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Medic for Kidney Stones

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9. Celery


A glass of raw celery juice can help relieve pain from kidney stones due to its anti-spasmodic properties. Celery juice helps clear out toxins that contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Raw celery juice is also a diuretic, which means it increases the volume of urine and helps flush out the stones.

  • Drink a glass of celery juice daily in order to prevent more stones from forming.
  • You can also use celery seed to treat kidney stones. Drinking herbal tea made with celery seeds can help treat kidney stones resulting from uric acid accumulation.

10. Kidney Beans

kidney beans


Being high in fiber, kidney beans can be effective in the treatment of any kind of kidney or bladder problem, including kidney stones.

  • Remove the beans from inside the pods, then put the beans in hot water. Simmer the water on low flame for hours until the beans become soft and tender. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Strain the liquid again. Drink it several times throughout the day to relieve kidney stone pain. This liquid should not be kept for more than 24 hours, as it will lose its therapeutic properties.
  • You can also eat kidney beans in soup or salad.

To conclude, you can try any of these natural remedies for treating kidney stones. If there is no improvement in your condition, consult a doctor.


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52 thoughts on “Medic for Kidney Stones”

  1. Medic for Kidney disease. I need advice big time. I saw my doctor today and he told me that I have Kidney disease. So now I have to see a Endocrinologist and Nephrologist Drs. Is there anything that I can take to help?

  2. Very informative and easy solutions to the kidney problems ESP stones…all the general public needs to be informed of such benefits of natural products..

    1. I had a 6mm size on my right uretor and my doctor gave me Epimag solution and Omnic ocas(alpha blocker) for 1 week. I tried home remedies also. lemon juice (two big lemons) with 2 table spoon Olive oil for first week and from second week onwards I tried Apple Cider Vinegar(organic) 2 table spoon with enough water two times a day. I never felt that the stone had passed. But after one month I had an ultrasound scan and, my luck, the stone passed.I dont know which medicine worked for me.
      Thanks for Home remedies! and my doctor!

      1. Take 500 g of deseeded french beans and 2 litres of water. Keep the flame low and let the combo get heated up for two hours. Then cool it , blend it and drink the mixture. After this, drink three litres of water within three hours. It will work wonders. My husband who had been advised ureteroscopy, passed an 8 mm stone with no pain at all because of this.

  3. Sir, what types of Basil you reccommended for this pupose because there are different types of Basil ? In my native place small leave and light blakish basil is availabled.

    Thank you.

    1. I have holy basil in my home because Indian worship basil which we call TULSI so I want to find out whichis good holi basil or the other type which is available in fruit market

  4. Doctor, Thanks for this nice article on treatment for kidney stones. I will practice those steps to eliminate kidney stones which developed because I was taking insufficient water while consuming large amounts of oxidants and vitamin D.

  5. I have had kidney stone in my right side for about 4 years and so far no problems as I drink alot of water like 2 litres a day. I love drinking water than any other drink anyway. I am prone to infections in the bladder due to the kidney stone but antibiotics takes care of that. I have tried some of the above remedies but drinking lots of water is the best remedy for me.

  6. i have stone in my kidney and it pains alot oftenly.My parents and my lovely frnd name switty always force me to drink plenty of water daily with lemonade .it really works..i am also going to try above remedies .

  7. my dr. said i have several stones in my lower part of my kidney, not big enough to do anything about it. but she told me to drink plenty of water. i have passed 3 in the past 2mm 4mm & a 8mm yes 8mm stone and i kept that one as a testimony to what God did. i thank God for this web site and the remedies. i will try anything to get these pest out of me and to feel normal again.pray for me!

    1. I have 2 stones 3mm in both kidneys. I drink a lot of water, lemon juice and a safoof of Hakeem Saifullah of my city. This safoof really works.

    2. I started passing stones 8 so far, in my 40’s. Now at age 68 I have another. Doc said they call it a silent stone, lays there and suddenly starts to move…often it rolls back to where it was . He said going after it might cause damage.

      I read of treatment that has you drink 3 bottles of the darkest beer you an find. You drink 1 every 20 min. (3in 1 hour) I tried it 3 yrs ago and it worked. The beer numbs the urea tube and you’ pee like a racehorse. Why black? I don’t know, but I passed 3 stones. Now I don ‘t like beer and hate black, but it did the job. I think if you google Finland study and k stones, also univ Wisconsin and k stones, or black beer and k stones you can find the tests.

  8. I really need a remedy for my mothers health. She started experiencing this problem of recent. For two days she could not pass out urine each time she wants to pee. Now she can urinate freely but with some little particles of stones coming out with the urine. U can imagine the kind of pain she passes through before she pee.

  9. I got kidney stones i’m passing them is very painful but at the same time I’m having headaches and chills the body aches all over and feel Dizzy those symptoms are normal

    1. I have been having problems with kidney stones for the past 7 years I went too hospital of april 2013 and they said I had a stone of 10 mm they wanted me to do surgery I refused it in January 0f 2014 I was having lots of pain in my left kidney I have not passed that stone yet at the same time that I was in a lot pain I got hungry I made me a sandwich and I wanted a dill pickle I took a bite of it and I started feeling relief so I took another bite and started feel a little bit better so I started drinking the dill pickle juice and I haven’t felt pain since . before all that I was having some kind of pain daily it was getting that I was peeing dark brown it look like tea ! so maybe I discovered something I don’t know but I ain’t felt pain for over month 1/2 and no discolor in my pee

  10. I got kidney stones i’m passing them is very painful but at the same time I’m having headaches and chills the body aches all over and feel Dizzy those symptoms are normal and I a lot of blood

  11. iam md rahim 25 yrs old male iam having 2 stones inside kidney calyx measuring 2-4mm respectively can i pass them by your remedy of olive oil and lime mixture if so then i’ll follow it plz help me out in this situation

  12. thks for ur tips.. I got suffered pain from both the kidney one by one, right kidney one time got suffered and left kidney got suffered two times.,, consulted doctor, had medicine as suggested, had plenty of water as advised. I jst want to knw whether this issue is cureable or has to face again & again in future..

  13. Thnx for such article.In this bsy life one does gets tme to look after onself properly bt by following some of these above facts we can avoid stones in kidney.I too hv a stone in my left kidney.

  14. My mother used to cook the stem of Banana tree once in a month which prevents forming the stones in any part at all and removes if any already there.

    1. What do you mean ? Do u boil it and drink the water or eat the stem (is that the top part of the bunch of bananas?) Thank you in advance

      1. its the middle part of banana stem you can cut and soke in dilute curd and after few hours grinnd it mix with curd ans have it

  15. kidney stone is very painful disease i operated it but create it very soon. doctors of all over india and world, requesting that will search medicine of dissolve stone.

  16. Yes, in our bengali food habits we do eat the curry of banana stem(internal stem) but it was not known to us that it works on kidney stones and expels them.Thanks.

  17. teresaAugust 27, 2015, 3:49 am

    I just found out I have kidney stones and my back hurts so much..but the doctor said they are very small. I drink 8 bottles of water a day…how well I know they pass.. can someone give me a answer…

  18. I have suffered from sever kidney stones for 20 years. I always have stones, but they wont do anything unless the are moving and causing obstructions. Last time I had a stent it stayed in for a month and the could hardly get it out due to scar tissue, and stones forming all around it.. Ive had probably 20 stents. They wont even do anything for me but give me water pills. I have been on pain meds for 15 yrs for other problema, but it dosent help at all when my kidneys get bad. My urologist says I will always live w stones and I need to get use to it. I have recently gained 20 pounds almost over night. My liver enzymes have been up several times,but they always blow it off.and they can tell when tha pain is bad my blood pressure and heartrate go thru the roof. But now Im always treated like Im drug seekeinv

  19. Dear all
    I have 10.6 mm stone in ureter , my right side kidney 1 minor and left side 3 minor stone is there.So pls suggest me can this home remedies help me to clear this kidney stones.

    My I am thinking to start this first option
    1. Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

    Waiting for ur reply

    Shabbir shaikh

    1. The Lemon Juice and Olive Oil mixture really does work! I’ve had a number of Kidney Stones over the last 15 years. Not only does this mixture ease the pain, it seems to dissolve the stones fairly quickly and you end up passing them after drinking plenty of water! I highly recommend this based on my experience with it!

      1. How often do you have to drink this mixture, and then how quickly will the stone pass, after drinking the mixture?

        I have been to ER twice and Urologist once after hospital. All (3) times was given pain meds and instructed to drink plenty of water.

        I have been doing this for over a week now, and still have not passed the 4 mm stone.

  20. I have 2.5mm multiple stone for the first time i got severe pain n vomiting and even blood was present in vomit it was more in quantity is it normal i consulted my doc je said it was due to scratch in throat but i dont think that much blood is due to scratch plz reply

  21. i have a kidne stone of 5 mm size in left kidney from which when the pain begin start day by day with a long time so please tell me a good remedies from which it can be delete with root i hope you will understand my problem.

  22. To much animal foods such as dairy and meat leads to metabolic acidosis whereby the body draws on the calcium from the bones to neutralise the excess acid. And offcourse excess calcium from this process can lead to kidney stones and other conditions such as osteoporosis. The best treatment for such conditions is to reduce or best cut out animal foods and increase the intake of whole plant based foods. Fresh vegetable juices are good.


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