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Medic for Foot Odor

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7. Boric Acid

Boric acid is another effective remedy that kills odor-causing bacteria, thereby eliminating foot odor.

boric acid treats foot odor

  • Dust a little boric acid powder on your sweaty feet for a few days to get rid of foot odor.
  • You can also mix one-half cup each of boric acid and white vinegar in two cups of water. Spray the inside of your shoes with it.

8. Sugar Scrub

Sugar has several other uses other than as a sweetener. Sugar aids in removing dead cells. Removing dead skin and calluses will also help eliminate foot odor as they too can contribute to smelly feet. Regular use helps clean your feet and also prevent the formation of calluses. You can make a powerful homemade scrub by following these directions.


sugar scrub for foot odor

  1. Mix three parts sugar, one part clean water and five parts isopropyl alcohol (91 percent or above) to create a thick mixture.
  2. Scrub your feet with the mixture for five to 10 minutes to remove dead skin cells and bacteria and then wash your feet.
  3. Do this at least three times a week.

Note: For better results, soak your feet in warm water before using this sugar scrub recipe.

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  1. Hmmm feels better even to find out people suffer the same issue like mine and thanks for the simple & natural remedies to apply.

  2. Well the list is kind of complete 🙂 The nutrition is also a really important point: your diet has influence in how much you sweat and how the sweat smells! Anyway, I have a natural all – in – one solution for you: use cedar soles in the shoes and you won’t sweat anymore, even if you wear your shoes without socks 🙂 My friend works for a company in Germany who sells them and she gave me a pair! I doubted a lot, but finally, the best anti-foot-smell-and-sweat stuff I ‘ve ever tried 🙂 Just wanted to share this experience here, maybe it helps somebody!

  3. You can try to put cedar wood insoles in your shoes, they do normally great work against excessive sweating of the feet and also help to get rid of foot odor.

  4. All of these are very helpful gonna try the lavender and the cider, don’t think I will go as far as the horse urine though but I have heard urine is supposed to be good for your feet for some reason or another. I’ve been suffering from bad odor since I started working at a job that requires the non slip restaurant shoes. So gotta do something my kids scatter Everytime I go to take my shoes off.

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