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Medic for High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious health problem that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. A blood pressure reading of 140/90 mm Hg or above is considered high.

high blood pressure systolic diastolic

Hypertension usually is diagnosed when a person has a sustained high reading over a certain period of time

systolic and diastolic pressure for high blood pressure

Common causes or contributing factors of hypertension are obesity, genetic factors, excessive drinking, high salt intake, lack of aerobic exercise, stress, birth control pills, pain relievers, kidney disease, and adrenal disease.

Medication is often prescribed for hypertension. You can also help control it with simple natural remedies.

home remedies for high-blood pressure

Here are the top 10 home remedies for high blood pressure.
(Out of the 10, we have covered 3 highly effective home remedies in this video as well.)

1. Lemons

Lemons help keep blood vessels soft and pliable and by removing any rigidity, high blood pressure will be reduced. In addition, you can help lower your chance of heart failure by consuming lemon juice regularly, due to its vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals.

high blood pressure cure

Simply drink a cup of warm water with the juice from half a lemon added to it each morning on an empty stomach. For best results, do not add salt or sugar.

2. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds contain a compound called cucurbocitrin, which helps widen the blood capillaries. At the same time, it also helps improve kidney functioning. This in turn reduces blood pressure levels and also helps a lot with arthritis.

Also, a 2010 Florida State pilot study found that watermelon can help lower blood pressure due to its vasodilatory effect.

  • Grind equal quantities of dried watermelon seeds and poppy seeds (khus khus). Take one teaspoon of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the evening.
  • Alternatively, add two teaspoons of gently crushed, dried watermelon seeds to one cup of boiled water. Steep it for about an hour, then strain it. Take four tablespoons of this water at regular intervals throughout the day.

3. Garlic

Several studies have demonstrated blood pressure lowering effects of garlic. Both raw and cooked garlic help control high blood pressure and at the same time reduce cholesterol levels.

garlic to lower high blood pressure
Eat Garlic to Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic helps relax blood vessels by stimulating the production of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

  • Eat one or two crushed garlic cloves daily. You can simply crush them with your hands. Crushing garlic cloves creates hydrogen sulfide, a compound that promotes good blood flow, removes gas and reduces the pressure on the heart. If you do not like eating raw garlic or if it causes a burning sensation, then take it along with a cup of milk.
  • You can also mix five or six drops of garlic juice in four teaspoons of water and take it twice a day.

4. Banana

Bananas are one fruit that people with high blood pressure can eat regularly to control it. Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which lessens the effect of sodium.

So, try to eat one or two bananas daily. Along with bananas, you can try dried apricots, raisins, currants, orange juice, spinach, zucchini, baked sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and winter squash.

5. Celery

The high level of the phytochemical 3-N-butylphthalide present in celery greatly helps control high blood pressure. Phthalides help relax the muscles in and around arterial walls, thereby creating more space and allowing the blood to flow in without difficulty.

At the same time, it can help reduce the stress hormones that constrict blood vessels, which contributes to high blood pressure.

Try to eat one stalk of celery along with a glass of water daily. If you prefer, you can munch on celery throughout the day.

6. Coconut Water

People with high blood pressure must keep their bodies well hydrated. It is a good idea to drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Coconut water is particularly beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

A 2005 study published in the West Indian Medical Journal found that coconut water, being rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C can help decrease systolic blood pressure. Along with coconut water, you can also use coconut oil when cooking.

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176 thoughts on “Medic for High Blood Pressure”

    1. Lemon is also good for high blood pressure. My dad has suffered from hypertension for years and Rx medication just did not work for him. So he began using a whole squeezed lemon(half if your under 150lbs)in a cup of warm water at least twice a day(you can add two tablespoons of honey to sweeten) and his blood pressure has come down drastically. He is no longer in hypertensive state after only a week of drinking lemon water.

      1. Good news but before the lemon juice was your father drinking tea and coffee instead…
        Stopping coffee in itself would help the blood pressure.
        I have begun using lemon juice but wondered about the previous influence of the coffee in your father’s case

        1. I stopped coffee, and have seen no change in my blood pressure. I just placed an order for an herbal mixture from famousherbs.com and am hopeful. Also, I just read yesterday about the lemon juice helping a lot. I am being more mindful of the dietary importance with lots of vegetables.

          1. I needed to pass my helth check. Because Im a truck driver. So I was desperate to find a solution to high blodpresure..and finally did… Apple cider tablets. I take two after dinner. And an other early mornig. Take a zip or of two mgnesium citrate. A cup of lemon juice in the mornig. At the third day . I brang my blod presure. From 169/99 to 134 /87. Pass my phicical. With flying colors… Thanks

        2. I didnt konw about lemon juice help lower blod presure. And i find that it is way beter than coffee anay day. Its hard to quit coffee. So i did…..

          1. Victor’s remedy seems to work mine went from 148/90 to 123/80 the only change I made was hot lemon water in AM not coffee and Braggs apple cider vinegar not tablets also it keeps dropping so I will cut my meds in half also I truck so good advice have told others

      2. Ok iam trying the lemon and honey. I real hope I can get off the blood pressure pills. Iam doing it early in the morning on a empty stomach and at night before bed.
        Thanks for the information

      3. My BP reading during the day fluctuates. I want proper guidance from an expert. I take medication for cholesterol, BP, Thyroid. along with that recently started lemon and onions. will it become double dose. I have bulge belly and feels tired to walk so I stop few seconds and continue walking. Thanks.

      4. Blood pressure 214/137 came here and read about lemon juice. Also did deep breathing in and blowing out of mouth 3 times a day for 20 min
        last reading 137/87 in 3 days – no kidding

    2. Yes.
      Make a proper diet chart such as follows:

      a) 7:00 A.M – 8:00 A.M
      Take a cup of warm water + full drops of 1 lemon into it + 1/2 spoon sugar free (powder)
      b) 5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M
      Same drink as above
      Note 2:
      munch to celery

    3. jus Sorrel hibiscus help with high blood pressure Blood Pressure: Sorrel has a very significant level of potassium (1 cup contains 15% of your daily recommended intake), which is an essential mineral for human health. Potassium is a vasodilator, as well as being instrumental in maintaining fluid balance throughout the body. This means that potassium reduces the stress on the cardiovascular system by relaxing the blood vessels and arteries. Lowered blood pressure reduces the chances of dangerous clotting and excessive strain on the heart that can lead to coronary heart disease and other complications.

      Cancer Backention: Although the studies looking into the antioxidant components of sorrel are still ongoing, there is good evidence that sorrel contains polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, all of which function as antioxidants in the human body. The wealth of antioxidants that sorrel contains means that it is very effective at seeking out free radicals in the body and neutralizing them before they can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Antioxidants have a wide range of effects in the body, but cancer prevention is their most high-profile benefit.

  1. My mom eat celery and banana on a regular basis. She doesn’t have a high BP but I guess she just want to be cautious. And I believe it helped her a lot.

  2. i have high blood pressure during pregnancy and it’s been affecting me ever since but am hoping that it will go away soon.

  3. In order to controll the High Blood Pressure valueable information has given to the masses.Author really deserve appreciation for this commendable job.

  4. Last few week suddenly i got BP high . i was feeling giddy and i was not able to speak properly or couldnot speak words clearly and i was almost unconcious it was my first attack that’s why i didnot know what’s going on ? later on doctor told i got high BP . now i m taking medicians but after reading this ( Medic for High Blood Pressure ) i get more help from here . Thank you for your loving care and also let me thank to my brother who sent me this link to read it . May Almighty Father Bless you both

  5. Hi, this is a nice article.

    am obese and recently had a high blood pressure situation. now after taking sarpa gandha for few days, my BP is normal.

    I’m planning to try the following – please correct if wrong

    morning – empty stomach – 3 cloves of garlic crushed and swallow with 60ml hot water
    morning – empty stomach – drink 90 ml of warm water mixed with 2 tsp honey and juice from one half lemon

    also, iam taking CH Balance and Coenzyme along with Triphala juice in empty stomach in the morning.

    will there be any issues with the above combination. thanks in advance for feedback

      1. Loosing weight isn’t always the issue. I’ve got a friend who’s under 130 lbs and she has high blood pressure. Weight loss helps some but not always.

        1. You are absolutely right Mairi! At 16 I was 5.1 (1.56cm) for 100 pounds (45kgs) and I was high in blood pressure but I had intense stress all my youth.

  6. Wonderful insight.These are things that are almost free to get and use and so why spend so much on medications.

  7. Thanks for this education. I really appreciate it. I never knew i’m hypertensive, not until i went for checkup & find out that am reading ,160/110. I’m on drugs now, but i think i stil need take these home remedies. Thank you very much.

    1. I was wondering what natural ways are you using to lower your blood pressure and has it worked for you. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

      1. Comment:Pls donot think about it bcs thinking about it can also increase it hence I will recommend some remedies for you 1.garlic 2.raw tomatoes .3.coconut water 4 .honey 5.banana 6.stop eating canned foods,red meat salt 7.exercise 8.put your legs in hot water with these you can lower your blood pressure.

  8. I’ve tried lemon juice with honey in lukewarm water and five clove of garlic every morning empty stomach and watermelon seeds with milk at bed time. It really works wonder. It gave wonderful results.

  9. Thank you very much for such useful tips. My father has got high BP. I was searching home remedies. I found this article very helpful. Thank you once again.

  10. Glad I found this site as my hubby just told me that his bp has been really high lately. He’s not been to the Dr nor been diagnosed but I will now start some of these home remedies and soon when affordable, we’ll go to the doc. Thx again.

  11. I had hypertension measurement of 180/i40mmHg. I relied on just banana, lemon juice and garlic to control it.You may use the banana to eat the garlic raw without the burning sensation since banana when chewed with garlic serves as a lubricant in the mouth. Bite off 1/3rd of banana and as you chew it put in one clove of garlic and chew both as a mixture , bite in another bit to reduce the burning sensation . Continue for the other 2 cloves using two bananas.Finish off with 1/2 lemon juice. I do this 1hour after low fatty less salty diner. Avoid alcohol and stress by watching films

    1. This fantastic news and bless your success story. 46yr old single dad waiting for surgery in hospital 2hrs away in Ottawa for a “mechanical cyst” . The additional size 13cm x 8cm and weight resting on and attachjng itself to my Lg intestine stomach and pancreas is causing a reading consistantly 168-185 over 58-87. I am told this is mildy high and responded to low dose of cour—something, while in hospital. But have been sent home to wait for surgery and can’t afford all the prescriptions…More importantly.Anything NATURAL, is always BEST ! Cause its NATURAL.
      Thanks so much for your remedy and approx. ratio of fresh lemon to warm water to honey.


      1. Thank you so much for this about chewing garlic together with banana. Ive tried this this morning and it works i didnt feel the burning sensation when i chew the garlic

  12. The garlic is so good in food, and shouldn’t be torturous to eat alone. I always add it raw at the table. It is so tasty with beans and it supposed to help with gas, too. I have read in Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Dr. Balch and Phyliss Balch, C.N.C. to use Suma Herb tea many other helpful choices. I hope to find it in a health food store or asian market.

  13. My doctor has informed me that my body produces excessive numbers of red blood platelets that will clump together and
    accumulating in the blood stream. Since then I’ve been put on the generic drug hydro-urea 500 mg capsule to counteract this.
    The primary problem is that of the side effects associated with chemotherapy drugs . . . hair loss. Does Cayenne Pepper pre-vent the clumping together of platelets in the blood stream and accumulating in the blood stream?

    1. Not sure –seems –something is not right. Witch chemo therapy — to prevent attack of white cells –to prevent infections –they give Booster shots ( instead of antibiotics) to
      increase red blood cells — –cayenne pepper — will not help..

    2. I have the same probl for years nd i just decided to stop the hydrea tablets bec of hair loss i use natural remedies thwy say the dandelion is also good. If u find any home remedies plse let me know. The cardamon tea is also good for clotting of platelets.

    3. Lester,
      I was diagnosed with the same in 06 and have been taking the hydrea / chemo up to September of 2014 and then I begin having bleeding issues kidneys failing, so I quit taking the hydrea and started using grape seeds extracts and olive leaf compound, the grape seeds extracts works as natural blood thinning property, also it inhibits platelets sticking together preventing blood clots from happened. The olive leaf electrifies blood the blood cells making them health again and also this acts as a very powerful treatment on tooth infections. I have been taking these two herbals since Sept 2014, my platelets was at 600.000 when I stop taking the 500mg of hydrea but is going down and not up, when take them everyday. These should help you as they did me.

      PS. thanks to everyone who shared the info on lowering blood pressure, because I really needed this.
      Thanks again and many blessing to you all and your family’s.

  14. very nice article,very useful….i will start lemon juice from tomorrow morning….thankyou very much for the article

  15. I consumed a lot of ice tea the other day it was just so hot out working.I could fel my self get dizzy.So I made my own lemonade the old way,I drank many glasses of that.We were playing high blood pressure with my machine with friend every one was way normal I was 165/105.I hadn’t eaten I ate dinner and kept drinking the lemonade.With in 2-3 hours it went to 143/91.The only thing I believe it was the lemons and water I never drink water never mind lemon water.Its going to be this way for ever.I am on meds as well.

    1. Iced Tea has a lot of caffeine, and actually dehydrates you instead of hydrates you. You need electrolytes and water on hot days working outside. Lemons also have a diuretic effect (which lowers BP), but you are not going to get the electrolytes you’re going to need from lemon water alone. I would choose an electrolyte replacement drink for those hot days. Gatorade, for instance, has a high sugar count, but you can dilute it half and half with water and still get those electrolytes you need. Never choose an electrolyte drink with artificial sweeteners because they’re toxic to the brain, and never ever drink energy drinks (just an FYI) In Arizona, there have been cases of water intoxication in which people exercising or doing hard labor outside in the heat drown from consuming only, and way too much, water. The key is to have electrolyte drinks and water. I’d be careful with the lemonade/lemon water until you are in the cool down time of your day. The effect of your BP dropping in what you wrote could have been attributed to stopping the iced tea (caffeine, diuresis/dehydration) in and of itself. I would encourage you to discuss what you wrote with your doctor so you have a better understanding of drinks that hydrate you and dehydrate you, what you need in high heat/exertion times vs. resting times. The liquids that lower your BP due to diuresis ( extra peeing/sweating) should be avoided during that heat of the day when you need hydration. Thus my best suggestion of an electrolyte replacement drink. Best to you!

    2. If you can tolerate Coconut water it is good for lowering HBP and offers hydration as well. Some foods for HBP are celery, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, almonds, broccoli, etc. Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar as well as a 100% lemon juice are good also. We have to be careful when trying to control one ailment not to rile up another one though. I’ve read where meat riles up HBP and cholesterol. I’m wondering if we couldn’t avoid the chemicals and hormones in meat by going organic. Difficult to find organic red meat though. I have seen grass fed beef and milk, but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s organic. Lean is best if you can afford it. Or fish and chicken….probably while trying to lower HBP eating less meat would be good. And when you can only portions about 6 oz.

  16. i have high blood pressure and i am not taking any medication and i hope your top 10 will help me because some of the listed food are there in the kitcen and i never knew that they can be helpfull as i have just read

  17. I read this last week and have started taking lemon and eating bananas. I’ve stopped coffee altogether and very seldom have tea.
    I drink lots of water, no red meat. I hope my efforts will help. My BP is really high! i do not want to take tablets…My doctor recommended Fedaloc slow release…so

    Thanks to the author for this.

  18. I would send out a word of caution to the RAW garlic lovers, the acid in the garlic can hurt your stomach,so it is advisable to take either cooked with food or with some supplement

    1. That’s not true. Many people –specially farmers ( Patels ) in India and even in USA, eat
      raw garlic every day — it can hurt –only some people if they have acidity or stomach ulcer.

    2. I’m regularly taking at least 5-pcs. of raw Garlic ……crushing together/along with lunch/meal….since last more than 10-years …..having good response…

  19. In most cases of hypertension, blood vessels become hard and unable to expand, mostly due to age. Of course there can be other reasons too like kidney diseases, liver problems etc. To increase blood vessel flexibility, take 3 spoons of gelatin powder on an empty stomach, with some vitamin c or orange juice. First thing in the morning.

  20. My mother has struggled with hypertension for several years now. It’s important to recognize the symptoms of high blood pressure when it becomes acute: dry mouth, nausea. sometimes headaches, vision deterioration. a couple of times her sodium levels got too low (during summer months when she drank more water and it flushed out the salt) and she had dry heaves and almost went unconscious–the hospital corrected it with a sodium IV drip. sodium and potassium levels are very important. a low sodium diet with higher potassium intake is important. but it seems to have something to do with liver and kidney congestion too and possibly the thyroid. she has seen benefit from Pure Herbs’s LG-W (liver gallbladder) product and their Kid-W (kidney) product. And Nutri-west’s Core Level Thyro (thyroid). All can be found on Amazon or via Google. these don’t solve the problem, but they keep her alive. we are still dealing with the high blood pressure issue. daily fish oils seem to help for elasticity of the arteries and vessels. hypertension could possibly be avoided if a person took daily fish oils starting at age 40 or earlier. Glad I found this site.

  21. Hi
    I was unable to breath and was rush to the hospital
    And they said it ashma,each time i have this difficult
    In breathing my BP goes high.please what can do to counter both with the local remedy i dont want drug
    At all because of the side effect.and thanks for this

    1. Hi, Hyssop is a very good plant indeed for those afflicted with asthma. The best place to obtain the hyssop herb is Italy, because hyssop from Italy is more potent. The Old People took hyssop which was boiled with amixture of honey and rue, and they drank the stuff. It gives instant relief from coughs and shortness of breath and wheezing. Having taken the mixture i am not going to tell you that it is pleasant, but I will tell you that it works. (TLR)

    2. It is the body’s natural response to increase heart rate and blood pressure with an asthma attack because you aren’t getting enough oxygen into your body via your lungs. So, with less oxygen available the heart and BP raises to keep the level of oxygen your organs need – without this happening, your vital organs would shut down quickly. Unfortunately, most asthma medications will also raise your heart rate and BP as a side effect. Furthermore, your emotions/anxiety of not getting enough air when you breathe also causes heart rate and BP to rise.
      Your biggest problem is the asthma attack, which is usually triggered by an exaggerated allergic response to an allergen. I would suggest you see an allergist if possible, and be tested for common allergens that may be triggering the asthma. Keep an asthma journal of what you were doing, eating, drinking and conditions of the environment (cold, lots of pollens in the air, etc…) to help identify aggravating factors that you could possibly avoid. From what you’ve written, it sounds to me like the high BP/heart rate are a result of your decreased oxygen saturation from the asthma attack, and are thus normal episodes that will resolve as your oxygen saturation returns to normal – but keep in mind, asthma emergency medications will extend the time of your heart rate and BP being elevated. It doesn’t feel good, I know, but at least, from what you’ve written, you have normal BP and heart rate outside of your asthma attacks, right? That means you don’t need to treat for high blood pressure daily, but you DO need to prevent those asthma attacks. Please discuss what you’ve written here with your doctor. so you understand what happens to the rest of your body when you have an asthma attack, as it is a good sign that your heart/body are adapting to the loss of oxygen as they should.

  22. I just read your remedies on high BP and I am so hopeful the lemon honey bananas garlic will work for me can,t wait to get off the MEDS, will post comment again if I see results. thanks.

  23. Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water will work as well as the lemon and beneficial for correcting many other health conditions apart from BP. Thanks for sharing.

  24. My dad had been on drugs for long, thanks alot fo these home remedies which will hopefully help. Will get back with the results soon.

  25. Now I can ask my wife to try some of the above as she is now started hypertension and she don’t want to consult any doctor.

  26. Although I have never suffered with hypertension, I habitually drink hot water with lemon and then eat minced garlic and asparagus with an egg every morning right after a half of pink grapefruit. The reason that I eat this way is that these foods are natural anti-fungals and if I don’t eat them, I have joint pain. The garlic is not from a jar, because garlic in a jar is not alive and does not posses the same properties as the raw. If you drink apple cider vinegar, make sure that you use Bragg as it is live. Anything that has been heated or pasturized is not alive and you will not get all of the many benefits that raw food has to offer.

  27. I have the same symptoms with you guys.dont want also to take synthetic meds for it has side effects I know in my body. I tried eating raw garlic 3cloves everyday with warm water. I boiled lemon grass with pandan and moringa leaves.during times of hbp I eat 3 gloves of raw garlic with warm water…alas suddenly my bp went low…I take supplement of boiled moringa lemongrass and pandan and it works…of course I do exercise everyday at least 30 min

  28. Another good one to try is this juice everymorn and night:- Mix two cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon natural aloe vera juice, one tablespoon honey, small teaspoon ginger, half a raw onion, green tea. Put these all into your garlic crusher mortar and crush. Boil kettle pour 250ml of boiled water on that crushed mixture, let it sit covered for 5 minutess and strain the liquid with tea strainer into your tea cup and voila!you have the healthiest tea without the caffeine which will love bringing down the blood pressure house! bring it on Man! (poke a knife hole through your aloe stalks, place them in a glass over night and let the juice drain and it is this aloe juice that you use in the above).

  29. I am 59 & have been on BP drugs for about 20 years. Will do anything to stop taking synthetic drugs. Thanks for your research. Will try it right away & pray it works for me.

  30. My BP was 16/10 four days back with severe head ache. I have been prescribed with bp drugs which i am taking regularly. I have also reduced salt intake but there is not much decrease of the bp. It had also affected my eyesight. Can anyone help please.thnks

    1. Hi Risci,

      Believe me honestly that i have spent lot of money buying different kind of prescribed medication by doctors who seems to work for different pharmaceutical companies. The doctors don’t even take proper care to analyse the causes of your HBP. Well, they sometimes send you to do different analysis and whenever the result is out, they quickly conclude that you need a lifetime HBP medication. As a matter of fact and in my case, i do not have any family history with HBP and also below 40 years of age.
      However, i advise you first and foremost to buy the small automatic HBP equipment which does not cost more that 50 USD in Dominican Republic and you can check your BP as many times as you want. Please abstain completely from fatty foods. Eating fatty foods is like you are digging your own grave because they are the major causes of this HBP. Remember that as soon as you are approaching 40 years of age, your body metabolism system does not function like you are in your 20s. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Whole grains will do you good as well. Daily excises like 30 minutes on the treadmill in a gym will be excellent for blood circulation. Do you know that when you stop eating fatty foods you don’t get hungry easily?. Well, try all that i have written here and you will never regret it. I am very confident that your BP will get back to normalcy without any medication.

  31. I live in Dominican Republic. I have just turned 39. 2 years ago, i was diagnosed with HBP and my doctor, a renowned cardiologist told me that i will be on a medication for the rest of my life. Since then, i started using a prescribed medication called cardio k 320D/10/25 on a daily basis for 2 years which worked efficiently. Right now, it is 2 weeks that i have stopped using the medication and without no supplement and my systolic has been 120mmHg/79mmHg diastolic. The secret to my successful story is that you eat healthy. Abstain completely from fatty food. Although, it is hard to abstain completely but if you do, believe me, you will see a very big changes in your BP for the better. No red beef meat, fried chicken, evaporated milk and every other foods with fat content. Honestly speaking, the doctors don’t emphasize so much on healthy diets and they try to help sell millions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies. I pretty understands that we are in a capitalistic 21 century generation.

  32. I tried honey&lemon juice twice a day it helped my high-blood-pressure lower down to 118-78 within a week I was monitering about 169-110

  33. Thanks for the Info. I will certainly try some of these options. God bless for all the info. I just started the lime and water treatment.

  34. I have HPB since last few months. But it is not persistent. Some times, i feel dizziness. Since last night i have this problem again. I was searching for some easy and urgent tips to reduce the high blood pressure. Thanks a lot for your information. Really it is a great help of mankind that you have shared your knowledge with others especially with patients of hypertension. As an urgent remedial measure to lessen my blood pressure, i ate bananas just after seeing your list and now i am feeling a little bit better. Honestly, i will try to keep on using above items mentioned in your list to reduce the blood pressure. Wishing you and the other viewers a happier and long healthy life. May Allah Almighty keep all of us safe, happy and healthy. Thanks again a lot for your information.

  35. From the past 3-4 yrs I am almost totally off medicines after avery bad experiencewithdoctors and medication, as I was shuttling between cardiologists and gastro- enterologists for proper diagnosis and medication. Ultimately found refuge in naturopathy. Changed food habits and take one week treatment at naturopathy centre every year.
    For the first time I got high BP and the doctor prescribed medication and a no. Of tests. Took a tablet to bein safeside and immdtly started looking for home remedies ( have 4-5 books on naturopahy, home remedies, acupressure ) started lime water, 2-3 cloves garlic, carrot- beetroot salad or juice……BP is normal since 3-4 days, shall continue with this. The above article is wonderful, thanks for sharing such valuable information.

  36. I have been off high blood pressure pills for 2 years now Ihave been taking some raw garlic with my salad ever since and boiling some like 8 olive leaves daily it helps but I went to the dr. today although I check it myself but it is border line and like to lower it a bit more ……the dr.told me I need to do some walking by the way I m over 60!

  37. Sarpa gandha seems to be an ayurveda remedy.
    But nevertheless I would also start banana, lemon, honey and garlic every day as today I was diagnosed for the firstly time as no one in my family ever had hbp problem with 100/170 hbp.

  38. Really nice article…Will definetly start with lemon juice, honey, garlic and banana. Some excercise will also definetly help . How much time does it take to show result.

    1. I am a High BP patient at present I am on tablets prescribed by docs. Has any one left consuming the tablets prescribed by doctors after continuing home remedy for High BP. Will it be OK if we only take home remedy through out the life instead of tablets. I think in the long run tablets will have after effects. Any one please clarify.

      1. Definitely tablets will have side effect.Depending how diligent you are with your natural and alternative therapies commitment, you can get off medication;obviously exercise and proper food helps.If you are in Uk get some stuff from Holland Barrett or get back to me via email and I will advise you.

      2. U must continue taking tablets.only trying the home remedies won’t do.dnt risk ur life by stopping medication without consulting a doctor..

        1. I disagree with you roshni.I was on HDP medication for the past 3 years.
          Theside effects of the medication made more damage to my body than help me.
          Measure your BP 3 times daily and start home remedies ASAP.

        2. Allopathic Doctors few of them sell drugs/medical tests and hospitalization for needless reasons. It is better to avoid them if there is no need. Finding a good doctor is as good as getting cured. GOD bless.

      3. If you don’t want to take the drugs you MUST slowly wean yourself off of them. Never stop suddenly as the bl pr can spike and get a stroke. I would do both at the same time. Keep checking bl pr and if it goes too low then cut the meds in halves or thirds, but never stop cold turkey!!!!!

  39. This web page is of great use for me since I am averse to allopathic drugs that too the ones people use for lifetime.
    Thanks to all those who have given info.

  40. very useful tips are given to reduce high BP. Recently I have head ache,pain in ear lobes and diagnosed as High BP. I was advised medication but I am now trying lemon juice treatment. I hope my BP will be rduced. Thanks for the tips

  41. I just started drinking warm water and lemon in the morning. I have a doctor’s appointment on 8/14/14 to have my blood pressure checked and is hoping that this will help me to stop having to take my blood pressure meds. Thanks!

  42. I had HBP for almost a year coz of the stress life, and 3x was hospitalized coz of that issues. the bad HBP was 196/127 when i was in ER, since that day i tried to keep my healthy life and loose weight almost 14kg. I do meditation for relief my stress and do exercise every day and take a herbal medicine coz i want to reduce the HBP meds. Thank God now my blood pressure around 120/80 and i eat celery 2x a day (thats help me a lot to relax), Good luck guys and stay healthy! Thanks for the tips.. i think i wanna try lemon and water with honey.

  43. I tried everything of above things and I am amazed to see the result ,my BP has come in Normal range. Information given on this site is very useful,I highly recommend this to everyone. Thanx for excellent info.

  44. Hello friends, i am from Pakistan. just tried remedies for hypertension, and got this important site. well, my mom have hypertension, and it aggravate at night regularly. took medicines from hospital and it effect little bit to reduce hypertension. As i read your site, now i am going to purchase Banana and Lemon. Hopefully it will effect and eliminate hypertension…!!

  45. Just to add to all those, if your a smoker other real or ecigs and you stop your BP will drop immediately, as nicotine raises BP, also warm baths and showers gives big reductions,

  46. Get rid of your wife all B.P, sugar, colastrol, will be solved. I sent her to mother in laws house. All problems solved. Again the problems cropped up in me after she came back.

    1. WOW, BASKAR! This sounds like the easiest remedy out of all the ones I’ve read so far. I cracked up when I read it– SO FUNNY!! I needed that laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Thank you so much everyone for sharing your feedback. Even I have been diagnosed with hypertension recently and was quite worried about it.
    Despite taking a pill my BP Is not under control.
    I am surely going to try some of the tips as see if it help’s.

  48. My husband had high Blood Pressure, I starting making him a tonic consisting of 1/2 C of boiling water, juice from 1/2 of an organic lemon, 2 TBS. Braggs apple cider, 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper, 2 TBS. Honey, so far it’s worked like a charm.

    1. My husband had high Blood Pressure, I starting making him a tonic consisting of 1/2 C of boiling water, juice from 1/2 of an organic lemon, 2 TBS. Braggs apple cider, 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper, 2 TBS. Honey, so far it’s worked like a charm.
      Hi Dear,
      Can you please tell me whether i should boil all the above ingredients in water.

      1. No, boil the water first and then add the rest of the ingredients to the hot water. If you don’t want to drink it hot, you can always add some ice cubes.

  49. Very informative. Tq for sharing, & for d feedbacks. Came across this when searching for home remedies. Have just shared this link to my colleague. May all benefit!

  50. Hi friends, I have high blood pressure and twicely it reach upto 220/110. Also I am on the medication for it, where I am taking 5mg Amalon tablet everyday morning. But whenever I am checking my BP it gives me near to 160/95 everyday, Please can you suggest the best home remedies that I can control my BP as normal.

  51. Today only my mum blood pressure increased…n she is hypotensiv also…. so i jst reas abt yow reduce these two things so i gave her one r two garlic cloves n suddenly after 5 mins she became normal… really garlic is too effectiv fr bp i suggest u all tht use garlic !!!! Thnk u

  52. Very informative site thank you!
    I have HBP but I don’t take the medication that the doctors prescribed because i know that it has side effects. Instead i try and control it myself by watching what i eat and drink. My pressure this morning was 151/109/71. Read about the lemons on this website and decided to give it a try. Well, an hour or so after taking a full glass of freshly squeezed lemon with water my pressure reading went down to 130/96/69! Thank you for this website.

  53. I hav had HBP since twenty years bt at the same time I hav asthema problem n acidity so I won’t b able to take lime water. Though it is an amazing sight bt nothing useful for me

  54. thanks every one for your info.i just realized 2 days ago that im HBP after visiting my Dr. from today im trying what i have got from this site i hope it gona work for my pressure which is 180/60 god bless.

  55. Hi.I have high bp for very long time 170/100.each time visit to doctor it will be high.I check with my auto machine at home with reading below 150/100.Anything wrong with my machine.BTW,thks for the useful tips to bring down pressure n I’m going to try it

  56. My fiance has been on HBP medication for 5 years,and ,I want him off the meds and thanks for this site…first thing tommorrow ,we are going shopping for lemons and honey…celery…we are throwing out all the red meat and cheap oil that we were using…I wish everybody to get well.

    1. It would be a mistake to throw out the meds. My mother in law refused them. Now she’s in the hospital due to a brain hemorage she got because of HBP being out of control due to not taking meds. I’ve been told by doctors and patients now , at least 5 different once, that HBP meds are the safest forms of medication you can take. And they will save your life. If you want to get him off that’s fine, but don’t take him off cold turkey. Ween him off. Eat all these great foods, lessen sodium foods, work out more and over time you’ll be able to balance out less meds with more good foods and drinks like this.

  57. For BP its very good to have one glass of hibiscus tea regularly to lower your risk of developing high BP or to protect yourself against more severe hypertension if your BP levels are already too high.

  58. its very good article but if you want more i can recommend a food supplement that is good for cardio health.it contain 12 fruits and 12 veggies 12 mushroom 14 super food and spirulina blend and more.

  59. If you decided to take garlic every day then keep it one or two daily. Be very cautious with lemon juice, go for half, small size, (tennis ball). That too not for long period, say10to 15 days.stop try other remedies and come back after two months.

  60. We can stop HBP if we apply a complete natural approach:
    3-Flax seed
    9- Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
    10-Limit Carbohydrates and saturated fats
    11-Water, water, water
    12-NO salt
    13-Walking (30 minutes / day)
    14-Green vegetables
    17-Stress control

  61. Thank you very much I have learnt so much by reading on this site and will start today on lemons and garlic I am not on meds yet and I don’t want to get to that my BP at the momemnt is 143/72 I want back to normal I wish everyone good health let’s all fight this High blood pressure thanks for all advice

  62. Thanks a milllion for a very informative article, I’m convinced it will help me, my mom and my friends. I plan to share this with all my friends to fight against HBP and the use of prescribed meds. Thanks once again all for your input. God bless you all.

  63. I have high BP `60/90 and always take medicines. For that I got edema in the whole body. Now I shall start with the lemon + garlic home remedy , which I never tried. Thanks for the so useful natural remedies those are really life saving without and side effects of medication.

    1. I have high BP 160/90 and always take medicines. For that I got edema in the whole body. Now I shall start with the lemon + garlic home remedy , which I never tried. Thanks for the so useful natural remedies those are really life saving without and side effects of medication.

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  64. Hi recently diagnosed with HBP and given tablets. Have taken them or 2 days and stopped as I hate them. Thanks for the interesting read. I am off to make a collection of the items. Will be back with feedback.

  65. This was a timely gift for me.I was diagnosed of hypertension last month and i was given retard tablets which caused a severe headache.I have stopped the medication and i am on natural remedies now.A lot of improvement have been recorded.God bless you so much.

  66. Praise be to Allah I tried. lemon. and honey juice my not dropped to 130/80 within a week.Thanks for this article

  67. praise be to Allah I tried lemon juicy with honey and my blood pressure dropped. to 130/80 within. a week. thanks

  68. I was alarmed yesterday when after some headaches and hot flashes I found out that my BP was 147/92. I have family history on HBP and I’m also concerned because I have a long flight tomorrow. Thanks for that article and all of you people for sharing your experiences.

  69. my mother has had horrible trouble with high blood pressure. I had read somewhere that hibiscus tea was wonderful in dealing with that issue. I went to my local to the house and bought all different types of hibiscus teas for her. They even had just plain hibiscus to brew to add to any other juice or drink. Decaf and caffeinated for different times of day. She found it extremely helpful. She drinks it hot as well as keeps a picture of it iced in the fridge so she can sip on it all day.

  70. HBP is a problem which affects both sexes and people after thirty or forty. Those with family history can have it earlier also. While all home and natural remedies do work,not taking medication when one knows he/she has HBP is not a wise thing to do. This ailment is a silent killer,and affects the vital organs like heart,brain and kidneys if left untreated. I am now 60+ and have been talking anti hypertensives for the last more than thirty years,and try to take all precautions,along with some of the natural things discussed. But not taking medication is not an alternative, in my opinion.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you, Rakesh. Been on BP meds ’bout 40 yrs with same doctor. Just found out he is (suddenly) no longer practicing, and I’ve been out of ALL MEDS for weeks now. Will try some of these home remedies while I’m searching for another primary care doctor to write prescriptions. My BP is 168/101 today (normally around 120/80), and I can feel a difference. Thanks to all who contribute their experiences. May GOD continue to bless you.

  71. Take 10 ML Juice of Moringa Leaves then grind the juice with 1 glove of Garlic. Drink it for one month. Blood pressure is because of the problems with VYANA as per Ayurveda. You must control the Vyana not the hypertension. Taking continuous medicines for blood pressure may cause serious problems in kidney / heart / liver.

  72. For years my BP was high and my doctor would say to me, shari I have to you on BP meds if it doesn’t come down so I did some research and read a lot about coconut oil and whit tea, 3 months before my next doctors app I started taken 2 table spoons of coconut oil a day and drank a cup of white tea a day. At my app my doctor was floored and so was I, my BP was normal, in the past 4 years that never happen, oh yeah I forgot to mention I have heart disease so it was a struggle to keep my BP normal until I tried the coconut oil and the white tea…

  73. Am working in Soudi arabia
    Some time my bp high.that time am very angry to costumer. Now am used water with limon and houny .now good condition.God is great.thanks

  74. Thank you for all the valuable home remedies. Best site I’ve seen and first hand experience. My BP went up 156/76 yesterday morning and 143/69 this morning. After I took Ayuveda concoction of garlic juice, ginger juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey my BP went down ton120/67 this afternoon. Will certainly try some of the natural tips to reduce BP. I’ve been on BP meds for past 2 years and also taking daily meds for severe vertigo.

  75. I have been on a blood pressure medication since 2 years. I also had a lot of acidity and bloating.

    I have been having a cup of turmeric tea 1st thing in the morning for over a month. My blood pressure has drastically come down. My acidity and bloating are gone.
    How to make it
    Put half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of boiled wate. . Add a quarter tea spoon of honey. Cut a small slice of lemmon or lime. Mix in boiling water. Drink 1st thing in the morning on a empty stomach. You will be amazed with the results.
    Good luck

  76. Nice informs.God bless you all.l pray that let the creator perfects everything dats concern his children. He is the great healer.

  77. Hi guys!i was diagnose recently for having HBP. I got like 150-90.I was reading your comments and it sound promising!i tried eating banana and garlic and i am hoping tomorrow that i wil have a very positive results!ill be posting my results soon!pls wish me well i need it for my medicals for work….

  78. I jst hv my BP checked and it is 140 over 100..pouts they said it is still high..i ate 2 cloves of garlic and a banana this morning ..before this its 150 over 90

  79. Hi I am Thank I I have one month baby and I am breastfeeding feeding can I also use lemon and honey or garlic will all this not affect my baby.

  80. How can someone avoid the offensive smell that comes from eating garlic on a regular basis. Aside from the smell from the mouth, the smell could also come from sweating.

  81. Grate ginger root add boiled water, add juice from 1 lemon. Then drink. Long term, move food diet from acid side of food pH side of chart to alkaline side.

  82. I’m only 26 but I have a HB every afternoon 150/100 I don’t eat fatty foods I don’t eat red meats and rice. Only fruits and vegetables non fat milk fish and brown rice half cup in lunch but still may Bp is high . 😔😔

  83. Thank you so much for the natural remedies. i am starting immediately to try them.From the comments i have noted that it is It is important to also drink lots of water and to exercise and trust in God for the natural remedies to work.

  84. No-one seems to have written for a while, but I wanted to say how friendly everyone seems. I will join you in trying the honey in lemon and see if it works. I have read that beet juice helps lower BP. Has anyone here tried it? The prescription BP meds have ruined my shoulder and thigh muscles and I want to come them once the natural remedies kick in. Thank you to everyone for your helpful advice.

  85. Beets and/or Beet juice is NOT recommended for treating HBP, in any case. I hope this helps. This information can be researched.

  86. My bp is on and off but today was worse my weight is 66but my bp 196/125 yooooh …..so frustrating
    Thanx i will start garlic,lemon and water and also do exercises

  87. Hello…its today when ive tried to check my BP.it hasbeen 180 by 100 so ive to tyr all the advise ive got from you people. thanks alot.

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