it in a cup, add a little raw honey and drink this turmeric milk twice daily to speed up the healing process.
  • Alternatively, mix together 2 tablespoons of turmeric juice, 1 tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Have this mixture 1 or 2 times daily.

Additional Tips

  • Drink more water to help thin the mucus and also keep the body hydrated.
  • Have homemade chicken soup.
  • Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids to fight inflammation.
  • Increase your intake of vitamin C to boost your immunity.
  • Both acupressure and self-massage can help reduce the discomforts.
  • A warm compress applied on the nostrils can help unclog a stuffy nose by opening the nasal passages from the outside.
  • Get plenty of rest for a few days to help your body recover quickly.
  • Maintain adequate humidity inside your house.
  • Stay away from possible allergens that may be aggravating your condition.
  • Avoid certain foods to reduce mucus, such as dairy products, grains, sugar and potatoes and other starchy root vegetables.
  • Include exercise in your daily routine to clear out congestion quickly.


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47 thoughts on “Medic for Nasal Congestion”

  1. I been dealingwith sinusitis for about 3 months, i been to the doctor several times and nothing seems to work. any suggestions???

    1. Use a Neti Pot. Its a simple pot with a spout like a tea pot.
      I couldn’t find it in India tough it is a Yoga concept. It is freely available in USA at any pharmacy or it can be purchased online.
      It is filled with luke warm water and a half teaspoon of table salt and quarter tea spoon of cooking soda.
      It is poured through one nostril and the water exits the other nostril Reverse the procedure till both nostrils are cleared.
      It irrigates the nasal cavities and desentisizes the nasal passage hence reducing allergic symptons. It also helps in clearing dry mucus and snot.
      Use it daily and you will notice remarkable improvement.

        1. It’s only dangerous if you’re using tap water. Distilled water or boiled non-iodized salt water is perfectly safe for internal use. They’re highly effective and safe if appropriate maintenance is performed to upkeep the neti pot.

          Kolonji oil, tea tree oil, and basil are all good to use in a neti pot (with distilled or boiled water and non-iodized salt).

          Incorporating turmeric, basil, ginger, and lemon into your diet will do wonders for your congestion and sinus infections.

          If none of these are working, you may want to seek out your family doctor or go to the free clinic.

        2. I have being using it successfully for 3yrs with amazing results, the secrets of using Neti pot is while using you must breath through your mouth while pouring into your nose & the best result is obtained by using slightly warm saline solution,I am so comfortable using Neti pot that I carry on conversation.

    2. When my sinus attack I use to do the old practices of my lola..I used to boil paombong vinegar or apple cider & inhale the vapor until I begin to sneeze..dry mucus will soften because of the warm vapor & then flow out..it also lessen the headache..I will continue doing this until my sinus or nasal congestion gone..try it..its effective

    3. sounds like possible polyps. These are a growth in the nose., Imagine a small bunch of grapes in the nasal passage which gets larger every week. Get your doctor to consider drops., i.e. Flixonase (fluticasone propionate). usually one drop applied to the nose once a day. Good luck

  2. The best thing I have found for sinus congestion is to use a netti pot at least 2 to 3 times a day; can be found in almost any drugstore…follow directions.
    Definately helps!

      1. neither a tablet nor a spray
        it is a pot in which u put water in to inhale the water from one nostril and it comes out from the other
        when the water comes out, the mucus gets cleared out

        1. You do not inhale the water. You breathe through your mouth as you squeeze the solution through your nasal cavity until it come out the other side. No inhaling!

  3. The best and quickest remedy is salt and water.;). Take some and drop some in the nose like nasal drops. And it clears in less than a minute…

    1. Leba, what a big relief,!. I was disturbed with nasal congestion .l tried the salt solution (boiled water and salt).lt works like fire .Thanks a billion

  4. I used Alerid-Cold and applied Vicks vaporub at night. It help me every time. But now Alerid-Cold is banned. Any alternative to Alerid-Cold

  5. I just tried 2 tbs of honey, lemon juice and a tsp of ground cinnamon, added a little water to it and drank it. My nose has cleared up

    1. How much lemon juice did you try? Can I add few drops of lemon or a full spoon of lemon.
      Also can we use the bottle lemon juice or shall I get lemon juice from real lemon. Please help as this is making me go nuts!

  6. I always grab for the distill water and salt if i even think my sinus is about flare up..it works everytime for me and i back it up with lemon/honey cough drop

  7. I can recommend Nasal Spray with Turmeric (curcuma longa). I’ve bought a bottle (20ml) during my vocation in Vietnam. This product is manufactured by Thai Duong and also available in a couple of online stores.

  8. Iam suffering from sinus for the last 3 years. Can you please give me a quick relief.
    Thanks for all the comments you all have posted I will try some. Thank you.

  9. Add 4 drops cinnamon oil
    4 drops clove oil
    4 drops thyme oil in a pan of boiled water now inhale through nose, one nostril at a time. Take steam for abt 2 minutes because it is very strong. Do this for a few days until nasal passages are clear. Not suitable for heart patients or high blood pressure.

  10. I am using nasal drops since last many years. If I don’t use nasal drops I can’t sleep. I want to leave this habit. What can be done.

  11. For sinus one of the best solution for immediate relief & good night sleep is using Neti pot at night before bed.for long term investigate what is causing allergy in you

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