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Medic for Eczema Scars

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9. Cocoa Butter

cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is often regarded as a restorative salve for skin that can lighten dark scars. Apply pure cocoa butter on the scars daily and over time you will see them get lighter and lighter. For best results, be sure to use pure cocoa butter and not just lotions containing cocoa butter.

Just like cocoa butter, shea butter can also be used to eliminate scars. Shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E as well as keratin, which help rejuvenate the skin and fade scars.


10. Fish Oil

fish oil

Regular intake of fish oil can also help heal eczema scars. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil also heal the inflammatory symptoms associated with eczema.

  • Take 1,200 milligrams of fish oil three times daily to get rid of scars left by eczema.
  • You can also include fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel in your diet.

It is important to remember that the scars will not vanish in a day or two. You’ll need to be patient and follow the remedies without fail for some time before you start noticing a difference.

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38 thoughts on “Medic for Eczema Scars”

  1. OMG, you guys seriously need to try the baking soda one. It helps dramatically. I have had eczema for 11 years & it finally went away. Shoutout to this site, you are such a life saver. Now i can wear ANYTHING i want. 🙂

  2. THANK YOU! First time I am experiencing eczema and the scarring was terrible. I tried the baking soda and IT WORKED! 30mins since I applied it and it’s reduced drastically I took a before and after pic just now and I’m amazed! Very happy thank you!

  3. I’ve had eczema since birth, it was really bad when I was a child. I am now 17 and it has left me with darker brownish skin on my hips and legs. I will try the using the lemon to try to lighten my skin and scars. hope it works.

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