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Medic for Minor Burns

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Minor burns are those that damage only the top layers of the skin, making the area red and painful. They are often referred to as first-degree burns or superficial burns. They can be caused by with hot fluids or objects, steam, or sun exposure.

Minor burns can develop painful blisters if not treated timely. Many natural remedies can promote healing and minimize pain. Minor burns tend to heal within a few days or up to three weeks.

home remedies for minor burns

Here are the top 10 home remedies for minor burns.

1. Cold Water

Stop a burn from spreading by running cold water over the burn area for several minutes within seconds of being burned.

You can also place a cold compress over the affected area. Repeat the remedy every few hours to relieve the discomfort. Do not use ice as it can restrict blood flow, which can eventually cause damage to the delicate tissues.

2. Raw Potato

Raw potato can treat minor skin burns due to its anti-irritating and soothing properties. It will alleviate the pain and reduce the chance of having blisters.

  • Simply cut a slice of raw potato and rub it on the burn, making sure the juice from the potato is releasing over the area.
  • Another option is to grate a raw potato and apply it on the affected area for about 15 minutes.

For best results, use either of these remedies soon after the burn occurs.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has astringent and tissue-healing properties that can help in healing burns.

  • Cut a small piece of the aloe vera leaf and apply the fresh gel directly on the burn.
  • You could also mix one teaspoon each of aloe vera gel and turmeric and then apply.

If you do not have an aloe vera plant, you can apply a cream that has aloe vera as an ingredient.

4. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Coconut oil and lemon juice both can help treat a minor burn when it has cooled and dried. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid and caprylic acid that offer anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial benefits. Lemon juice has acidic properties that naturally lighten the scars.

minor burns home remedy

Take coconut oil and add a little lemon juice to it. Mix it properly and apply it on the affected area to facilitate healing.

5. Honey

Honey can effectively disinfect wounds and help heal burns, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces the chances of developing hypertrophic scars.

  1. Spread honey on a gauze bandage and put it directly on the burn.
  2. Change the bandage three to four times a day.

6. Black Tea Bags

The tannic acid in black tea can help draw heat out of a burn and thus reduce pain.

  • Steep three tea bags in a pitcher filled with warm water for a few minutes. Allow the solution to cool and then soak a clean cloth in it and place it on the affected area. Re-apply as needed.
  • You can also put cold, wet tea bags directly on the burn.

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71 thoughts on “Medic for Minor Burns”

  1. the potato trick is really effective…. it is my personel experience.. it really soothes the burning sensation and eases it.. though mine was a minor burns due to a spalsh from hot cooking oil on my neck and thankfully there are just few spots.. so it is affecting me well.. 😀

    1. Lol, bro mine is external because I burned the living hell outta my hand with hot boiling water. The Water trick did the trick for me! (:

    2. OMG…I couldn’t believe how quickly the potato solution worked….what I did was slice a potato and didn’t even grate it (next time I will) but I wrapped that slice over the burn…and it immediately was soothing to the burn….the next day…all pain and redness gone…tiny blisters and were gone once I unwrapped it all….now left with the scar…but that will fade in time…I started putting Tiger Balm on it after the 2nd day… THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION IT WORKED!

    1. No, its not diet its stress. Over eatser i have beenlaying in bed eating (moderatly healthy), and not doing much exercise, or showering every day, in fact i havent showerd that often. Guess what? My spots are going, when its school i shower every day! So it is stress, caused by school.


    I can tell you as a fact

    ACCIDENTAL I had cupped my hand tightly grasping
    a welders red hot torch tip..
    [? long story]
    …and my entire palm and fingers
    were severely burned … miraculously I was able
    to soak my hand [WITHIN MINUTES AFTER HAVING

    I soaked for approx. ten minutes in
    At that time the powder version mixed
    with warm water not cold, not hold.
    .. warm as you can stand it..

    and I was able to go on using my hand as if nothing had happened [within just 20 min..]WOW*

    Personally I can NOT say enough about it…
    Everyone that witnessed this event
    was just as AWE STRUCK as I the beholder
    of nothing short of a miracle.
    Glory to Jesus* Christ
    ..for miracles come in many packages
    and when we least expect..

    1. I know you’re not supposed to but I took a set of pliers and squeezed my blister and it popped and hurt for about five minutes and then it started to stop.

  3. For a first and second degree burn on the hand I treated my husband with the honey as recommended, but also with aloe veral. Thank you for the honey remedy.

    I blended 2 and a half large aloe leaves with the skin and light green medicine still running along with 2 garlic cloves. The resulting mixture was a blend of silky green slime. My husband immersed his hands in it for what seem like hours. After taking it out we washed off the honey and aloe mixture with moringa tea or black tea or vinegar as suggested and only a few blisters remained. The hand was sensitive to touch, however, it was significantly healed. All in the same day. Give thanks to natures natural remedies and to your website too for helping.

  4. Thank you so much for the recommendation on raw potato for a burn. However, I put the potato in the blender, then packed it on top of the burn so that I would get the benefit of the juices. It almost immediately stopped the pain and sooth the area with no signs of blisters. Thanks a million!!!!

    1. For finger tip burns I cut the end of the potato then used a melon scoop to make a thumbsize hole and voila ….its not burning as much. Great new find, thanks.

  5. Cooling the burn should be the priority, to stop deep tissue damage. Anything that is cold will help although I find a gel pack from the fridge is best. Oil shouldn’t be applied to hot skin, as it will do what it does in a frying pan – sizzle, get hot and cause more burns. Wait for the skin to cool down. This takes 10 minutes at least. Having done all that tonight, after a vicious hot mushroom jumped out of my shepherds pie on to my thumb, my thumb was still really singing. Bonjela came to the rescue. It contains a local anaesthetic and by the time the anaesthetic has worn off the stinging has gone anyway.

  6. Egg whites worked very well for me… I ran my burn under cold water, then iced it for an hour or so and egg whites soothed the pain after that. I’m amazed! Thank you!!!!

  7. My 2 year old got burnt on the hand by an iron and i ran tap water on hm and tryd yor vinegar remedy it works wonders and he is sleeping peacefully ryt nw.it happend 4 hours ago.thank you so much

  8. Yes yes I burnt my pinky finger on a hot plate.I wrapped my finger with a piece of fresh onion and instantly the pain,was gone.Thanks google don’t know what I’d do without it.

  9. The potato works the best, here is how you do, you blend a potato you cover the burn, and cover it with saran wrap, and then cover it with roll dressing for 2 hours and then you re do it for 2 hours, if the potato gets hot put some ice cubes under the dressing

  10. Application of Egg Oil is an excellent home based remedy for burns. It prevents scarring and aids rapid re-epetilisation.

  11. Burt’s bees chap stick will stop burn pain instantly but I think I would only use it on 1st degree burns. Many years ago I put my burned finger to my lips with this stuff on and I’ve used it many times sence than. Its pure awesome!

  12. I have just burned my face, neck and chest with boiling hot cooking oil. I ran cold water over it for atleast 10 minutes and have now applied honey. Its burning like hell now. Is this right, is the burn going to get better with the honey or must i remove it.

  13. my husband just burned his hand with direct fire 1100 degrees. We used the tea bags remedy and he says there is no pain whatsoever!!! This happened just about 20 minutes ago. Heartfelt thanks goes out to 10homeremedies.com

  14. Flour works wonders…..
    If you burn a hand/finger,get a jug of flour and keep your burned bit in there…..it takes the heat out and discharges it.
    Obv dont use it for baking etc after…. :-/

  15. I had some Aloe sunburn gel in my bathroom. After hours of submersing my fingers in cold water and ice, the burn continued. I tried the Aluminum foil and Tide but they didn’t work for me. The Aloe sunburn gel cooled the burn and I was able to get some sleep…No blisters this morning!

  16. I have just applied the potato effect, lets see what is the result then will share. However, have also used burnol. Lets see.

  17. Grated potato four hours after grabbing a very hot cookie sheet- blistered, red, felt on fire. Potato brought instant relief- instant!!!!! Goodnight now…

  18. Thank you so much Terri3220 for the tide comment. My little sister just burned her hand with a hot cup of noodles but as you stated Tide Laundry detergent was amazing.

  19. Wow! Just burned my fingers really really bad about 30 minutes ago. I did my old tea bag in a glass of cold water trick. …Wasn’t helping. Hurt really bad when I would take my hand out of the tea. Tried the Burt’s Bee Lip Balm trick, helped a little. Put some Tide into the tea/water; MUCH BETTER! I’m typing this!

  20. I tried the lavender oil. So soothing it takes away all throbbing pain. I burned my arm with hot oil from a deep fryer . The skin was ripped off after a couple of days and it burned soo bad. I am a chef and have lived through many burns this was the most relief . Fantastic thanks!

  21. Burned my hand with jumping cables they began to smoke & handles started to turn red, I had no choice but to grab red hot handles to remove from battery & the rubber actually melted into my hand. Pain was excruciating, I put hand under cold running water but it continued to burn I put crest tooth paste generously & fanned my hand, within 10 minutes the fluoride cooled & made it feel so much better. I wraped it with gauze 20 minutes later no pain at all, no blister, slept like a baby

  22. Thank you for this site. I used the potato as soon as I burned myself on the chest with hot jello splash. It what a big red plash above my breast and now I only see a little red. I also prayed on it so they both worked great together! 🙂
    Now I’m going to put the coconut oil and lemon juice to take care of what ever is left.

  23. I accidentally poured some boiling water on my hand and foot and I was skeptic about the vinegar, but desperate times… Thank gosh for Google! Vinegar worked like a charm.

  24. My sister recieved 2 burns on her leg, size of pencil eraser in diameter, think she did everything wrong. She put neosporin on them covered with a bandaid for 2 days. Then someone suggested peroxcide, the blisters had broke, the day before. The peroxcide made it bubble & fizz & turned the blistered skin white with a little red around it, but not infected. Now into 5th day. Can anyone suggest the best healing remedy at this point in time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. I forgot to mention these were grease burns my sister recieved when she was BQing 5 days ago, was not sure if it made a difference what caused the burns. Thanks again

  25. burnt my hand with boiling oil 5 hrs ago, cold water not doing much, tried the toothpaste and I cannot believe the pain has gone instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou who ever thought of this

  26. I burned the tip of my finger with hot sugar and the pain was excruciating. I immediately ran it under cool water and the sugar came off but my finger was badly burned. I tried the onion juice and lavender oil and it gave me no relief. I’ve used lavender oil for minor sunburns and it helped but this was a much worse burn. I also made a mix of Apple cider vinegar and honey and it gave me temporary relief but the ACV was refrigerated and as soon as it became room temperature my finger began to burn again. I also had some aloe Vera juice in the refrigerator and that was the only way I was able to finally go to sleep and get relief. I’m still not really sure if the aloe helped or if it was just because it was cool from being in the refrigerator.

  27. burnt my finger really bad last night while i pulling my poptarts out of the toaster and i had a really bad burn….tried toothpaste and mustard but neither of them seemed to work so i just took a sock and put like 25 pieces of ice in it then went to sleep.

  28. Thank you for information.
    I used raw potato formy burn this evening and perfect redness are gone and just a lil. Bit pain.

  29. i burnt my hand on a hot glue gun and i immediately ran cold water over it and the relieve was amazing but temporary so i Googled how to treat a 1st degree burn and i tried the toothpaste, honey and vinegar and none of them worked so im just soaking my finger in cold water and that is the most relieve I’ve gotten.

  30. Apple cider vinegar worked amazing. It turned my crying 3 yr old to a happy toddler. He grabbed a bowl of soup off the counter and got his arms pretty good. No blisters just red.

  31. I received my burn from accidentally touching the bottom of a hot pan. I did as suggested and applied cool tea bags. This helped as long as it was cooled. I found myself re-cooling it numerous times. I read more and saw the coconut oil and lemon juice suggestions. I made a mixture in a shot glass about half way of half of each. I soaked the tea bag in a cup of cool water and then applied the mixture to the tea bag and re-applied it. What a difference it made. I have a heat blister and this helped much more than the tea bag on its own. Now I am soaking it when it heats up and applying more of the mixture with a spoon to the bag as needed. I hope this helps someone.

  32. Oh my goodness toothpaste worked like a charm. I’d managed to completely defrost rolled pork belly cooling my hand down when I decided to Google and wala! Thanks for this.

  33. I thank God for this page for home remedies. I burnt my pinky finger including the one next to it….luckily it was my left hand. That burning sensation is a kick tout my butt. I wasn’the able to sleep after I gotten my figures burned while cooking dinner for my family. I tried the Black tea that following morning soaking 3 black tea bags and waited for it to cool down with the 3 tea bags still in it. It was pitch black by the time it cooled down…I took 2 tea bad that was soaked and placed one on each finger along with a wash cloth soaked in tea and wrapped it over the 2 the two teams bags and my two fingures. Awwwweeee….instant relieve. I was able to sleep. So while taking a knap, I left the tea bags and wash cloth over my fingers. I put a glove over it so I and tied it so I won’the get my bedding wet. I placed a dried bath towel where I placed my hands just in case the tea liquid leaked out of the gloves….thanKhairah you, thank you, thank you so so so much….this page is a blessing…2 thumbs up….

  34. Actually warm water is more beneficial than cold water. Recent studies show that warm water is more effective at stopping burn progression and increasing tissue survival.

  35. guys I just burnt my head was trying to steam after putting onion juice onto my scalp for hair growth but after Iran here I made more onion juice following your advise but will my hair grow in that area

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