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Medic for Palpitations

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7. Cinnamon


Another effective home remedy for heart palpitations is cinnamon. It contains numerous chemicals and nutrients, including manganese and potassium that are good for the heart. It helps improve blood flow to the heart, prevent excess buildup of low-density lipoproteins (LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol) and reduce high blood pressure.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water and drink it.
  • Alternatively, mix together 1 teaspoon each of cinnamon powder and honey and have it.

Follow either of these remedies once daily for a few days.


8. Valerian


For heart palpitations due to panic attacks or anxiety, valerian is a good remedy, according to herbalists. The relaxing effect of valerian helps calm you and restore your normal heartbeat. In addition, it promotes sleep.

  • Add 10 drops of valerian tincture to a glass of water and drink it for quick relief.
  • You can also take valerian supplements for a few weeks as a preventive measure. Consult a doctor for the proper dosage and do not take this supplement for longer than a few weeks.

Note: This herb is not recommended for pregnant women.

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16 thoughts on “Medic for Palpitations”

  1. I had palpitations as a premenopausal symptom and I treated myself with hawthorn tincture (20 drops in a wine glass / 3 times daily). It does take some time to work as all natural remedies but it is godsend.

  2. Hello
    Thank you for very informative information about our health. I am greatful and bless that i am like to click page.
    More info to make and God Bless….❤

  3. Dizziness n 3 falls since 3/14,last one Thanksgiving got out of car with cane felt myself falling backwards on hard parking lot cement. Called my nieces name and fell did not thank GOD hit my head. Bruised tush scraped elbow. two neighbors parking their cars came over. Luickly one from fitness gym put my 2 arms. Around her neck n got up n im my apt. Other falls b4 March fell backw a rds on cement Home Depot parking lot.fell right in front of my drs office.fell over rug in my apt bloody nose as had glasses on. Fell in my kotchen when reached for bowl for cereal for bkfst.i am so tired of this have meds fr primary care. just took blood test maybe that will tell what the heck is going on. Went from fully capable walking person to disablef with walker as afraid of falling. Stopped one of my meds as nightmares about falling n finally cracking open head with blood all over cement.lost in new york subway 9 11 n could not know which subway train to take to port. Authority. Getting ready to give up meds n try home remedies
    Now 2 times a week physical therapy n get dizzy there on certain excerises. Whatever as people worse off then me n i am not a quitter. no problem. faith.family.love n help one another. Happy holidays to all

  4. Thanks for your infos guys. Im a 22 y/o male. I keep having attacks like my body is cramping up… My blood pressure os 120 over 60… First thing i do i get a paper bag and breath deep… It should keep away what your feeling to find the nearest hospital to get your self checked…

  5. Comment: this is for loveline.. Google pranayama. it’s an ancient technique of breathing exercise that’s a part of yoga. get a DVD or something. do search also for Baba Ramdev..and Patanjali

  6. I’m having chemo for secondy cancer,it is what is,I been doing this treatment for 3 months,in the beginning I was getting through it,however the last lot of chemo left me with Heart palpatations,i am convinced this chemo has caused this,although its not recognisable as a symptom.this forum has helped me greatly,i have tried the different techniques that is recommended and had some relief.I do hope this helps some one. Phil.

  7. Quite often i get the irregular heart beat at night. I took one banana at 4am and mashallah the beat was normal in minutrs. My experience shows mosquito repellant coil smoke, bad stomach ( diareah ) were major causes other than dehydration ofcourse.

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