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Medic for Keloids

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Keloids are scars that become enlarged due to abnormal growth of fibrous tissues. Skin injuries like acne, minor burns, bites, cuts, or scrapes can leave scars. Keloids form over time, when an excess amount of collagen grows in the scars. Generally, they do not cause pain, but sometimes they can be itchy.


Even though keloids do not pose a health concern, many people dislike having these enlarged, ugly scars. Some people opt for surgery, injections or laser treatment to remove them. Instead of paying for expensive treatments, there are some simple natural remedies that you can use to take care of your keloids at home for little cost.

home remedies for keloids

Here are the top 10 home remedies for keloids.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

A great home remedy for treating keloids is apple cider vinegar because it helps minimize the size and redness of the scar.

  1. Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area and gently massage it so the vinegar is well absorbed into the skin.
  2. Allow it to dry for a few minutes, and then repeat the process in order to expedite healing.
  3. Do this several times a day for maximum results and continue this treatment for four to five weeks.

If the apple cider vinegar causes any skin irritation, you can dilute it with water. You can also use pure tea tree oil.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda acts as an abrasive agent and helps exfoliate the skin. It can also be used successfully to manage keloids.

Keloids home remedy
Baking Soda Home Remedy to Treat keloids
  1. Mix one part baking soda with three parts hydrogen peroxide to make a smooth paste.
  2. Apply the paste directly on the affected area to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process.
  3. Do this three or four times a day depending upon the severity of the scar.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains antioxidants and vitamin C that are very helpful in treating different types of scars, including keloids. After a few weeks of using this remedy, you should see significant improvement in the color, texture, appearance, and flexibility of the scar.

  1. Extract the juice from a fresh lemon and apply it on the affected skin area.
  2. Leave it on for about half an hour, and then wash the area with lukewarm water.
  3. Repeat the process at least once daily.

4. Aspirin

The same aspirin that you take for headaches and other health problems can also be used to treat keloids as it helps reduce the scar’s size and appearance.

  1. Crush three or four aspirin tablets and add a small amount of water to make a smooth, thick paste.
  2. Apply the paste on the scar, allow it to dry completely and then rinse it off by rubbing the area gently under water.
  3. Pat the area dry and then apply some olive oil or coconut oil.
  4. Do this daily until the keloid is gone.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very good for the skin and can be used in the treatment of keloids. It will help reduce inflammation, keep the skin well-moisturized and heal damaged skin. It also helps prevent skin infections.

  1. Clean the scarred area thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  2. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the scars twice daily.

6. Sandalwood and Rose Water

Sandalwood has many skin regenerating properties and rose water is a natural skin toner. Used together they can help prevent or reduce and lighten keloid scars.

  1. Make a thick paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. If you wish, you can also add some black gram to the paste. You can find black gram in an Asian supermarket.
  2. Clean the scar with water and apply the paste before going to bed. In the morning, wash the area thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  3. Do this regularly for a month or two.

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187 thoughts on “Medic for Keloids”

  1. I am trying to find the most effective treatment for keloid scars. There doesn’t seem to be a 100% effective cure, but I would like to narrow down to the most effective treatment. Vote at the Formafist website. Just search for “keloid”.

      1. hi
        aaron.lemon with aspirin is best n i also tried indian fruit face pack with rose water first i put castor oil acv then hydrogen peroxide with baking soda n then my keloid bursted .then i put aspirin with lime juice.then skin was peeling off so put vitamin oil to sootheevery morning i started applying saliva.now applying fruit face pack with rose water to my wonders it has flattened reduced to size and hopefully this scar will go away in few days or few weeks.

    1. please what did you do to get rid of your keloids?? I have had them now for six years and am just going crazy with them! Thanks

      1. I have had this big keloid on my ear for about two years now i really want to get rid of it. But surgery stuff sounds risky. I going to try these remedies and see how it goes but i fear it may not work! :/

        1. I have one on my ear also & I’ve done the surgery three times & it grew back everytime. After so many times you start to lose skin & it will make it look a little deformed. I noticed that scratching them makes them grow bigger also. I would use rubbing alcohol to at least help with the itching.

          1. I’m going through the same thing except I’ve got keloid scar on both side on my earlobe, I went through 4 surgery starting 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 I am still waiting on plastic surgeon apparently they will be doing treatment with me at the moment I am using nothing but the sun, when I got out in the boat every weekend the sun start a blister on the scar and then a couple of days later it burst and shrink a little of the scar that actually working really well although I get sun burnt..

        2. dear hazel richards. i am thirteen years but soon to be fourteen. i had a keloid on my right ear for about two years, since 2011 and only had surgery in 2013 because of the waiting lists that were increasingly long. mine wasn’t big. it was small and because of the embarassment it caused me, i became socially withdrawn to the public becasue people kept asking me questions about it and it was the first notice they would take during our conversations. if you do have surgery, which i might recommend you do, afterwards, try these steps (remedies) and see how it goes. one of the main reasons why i feel as though i should have done this myself, is because with surgery, there is an 89.9% chance of it regrowing. i wish u good luck.

    2. I am having 2 keloid scars on my both the shoulders 13yrs 1scar on my left chest. Which home treatement cured you pls reply.

    3. hey rebbecca wat remedy did you use…myn are almost all over my body.av tried surgery n it came bak bigger,the injection didnt work well fo me….please help

    4. HI REBECCA,




    1. Currently, I’m using sea salt (dilute the salt with hot, sock cotton with it and then apply it directly to affected part for 2 minute, repeat twice a day)

  2. Hey rebecca please lets us know that what home remedies you used ??? i need that remedies . please tell us.

  3. I Used Home Remedy Number Ten.
    Though I Only Had A Small Keloid,
    It Was Gone Within Days.
    I Not Only Used Peroxide && Baking Soda,
    But Afterwards I Rubbed Extra Virgin Olive Oil On It, So That It Wouldn’t Dry Out && Become “Crusty”.

  4. If you crush aspirin and add lemon juice to make a paste then put it on the affected area it works perfectly. It got rid of my 3 keloids with three days when I did it daily!

    1. @katie : how long did u have the keloid and what had you tried before using this novel technique??? For it to go away in 3 days is almost not believable .. still, will try it!

    2. i just got my nose pierced so im starting to get keloid so does it go away really fast its been like a week since its started appearing. i have an event coming up so i want to get rid of it ASAP. Does it really go away fast with the use of lemon and aspirin??

      1. I am also trying homeo treatment for my kelloid at chest . Could you please tell the medicine details you tried in homeo and within how much time you kelloid was gone.

        Thanks in advance for your reply

      2. I am living in Kolkata. I took homeopathy medicine for treatment for keloids but not yet cure. Kindly advise me from where I can consult Homeopathy doctor in Kolkata.

  5. katie i am having 4 keloidal scars since 8 years and i tried many kind of medicines
    but they wont dissappear , i heared about miranda castro cream, can you tell me any thing about this please.

    1. I use uncoated Tylenol and two drop of water to shrink both of my keloid on back of my ears and it work just find

      1. “Keloids” behind the ear (they’re actaully called hypertrophic scars) are easier to get rid of than actual keloids on the arms or back or chest.

    2. Wow you’re so lucky!I am 16 and i have it after acne..My mom counted 57 keloid scars on my back and chest..how i wish to have only 4!

  6. Use the ASPIRIN!!!! Mix it with LEMON JUICE!!! Let sit for 5-10 mins EVERYDAY!!! Keloid can dissapear within a MONTH!!!

  7. I got keloids at 12 yrs old after having an abdominal surgery. the scar grew long and thick, I have about four others from accidents and falls, even cut myself with a razor once. these scars are still very much visible, but they have all flattened so it is not visible through my clothing. my remedy, SALIVA!!! yup, my father taught me, every morning, before brushing your teeth, or even speaking, just take your saliva and paste it on the affected area, and that scar will not vaporize or lighten, but it will no longer be overgrown!

    1. Thanks for mentioning this Cheron, I’ve seen improvements on my, though its been but days of serious application. God bless!

  8. I use rubberband and alcohol for my keloid on my right ear then I wear my earrings again and the keloid didn’t come back

    1. This is the first time I’ve heard of turpentine for keloids. How did this work for you and how old were your scars? Please.

      I’ve had several surgery on both my ears which were mostly successful but I have one on my top left ear that continue scarring after every surgery in 18 years

    2. how did you use turpentine , did you mix it with something and how long did you apply it. also how big was your keloid

  9. Saliva works! Thanks, Cheron. I have been applying as your father told you and healing of my keloids has increased. I was using an herbal cream from India before, but now I notice the keloids shrinking slowly but surely once I added this treatment.
    There is actually some basis to the saliva remedy. The Jewish Talmud, over 2000 years old, and commentators, who wrote over 800 years ago, explain: when a person sleeps at night the saliva becomes stronger, more potent, and bitter, which accounts for its effectiveness as a detergent in cleaning blood stains. Once a person eats in the morning, the saliva becomes sweeter. So, applying saliva during the day, after a nap, will not work. Also, continuous conversation changes the saliva. So, Cheron, your father was right on all counts. Use first thing in the morning, before putting anything in your mouth, and before engaging in continuous talk. It is then that saliva is most effective as a cleansing agent.
    The herbal cream I obtained from a healer in India. He suggests that when cleaning the keloids, don’t use soap. Instead, make a paste of gram flour and water and rub on the keloids. Internal herbs, he claims, may also help. Anyone who wants to know more, should go to: padanjaly.com. I mention the gram flour here, because it is suggested in the sandalwood home remedy mentioned above.

    1. Hi Tziporah/Cheron,
      Saliva is a very very old probably 7000 or more years old remedy in India.It is found in Ancient Ayurvedic texts to be able to cure many diseases.I have developed a keloid in my ankle and just started the treatment with saliva.Will update on my progress.Thanks both of you for mentioning this.

    2. Hi Tziporah/Cheron,

      Yes, saliva is a very old Indian remedy for many diseases…dates back to many thousand years Ayuvedic texts.My husband has been doing the saliva treatment since 2-3mths for his eyes and doc said he does not need glasses anymore!I have a small keloid in my ankle and just started the saliva treatment.Will post updates soon!


  10. update. still using saliva every morning upon awakening. After about an hour, sometimes less time–doesn’t matter, I squeeze lemon juice on the keloids and let the juice dry–at least an hour, sometimes 2 hours. Wash with warm water. Am doing this twice a day. This, the cream I recommended in my previous post, has resulted in my keloids shrinking and skin healing. My keloids are huge because I had a severe burn, so I’m aware it will take a long time. I have also started to drink a glass of lukewarm water into which lemon juice is squeezed first thing when waking up–instead of drinking morning coffee or tea. I have read this is a good way to cleanse internally. I think all of these thingshave helped.

  11. Im just reading al ds 4 d 1st time,i wil surely try it,tho im on cryotheraphy.i av keloid on my right ear,big one,its been 7yrs nw.if i av heard abt ds home remedies b4 i wuldnt av gone 4 cryotheraphy bt al d same,no knowledge is a waste

  12. I have a keloid on my shoulder since more than 20 yrs and 3 on my chest for 15 yrs. I’m trying everything under the sun but nothing seems to work.
    Please don’t try the “padanjaly” site, it did nothing and they make you buy 2 bottles to make you think it’s necessary. I wanna try the turpentine method. Will keep u updated. Currently I’m using a peeler ointment Retino-A, it got rid of a cousin’s pigmentation by peeling her skin slowly day-by-day, so I’m tryin it now..will look for the turpentine too. Apple cider vinegar was doing fine too as it was eating away at the keloid but it was more irritated and burned. Thx for the updates u guys hope v can find a solution together!

  13. I have keloid for 18 yr I have had 2 surgery it didn’t work”then I had steroid injection that didn’t work ether. As TJ said I try cream from India called padanly waste $80 that didn’t work. Right now I found site called keloid2012.com bought 2oz cream, that cream doesn’t cure but it cool it down once you apply doesn’t etch for for while . Can’t wait to these new home remedy wish me luck,,,,,,

  14. I had a keloid on my right ear & I had laser surgery. It grew back BIGGER! After that, I did some research & came across a plastic surgeon. I went there & was given steroid injections to decrease & soften the scar tissue(about four office visits) after the last injection, the keloid was removed & my ear was barely noticeable after the stitches were removed. That was done in 2000. I haven’t had any problems

    1. hello shonda…i have very small scar on my chest…i m getting this scar without any injury… Dr’s advice to me take steroid inj. but i m getting worried it may worst …. do u think it will give me good result….

  15. I got steroid injections from the dermatologist. It took 10-15 trips but they completely are flat from it. Redness fads after that. Its about 50 dollars per visit. It was worth it. Also vitamin E cream helps

    1. Hey what type of steroide injection u have taken ? And how old were ur keloides ?
      Can u pls give me the address of that dermatologist,,.

  16. Never ever cut a keloid, they grow bigger, I did steroid shots of corti zone and the one on my arm is flat. It used to be an inch long and 3 inches thick, took a lot of injections but it worked. I’ve had them since I was bout 8 now 32. The last shot I received was when I was 16 or 17 yrs old. I still have one on my chest that I’ve been dying to get rid of, it was bigger than the other and I didn’t have insurance any more to get rid of it so I looked this up, thank you all for your info, I hope mine helps!!!

  17. I have a keliod under my neck. Its and 5 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches thick. I was wondering what can I use to either help remove it or make it less, very less noticeable. I’ve had this keliod for 28 years. I just want it to go away or just fade it; without someone noticing it when they first see me. That’s the first thing they see is my keliod. Thanks so much!

  18. Hello everyone…… the information that everyone shared was is very interesting. I have had my keloids for about 10 years I have 2 on my chest and about 3 each on my back top ahoulder. I have alwaya dressed around them, but now I know they are home remedies to shrink them even more, I will def be trying them and letting you guys know my progress….again thanks

  19. Virgin saliva is a good treatment as it dissolve fibrosis.in the event of cataract in old age-it disolve the opac material of the Lens.in the same way it dissolve keloid also.should be tried.oral use of a mixture of Apple cider+lemon juice+garlic juice+pure honey warmed up to remain 3/4 of same be taken 30ml.with a lit. Of pure water during a day is most beneficial in most of the non infective diseases & is a good antioxidant as well.it has miraculas anti aging effect.

    1. Hello Sattar? Apart from virgin Saliva, can one continue with the saliva treatment during the day? I’ve seen some improvements on mine with saliva application.. Thanks

  20. I had a cyst on my face, I had to remove it by a plastic surgeon. Now it has left a keloid. I have tried many creams but it would not disappear. I am depressed. Will the aspirin and lemon juice really assist?

    1. Hi, lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil are the best. I like to put oils on cotton ball and tape onto keloid at night time. Keliod would itch more and you’ll feel a burn sensation because of oils, but those are signs that the treatment is working and it will feel better when you do treatment everyday. I only use lavender oil a few times but I have been using tea tree oil for a few years. You’ll notice that the keloid will start to flatten in a day or so. It might pop back up if you miss too many days. New keloids should disappear in a few months but it is longer for bigger and older keloids. One of my keloid is 90% gone(most is regular skin now but there are few pieces of keloid left that is flat like skin so it looks like a regular scar). That keloid was about 2 inches in length and wide like my finger and it disappear with just tea tree oil in about a year. It isn’t completely gone because I haven’t been doing treatments regurly due to depression. I have a huge keloid at my private and I only started using tea tree on it a month ago, but I haven’t been using using it every day. I’ll have to use it everyday because this keloid grows faster than the rest. It is around 4-5 inches long and around 2 inches in width and around 1/2 inch in height.Last week I put more than 20 drops of tea tree oil on 8 cotton balls tape together to put onto the huge keloid and it became so soft in the morning and I was able to press down the keloid almost to skin level. The tea tree oil seems to work faster on privates because the skin is more softer than the skin on my leg. I only put oil on huge keloid a few times and keloid skin is already shedding because scabs forms(allow scabs to fall off or use a wash cloth when the scabs are ready to come off) and their are cracks on keloid.i need to put a cream on healthy skin on my private because the oils is affecting it(the keloid that practically disappeared on leg has a dark spot in that area).i think that the huge keloid might disappear in a year if i apply oils to it everyday.i have depression because of other things in life so i haven’t been taken care of my body which is why my keloid got so huge.i remove keloids few years ago and this is the only keloid that grows like crazy.

      1. Hi Holly, thank u so much for your post about using tea tree oil on old keloid scars. I have had two horrible big ones on my lower abdomen area, quite a private area following surgery for the last 8 yrs. One measures about the same as yours, about 4-5 ins long, 2-3 ins wide and perhaps 1/2 in thick & the other is about a quarter of that size, so damn annoying especially when it itches! I have been thinking about getting tea tree oil for some time now, but am a little sceptical, as I’m wondering whether it really works seeing as the keloids are so old now? They feel so embedded into my skin now I’m wondering will it really work?? If you have any further advice or tips so I can rid of them as quickly as possible, I’d really appreciate it ☺️ I really hope your depression is getting better & you’re seeing progress with your keloid treatment! X

      2. Hello Holly,
        I have been going to the dermatologist getting steroid injections for my earlobe keloid. My insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures, so I could not afford to continue to pay for the injections, let along the surgery later. Since reading all about these natural cures especially using tea tree oil, I decided why not give it a try. When I look at my keloid, it depresses me, but since reading your post. Holly, thank you so much for the helpful advice, and I will try using my tea tree oil, and hope to get the same results.

    2. I forgot that you said it is on the face so you probably shouldn’t tape cotton ball to your face but instead press cotton ball onto keloid until oil disappear and do that few times per day.i do this method when i can’t stand the itching and burning cause by taping cotton ball onto keloid.the tape can irritate the skin too.

  21. I have a keloid scar from giving birth to twins in 2012 via c-section. My husband kisses it all the time and the babies like to play with it. I absolutely HATE the way it looks. I am determined to get rid of it. I am going to try the baking soda, asprin, and lemon juice. I hope it works and quickly.

    1. Hi, I have a keloid from an emergancy c-section when I had my son nearly 4 yrs ago, it drives me nutty, I had cortisone injections in it and was so unbelievably painful, I just couldn’t go back for more. I have spent a lot of money on creams that didn’t work. It’s nice to find someone else experiencing the same from a pregnancy, up until now I havent heard of anyone else.. I am going to try the asprin and lemon and see what happens, hopefully it works, I literally feel like I could go nuts when it itches and is nearly always sore, wishing you good luck with yours 🙂

    2. Ashley and Lauren you are not alone! I didn’t have a c-section but i had a major surgery to remove an ovarian tumour, my scar was ok until i got pregnant and t started to grow! i ve had cryo surgery on the scar and mot of it is gone!

    3. Just try “Pure Tea Tree Oil”. My wife suffered with similar problem after giving birth to our first child. Within first 5 days you will see the impact and within 1 month you can get rid of it. just apply twice a day gently on the affected area only using cotton.

  22. DO NOT TRY STEROIDS/INJECTIONS. I tried that on my chest and hell shit. It was damn painful. No cream was given although they poked in and out like 20 times. While otw home I’m like bleeding there. Jeez. Bleeded for almost the entire day. Pain was unbearable and it mademy keloid bluish black.

  23. I have keloids on chest for many years. Now 53 I had one to start with at the age of 16 with no resulting injury as a cause. Just began as a small pimple and grew from there. Got cortizone injections and it flattened out the original one but another one developed below it as a result. Tried injections for the new one as well but got the same result as another one developed below it. I learned then that the injections were making matters worse and refrained from further treatments.

    I would advise anyone thinking of injections to not do so. I tried over the counter gels and creams, as well as silicone sheets which does seem to work to a degree but seem to fall short of completely putting the keloid in the dormant state necessary to stop any further growth. This site appears to have some very good advice with home remedies and I will be trying as many as necessary in the coming weeks and months. when I find a method that works I will post my results here. I believe strongly that nature always provides the best treatment possible when it comes to our health and well being. Plus it saves money in the long run from not trying many costly and sometimes unsafe alternatives.

  24. Keloids come from lack of iodine in your diet. Table salt that contains iodine,also contains chlorine,which neutralizes the iodine. A iodine supplement and using Seasalt can help get rid of and prevent new keloids from forming, along with your other treatments.

  25. Try the rubber band method !! Just band your keloid its very painful !! But I got rid of my keloid by doing this !! Do not remove the band until your keloid turns to be a scab

  26. I have a keloid on my arm its not that big It was mabey 4 inches long at first i used coco butter on it for months and it shrunk but slowly but i will try the lemon and asprin trick

  27. Hello? I’ve had Keloids for the past 8 yrs. Started as apimple, didn’t pay much attention to it till it started growing. Its on my chest and its about the length of my small finger. It has attracted two more and the itching is horrendous! I’ve recently developed two along my jawline. I’ve tried ACV..the pain was too much! Hydrocortisone ointment didn’t do much. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil eased the discomfort, but that’s about it…currently using tea tree oil, undiluted…..been on it for three days now, yet to see improvements. Read on here about virgin saliva being of help? will certainly try that!!! Thanks and good luck to us all! God bless!

      1. Hi Holly? My concern with tea tree oil are the small irritated rashes that appear around the keloid, especially for the ones on my jawline…..just that, otherwise, I’ve noticed the difference.

        1. Hi It might help if you mix it with lavender oil. Yah tea tree oil is strong. The keloids on legs are almost gone but the scars and some of the healthy skin is dark because i use oil for a long time. I’m currently thinking of a scar slave/cream recipe for myself that uses vegan wax,carrier oil,tea tree oil and lavender oil. I want to use slave when the tea tree oil alone is too much to bear. I mix castor oil with tea tree oil and it was abit runny.

  28. never ever use steroids injection for chest keloids.. it will surely becomes multiple.. use injections for shoulders… its effective…

  29. Thanks for mentioning this Cheron, I’ve seen improvements on my, though its been but days of serious application. God bless!

  30. I actually just came back from getting injections at my dermatologist. I told him one side is looking like it’s beginning to flatten but not the other, so he loaded the injections in to one side of the keloid and now the surrounding healthy skin has a bulging/lump appearance. I don’t know if the injection has seeped into the surrounding skin but when I got home the entire thing just looked larger which brought me here looking for a different approach. I’ve been getting injections for 3 years now since the very first appearance of the keloid. Being that I began treatment early I thought the outlook would be better. 3 years later and my keloid has still grown even with injections. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried ACV and Tea Tree Oil in the past to no avail. I will try some of these and pray they work. Injections do work for some people. I met a woman at my job with a very large keloid across her chest, maybe 100 times larger than mine. Mine is a bout the size of a sunflower seed with the shell. Hers completely flattened after a few rounds of injections and we were going to the same dermatologist and doing the same treatment. So don’t shy away from a treatment just because it didn’t work for someone else, everyone’s response to treatment is very different. With the exception to surgery. I would approach incision with lots of caution.

  31. I’ll try use saliva n aspirin+lemon. Saliva in morning and aspirin+lemon on evening and night. Wish me luck guys.

  32. Hey guys……I’m a frequent visitor and commentor on this forum. I promised to get back with any developments. So, after two months of teatree oil and lavender oil, almost a month of virgin saliva, my keloid(on the chest) has raptured…..(Yay!!!!!!) don’t know whether that’s good. There’s a lot of watery substance oozing out…..I’ll continue with the treatment. Thank you all! God bless.

  33. pls i used garlic method on my keloid and it give me burn therefore i discontinue it. what can i used to get rid of this dirty thing.

  34. Do not use patanjali, it is wast of time & money. no change after using long time. and after quite from this , it might be increase keloid, bcoz of smooth rubbing while applied medecine of patanjali balm.

  35. I developed keloids after having chicken pocks for over 20 years I had them appear and diminish I was told to try cortizon injections. after several painful visits to the doctor they went away, but the surrounding area became extremely light almost white. so with the removal of the keloid now I look like I have vitaligo( i.e.micheal Jackson skin disease). it seems to me the only permanent solution is laser removal the area needs to be lanced so the skin will not continue to grow.

  36. I had a cauterized mole on my left leg that was left with a keloid scar. I got a capsule of squalene and ruptured it with a clean needle and the oil in it is what I rubbed daily even twice a day on my keloid scar. So far after being persistent for at least 5 weeks, the skin has greatly improved and the keloid has flattened and was minimized in terms of noticeablity to almost gone. Though I am not guaanteeing this for all types of keloid scars but you could give it a try, as squalene has very high antioxidant properties. Usually a single capsule of 500 mg. squalene when raptured and just a drop or 2 will be used for a lesion will last a week as long as you keep it in a clean dry container e.g. a lens container

  37. Keloids are irritating, no doubt. I am suffering from one on chest and one on upper arm. There was one more on upper arm got cured by corticosteroid injection but the one on chest was not helped. I am trying homeopathy now. Will try saliva treatment mentioned above. I would keep updating if I find any progress. In a way, I felt supported, I am not alone, suffering from this seemingly cureless disease. Sometimes feel so helpless, cursed. But may be someday there would be a ray of hope. Let us all try and share. Look forward.

  38. i have keiods on my face on my top lip and down cheek due to domestic fire accident i sustained from gas exposure in 2012 i have used alot of things because is on my face and am ashame of it i just came back from indian july surgery and laser was carry on the keliod is growing back i have started using lemon juice and asiprin for 3 days

  39. Hi everyone, it feels so good to know that I’m not the only one suffering from Keloid, I have one on my chest, an it’s the first thing people notice when I wear low tops an dresses, so I only wear round neck cloths, i have got my keloid since I was a little child, I did my 1st surgery when I was about 13 yrs old, after i had gone for these injections it was very painful so I never went back, an I did my 2nd surgery when i was about 16, that I’d notice that it kept getting bigger and I have now come across the home remedies, I’m trying the teatree oil and aspirin+lemonjuice, I’ll keep posting according to my improvement. 🙂

  40. this is wonderful information, i have keloids for over 20 years on breasts and both ears. will give saliva a try. also earthclinic.com is a good homeopathic website for other treatments for keloids as well as others who suffer from this condition

  41. Hello everyone. I suffer from 5 large Keloids on my shoulders, several small ones from acne. The large ones are 6-7 years old. I’ve done steroid injections, cryotherapy, and laser therapy. None of these worked, on fact my keloids got bigger! I had a medium sized one on my ear that I had removed by my dermatologist via laser, but it grew back even bigger. 3 yrs later I had it removed again with the laser, but after it healed it started to itch again and fibrous tissue started to grow back. I started to massage it every day with a good amount of pressure and the itching would stop. I noticed the tissue going away too after a few days of massaging the itchy area. My dermatologist also injected another round of steroids and so far the Keloid has not grown back. I strongly recommend massaging Keloids as often as possible every day combined with some of these homeopathic treatments. Massage helps so much when Keloids are itchy and painful. Use vitamin E oil or olive oil with massage! Thanks for all the good tips. I will try some of these.

  42. Hello everyone I tried the honey and garlic put together and it’s working for me…that’s an advice from an old woman and it’s working really fast pls try them too and let’s see the outcome

  43. Am so happy with everytyn av being seeing on this site,I also have a scar on my knee and my upper lips,the scar are very thick and dark…very disgusting..I get ashame wen I go out and in the mist of friends…av tried hydrocortisone cream and kenalog cream bt dere seem to be no result..pls what home treatment can I use to it for make the scar and darkness go in 2 weeks….

  44. My keloids are not resulting from any injury; they just kept forming on my body. I really want to stop more from coming out, injections are not the best at all. Well, I’m going to try out some things I saw here! They will work for me. Thanks friends.

  45. I have two keloids on my chest, I’ve been using the morning saliva let that dry, then I crush 4 aspirins with water to make a paste, rub the paste on keloids after that dries completely, wash it off with warm water, let that dry, rub extra virgin olive oil on it for that day. When I have time throughout the day I rub Bragg’s apple cider vinegar on it. At night I mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and make a paste, then I rub the paste on the keloids after that completely dries, wash off with warm water let it dry, then take a fresh lemon, squeeze the juice, rub the juice on keloids and let the juice stay on all night, repeat this process everyday…I’ve been doing this for the past two weeks and I’m seeing results..it’s working for me..I will keep everyone posted…

    1. I have keloids on my jaw, arm nd my breast because I inherited keloid from my Mum and they are very big, I tried injection some few years it worked to some extent but I couldn’t continue with the injection because of too much sight effect, I will try out Lemon Juice, Aspirin nd Tea Tree Oil, because that the only home remedy available for me now, I will also try out early morning Saliva I pray they will work out fine for me. Thanks to all that shared there treatment experience I really appreciate. I will keep everyone updated about my process

  46. I also have keloid on my back that I got from removing my tattoo 8yrs ago. My daughter also got 2 on her knees and a pea size on her jaw. My sister also have some keloids on different parts of her body. I think it’s in our genes. We’re seriously bothered about these scars and we really want them out of our bodies. Will try virgin saliva, aspirin & lemon too.. Hope it’s going to heal soon. Will post again if there’s going to be any changes.

  47. I socked cotton wit lemon juic and place it on de keloid for sumtime and later apply aspirin and lemon juic.wonderful improvement.thank God

  48. Ive had this big keloid for like 10 yrs now, had surgery Nd it came back even bigger but six weeks ago i came across this site and i started using baking soda and olive oil, i mix it to make a paste
    now my keloid is almost flat and it was very big. I just have have like a month to go and will be completly flat. You should try it

  49. What a wonderful site with some great ideas to try, I have just bought some ridiculously expensive cream to try but will be trying some of these ideas for sure especially the saliva and the aspirin and lemon juice, I have very sore extensive and angry scars so I will know if anything works and post on here my results… thankyou

  50. I find the best thing to use on Keloids is rubbing alcolhol and compressing it with silicon sheet or scar sheet you get from Walgreens in the bandage isle. Keeping them compressed puts back the flow of blood to the scar them it begins to schrink and flatten. Keloids are tricky they get you when you least expect it they also can break off and start a new scare. So make sure you keep them covered from day to night. At night is when the body heals so get at least 6-8hrs sleep lights off TV off. Good luck.

  51. I once Had two small scars growing on my thighs so i tied a coin to then over night. Did this for one week and scars vanished. I’m guessing the coin stopped blood flow to that section….I am no doctor but I haven’t tried this method on my bigger keloids cos the positions make it hard for the coin to stay put in the knots. Will try the aspirin and lemon juice

  52. I have been using the apple cider vinegar for about 5 days on my 2 scars on my chest. One has burst open and the other is shrinking and turning black. What I do is apply ACV on cotton ball and apply Pressure to it with my fingers about 30 minutes. Even though one has burst and is flat I am still applying the ACV on it everyday. But it does burn. I don’t care. It is worth it. Someone please let me know if I should keep applying the ACV or should I start using some type of oil on it.

  53. Hello everyone! I have been dealing with keloids on both ears for about 7 yrs now. I’ve had them removed 3 times. First time with laser, other 2 times they were surgically removed. Unfortunately they keep coming back. First 2 times they didn’t provide any post treatments. This 3rd time my Dr. suggested I try injections. So far I’ve gotten 4 and haven’t seen much of a difference. I got my 3rd surgery in April, 2014 and the one on my left ear is growing quite fast. The one on the right is doing good….so far. I am so happy I found this site with all these tips! At this point I’m desperate to find something that works! I decided to try the aspirin with tea tree oil remedy. I just did my first session and I will update you in a month to see how that’s working out. Wish me luck!

    1. I have keloids on my both ears. I had a sugury on my left ear bt it has grown bigger than the other one on my right ear. Bt now I will try aspirin and lemon juice.I’ll update u after a months.

  54. I am a woman in my 40’s and I have had keloid scars most of my life, beginning with a chicken pox outbreak. I have had cortisone injections, cutting to remove, laser removal. None of it worked. The most radical treatment suggested by doctors was removal and radiation treatment. My parents loved me too much to take the risk, thank God. After reading all of your comments, I was reminded of a time when I was a little girl. I noticed a keloid scar on my chin. All the others were hidden, on my back and chest, so I was never concerned until the one on my chin slowed up. I don’t remember if it was my mom or someone else, but I was told to pray to God that He would make it go away. I recited a mantra while rubbing the scar gently everyday for at least a year. One day, I went to rub the scar and noticed it was COMPLETELY gone. I still have several scars remaining, including one on my forearm. I have chosen to follow Cheron’s advice and have been doing virgin saliva therapy regularly since November. The scar has definitely changed. It’s softening, flattening, and doesn’t itch as much. I would love to share a picture showing a current photo. Forgot to take one when I started, but I have no doubt it will be much smaller when I report again. Namaste

  55. Thanks for all the home tips on treating keloids! Steroid injections have been good for me and has totally flattened one on my back and one on my chest. These were quite small to start of with though. The ones on my face however have not completely flattened so obvious under lighting. I will try the Aspirin and Lemon juice… I have faith this will work. Will keep you all updated X

  56. Just found you site, very informative. I have these horrible things on my chest and arms for years and have tried every (purchase products) nothing works. Will try some of these home remedies, especially the saliva. Warning:please do not buy Kelnofax by Healing Plants Ltd. They say it works, IT DOES NOT. I paid $70.00 for 60 herbal pills, which they say will get rid of keloids, with a money back guaranteed. No such luck, they never refund back my $70.00. Never realized they were from Australia, until it was too late. Will let you know which home remedy works for me.

  57. I’ve had keloids since I was 18 I’m 23 now and boy it’s been a struggle and from what I’ve learned having a good alkaline diet makes most remedies far more effective. If you keep eating unhealthy acidic foods no remedies at all will ever help crap food feeds keloids. Unfortunately for me the best treatment has been steroid injections along with pulse dyed lasers. I also find taking emo son salt baths to help a little. Braggs acv isn’t doing much for my keloids but it’s helped with acne. Aspirin turned my keloids pink but didn’t do much after a month. I just tried garlic and it gave my skin a rash I don’t really know what to say I’m dying to walk around shirtless I can’t even look at myself in the mirror it’s painful but that’s life! Good luck to everyone with your treatments!

  58. Hello. I too have been suffering with keloids since my early twenties and now I’m into my forties. Over the years I have had some removed by surgery with radiotherapy with some success, steroid injections, steroid creams, silicone gel sheets and Haelan tape with little success. I suffer with spontaneous keloid development, so I don’t have to have an injury for them to appear. They are mainly on my chest and groin, but also on my back and left side of my torso. As l treat one another seems to develop somewhere else! The latest procedure I have opted for in my desperation is electrochemotherapy. This involves a small amount of a cancer fighting drug being injected and the keloid zapped with electricity. This technique worked and flattened the bigger keloids treated. So far I have had this done twice last year.
    For the other smaller or new keloids I’m going to go with the suggestions of the morning saliva and the lemon juice with aspirin mixture. Thanks for sharing your personal stories, remedies and updates. Hopefully this summer I will be able to at least wear something that not all the way up to my neck!

  59. I have been suffring from dis same keloid on my chest, though my doc advice not to go for sugery and no medication was also given to me. With alot gathered here, atleast i hope of sharing my own resault in a shut time to come. Thnk u all. Remean blessed till then.

  60. Hai, I have been applying virgin saliva for the last two weeks as suggested in some of the posts made herein. The keloid on my chest seems to be gradually shrinking. How far, I cannot say at this point. Any how it is worth trying . I will let you know after a month about the progress made.

    1. tea tree oil.?how big keloids,were nhow long did u had them.i am doing all the remedies here on the website and my keloid has reduced a lot in just one month .i am glad will try tea tree oil

  61. Suffering from two keloids around my cheek piercings they look horrible. I tryed the hot compresses and tea tree oil and that seemed to burst one but they are bot completely gone. I will try the saliva remedy and aspirin with lemon and update in a few weeks. Thanks for all the tips!

  62. So happy to get into this site.had kelliods for more than 18yrs.will try the home remedies and most of your guidelines.thanks so much.will get back to u guys to let u know d improvements

  63. @Maria when u say it ‘burst’ was it ozing blood?tht sounds a little scary,i recently strtd my tea tree oil treatment,i will combine it with lemon and aspirin then soda and peroxide later…I really hope this works.after 2 failed operations,cortisone injections…n the failed rubberband trick whc by way the hurts like HELL!!!.I was out of aces until i found this site…keloids r so depressing,but I’m hoping these remedies help,I will religiously apply them..all the best everyone.

  64. I had a keloid on my left ear. Id mix lemon juice, aspirin, baking soda and sea salt it a paste. Get a cotton ball and put vaseline on it. then use it to rub the mixture onto it.Sometimes id tie the ball with the past onto my ear with a rubber band. Ive had it for 8 years now and its gone now.

  65. A few things I’ve discovered make keloids worse. 1) lifting weights/running basically strenuous exercise 2) eating unhealthy food or excessive amounts of food healthy or not 3) alcohol and smoking 4) not sleeping enough 5) stress

  66. My keloids are in a very unusual spot — right in the middle of my right foot. How did that happen? I had surgery 6 years ago to remove a sewing needle that was stuck in a carpet and broke in 2 pieces. The wider part of the needle went right through. The only way the podiatrist could remove it was through surgery. A year later, the keloids started, and unfortunately I didn’t take enough preventative measures. You can imagine how uncomfortable it is to walk around. I wish I could post pictures here. A year ago, a dermatologist removed a small piece of tissue from the keloids to see if a tumor might have developed. There was no tumor, but that small procedure was so painful afterwards that I couldn’t walk for days. That dermatologist referred me to another dermatologist to try and remove the keloids, but I decided not to go because I know they would grow back. In the meantime, the scars, which are now round, hard, and downright ugly! continue to itch and hurt. I will try some of the home remedies suggested here and report back in a few weeks. I wish I had come upon them sooner. Thank you.

  67. Hey I read all comments from every one I am happy that I am not alone fighting keloids I have a keloid on my chest for years I did the injection and I didnt help so I
    will try these remedies so please wish me luck will keep everyone posted on change thanks again everyone good luck to all

  68. Thank you all for your comments. I will certainly try some of them home remedies. I have so many keloids, I can’t even count. I have so many on my back and shoulders that they have fused together. I have new ones popping out all the time. If anything works, I will post and let everyone know.

  69. I have several keloids. Started getting them in 10th grade after I started eating out more than usual. I’ve had the injections in the keloids and they came right back. I haven’t gotten to try the natural home remidies listed above yet. But I will say the only thing I’ve found so far that helped shrink them & several disappeared after I went on a Low-Carb diet. My husband was amazed!!

  70. I have multiple itching and occationally aching keloids on my body for over thirty years now with a mighty one on the left hand. I am indeed happy to get information on home remedy for keloid. I will try out lemon and aspirin hoping it will work.

  71. All these remedies help, however diet is extremely important. If you have a magic bullet or blender, mix kale, bananas and apple have that twice a day. Also ALCOHOL inflames keloids! If you are going to drink (I have on back of my head) make sure that you have been keeping up with these remedies, I put honey on the back of my head before I drank and new ones didn’t appear and did not inflames.. I am still looking for an absolute cure for keloids but for now this is maintaining it pretty good. A week ago it was horrible and I did these remedies and they are disappearing and scars. However they will be quick to come back if I don’t keep it up. Please let me know if you find an absolute cure!

  72. After reading this forum I think morning saliva & asprin with lemon juice is worth a try. I agree with pac-man. I too have personally witnessed doing all of what he mentioned does make a keloid worse.
    It started with acne on the chest & then slowly developed into a keloid that grew & grew. Used to take shots of kenacort with liquid nitrogen from a dermatologist once in 10 days. It used to go down but come back with a spread. Now all 3 to 4 of them have become one big one of 9cm X 4 cm with the centre almost flat & the sides swollen up & spreading. It itches & pains a lot ( especailly the newly swollen side )

  73. Tried the saliva solution for my chest keloid today in the morning just soon as I woke up. Seems to be working for the itch & pain. Will do it religiously every day. Also going to try the asprin/ lemon juice later during the day today.

  74. Hi, I have about 10 Keloids on my back. shoulders and chest. My doctor seems to think they are from having acne as a child and suddenly they appeared. I don’t remember having bad acne but they seem to just appear out of no where! I have had steroid injections which hurt and made them somewhat flatter but more seem to pop up, one of my Keloids actually went inward from the injection so looks bumpy. I do not have the injections anymore and I am on my 2nd day off trying the Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda, I leave on for about 10 minutes as they start to really itch and I have to jump in the shower to get the stuff off quickly. Also, waiting for my Silicone sheets to arrive in the post so can use them too. I hope all this effort pays off because I am planning a wedding and all I can think of is I need to find a wedding dress that covers all my Keloids!! They are embarrassing and I have had a few comments in the past before saying errr whats that! Hate ignorant people!! It used to really affect me but as I have got older I just say Keloid scars…google it!! Then they don’t say anything after that! I am lucky to have a partner who helps me apply all these different things to the Keloids that I cant reach on my back, he says he doesn’t care about them but I do, I hate them so good luck to all you people as I feel your pain! If any of the remedies work that I am currently trying then I will update.

  75. Every product in general that is good for your skin is also good for a keloid. My experience shows me that much. I’ve tried almost everything. Laser operation, corticosteroid injections, surgical removal, silicon plates and gels …. sooo many.
    I’ve achieved best results using MAGNESIUM OIL – Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate !!! and TEA TREE OIL !!!
    It is also very important that you protect your keloid from sun exposure or use higher sunprotect factor!

  76. Hello,

    Thought I’d share my experience with trying various treatments. I have small to medium sized keloids on my shoulders and chest. I have tried surgery, laser and steroid injections, none of which were successful. Steroid injections can work if you have enough of them, but in my case, I had a small reduction in size before the scar bounced back. That’s the problem with the majority of home treatments is you have to stick at it. I tired apple cider vinegar for a couple months on a few of them, they ended up becoming quite sore but a little flatter. As soon as I stopped, the scar re healed, but this time a tiny bit larger. This is due to the further injury the acid was doing to the skin (cider vinegar), so be cautious with this. You’d really have to stay with it till the scar was completely flat to avoid re scarring I should think. Other than that, I’ve tried teatree which I think is a good option, I had success in reducing redness but not in size. It’s hard to stick at these home remedies, going to bed every night smelling of tea tree and cider vinegar…can’t get a bit much at times. I’ve also tried lemon juice, no real effect here, just a whole lot of stinging – great for skin health in general though! I haven’t used silicon sheets that much, when I did I had a small reduction in flatness but as soon as I stopped using the sheet, the scar returned to It’s normal size – This treatments I’ve heard works best post op if you go down that route. During my surgeries, I tried having 1 scar cut out completely and 1 scar ‘shaved’ down (the latter using a treatment called radio surgery (essentially a wire that reduces injury). Interestingly the surgical removal grew back bigger but flatter and less red, I think this would of been more succesful had I left the stitches in for longer (this is key to controlling the skin regeneration). The radio therapy treatment initially looked promising and for a few weeks I thought the scar was going to stay flat but as those resilient keloids love to do, the scar grew back, redder and bigger. So probably wise to avoid these, unless you’re dermatologist is really experienced with post treatment. My dermatologist believes that cryotreatment is the way forward with keloids but is not widely practised. I’m unable to get this treatment near me in the UK due to problems in storage for the liquid nitrogen typically used. Ideally, for scars like the ones on back and shoulders, you’d want to avoid intralesional cryotreatment (sticking a needle through the scar itself – more applicable to earlobe keloids) and stick with cryotreatment that brushes the surface of the scar. Anyway, hope the above might provide some useful info, my experiences thus far…

  77. I recently pierced my nose and saw that a keloid was forming. I already have tea tree oil, neem, emu oil paroxide, and lemons at my house. So what I did was add 4 drops of tea tree oil to a container. Then I squeezed lemon and added some paroxide to it. I added a little emu oil and 2 drops of neem then stirred it. I also crushed half of ibuprofen in it. I cleaned my nose 3 times a day with it inside and out. You dont have to do this but I also put spurulina powder on it for an extra step and after 3 days the keloid dried up!! You dont have to have all these ingredients but it sure helped a lot.

  78. tea tree sure does work,have started using it recently,but u juss need to be very patient,Holly all u said is true.can be very sore after rubbing it on but gets better as u keep doing it.mine is quite big,its on my right ear got it after l had chicken pox,juss popped it and the next day boom chicken pox and when it healed ,it kept growing,had surgery 3 times,scar kept growing and keloid kept coming back.resorted to natural methods.tea tree oil dries the outer skin and it pills off but it does take tym.dont give up

  79. Just read all d wonderful n easy home remedies for keloids. Will try saliva in d morning n also try out aspirin tablets with lemon juice lets see how it works

  80. i had this big keloid after chicken pox.i started usin castor oil then acv then after few days baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and even drank acv.with baking soda appication everyday my keloid popped.omg it was so painful n burning.my keloid has become smaller n reduced in size.i even applied pain killerthat helped too.
    ihope you try al these.it wil help

  81. hi
    i have keloid i started applying warm castor oil.i could see some difference after few days i applied apple cider vinegar and drank it too.then after few days i applied baking soda woth hydrpgen peroxide and also ibuprofen with water .my keloid busted and it burned so much.but i didnt give up.i kept in applying it and to my wonders its a month

  82. Site really helped to know that I am not the only one suffering with keloids. Have had keloids for 22 years after tub ligation surgery after my last child. Located in my navel. After 23 years has begun to give me the blues outside and inside with soreness and pain. Will try saliva along with lemongrass juice and aspirin as a start. Will report any testimonials. Thanks for everyone sharing.

  83. I used aspirin and lemon mix on my keloid along with it i use saran wrap over it. left it half a day for 2 months. my keloids are long gone. Later i used cocoa butter.

  84. I’ve tried so many things on my keloids…it was caused due to shaving in my public area.. its not that huge but its just disturbing…I recently just decided to start compressing it, so I got this regular plaster and started using it to compress the keloids.. close to two months now its surprisingly flat now I’d continue doing it till it gets really flat then I’d use Shea butter and olive oil..

  85. tea trea oil for the first time last night with rubberband around cotton swab (after lemon juice and aspirin before that) It just bursted and oozed down my neck….. Mine is the size of a marble …… THANK YOU EVERYONE

  86. I have suffered from Keloid since 2016. With this Home remedies. I pray god will give me good result burn and Dissolve it for me. Amen!!!

  87. Comment:I have a growing keloid on my left ear after a fall. it is now about 2year and has applied so many remedies such as kenalog injection and various recomended cream without hope. now i will try lemon with aspirin and report the treatment outcome in due course.

  88. My 2-year-old son have large keloids on his right arm and right thigh from hot water burn. Please suggest me the most suitable one for a child.

  89. Hi Friends,

    The Most Effective and cheaper Treatment for Keloid is Homeopathy Treatment, It takes long period (Don’t be Stop in middle while taking the medicine) but remove (Control) from the base.

    Try it …


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