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Medic for Ear Pain in Kids

by Ashlee Homer, MSN, RN    Reviewed by Dr. Ruby S. Thomas, MD, M.P.H

Is your child fussy and constantly tugging or pulling his or her ear(s)? If so, then it is quite possible that your child may be suffering from ear pain. Ear pain is a common experience in childhood, and most children complain of an earache at least once before adulthood. It can cause a lot of discomfort to you child as ear pain can be quite sharp and piercing.

Causes of Ear Pain

Ear pain, in most cases, is the leading symptom of an ear infection. And although anyone can get an ear infection, it is mostly children who suffer more than adults. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday.

earache in kids


Along with bacterial infection, there are other factors that could also be the cause of ear pain in kids, like congestion, a change in air pressure, foreign bodies in the ear, sinus infections, earwax and sore throat.

Symptoms of Ear Pain

If your child is suffering from ear pain, then he or she might show his or her discomfort by tugging at the ear. The other symptoms of your child suffering from ear pain include fussiness, crying, trouble sleeping. A mild fever or fluid draining from the ear may indicate an ear infection.

Backention of Ear Pain

Though the possibility of an ear pain in children cannot be entirely avoided, it can, in some cases, be prevented by taking some precautions.

  • Encourage frequent hand-washing in your children, to help prevent infections that may lead to ear pain.
  • Ask your child to maintain distance from the family member who is sick.
  • Keep your kids away from secondhand smoke, dust and fumes.
  • If your child is congested, suction their nose frequently with saline drops and a bulb suction. This may decrease the build up of fluid in the nose and Eustachian tube.
  • Encourage fruits and vegetables. Good nutrition is the foundation of a strong immune system in children.

When to Visit a Doctor

If your child complains of sudden hearing loss, severe pain, dizziness or if he/she has high fever, stiff neck or redness, swelling or pain in the area around the ear, or if he/she has high fever, then you would need to call the pediatrician immediately.


You would also need medical attention for your child if you see fluid that appears like pus or blood draining from the ear, or if the symptoms persist or worsen after 48-72 hours.

If your child has ear pain, there are some simple and effective home remedies that can provide quick relief.

home remedies for ear pain in kids

Here are the home remedies for ear pain in kids.

1. Herbal Ear Drops

A few studies have shown that a mixture of various herbs in a carrier oil such as olive oil may be as effective as anesthetic drops in treating ear pain associated with ear infections. Mixtures may include garlic, mullein, St. John’s wort, and calendula.

Garlic is known to have analgesic, antibiotic and antiviral properties. Mullein has been widely used to treat ear infections and may have antiviral properties. Be sure to dilute any oil used and use it sparingly as they can be irritating to the eardrum and cause additional pain.

2. Breast Milk

Breast milk has natural antibodies that can help speed up the healing process of any kind of ear infection.


According to a study in Pediatrics, breastfed babies have lower rates of many types of infections later in life, including ear infections, even beyond infancy. This study clearly indicates that this is an additional benefit to breastfeeding outside of infancy. Breastfeeding is a good option to protect your baby from earaches.

In addition to breastfeeding, you can put a few drops of breast milk into the affected ear using a dropper to reduce pain. Repeat every few hours as needed.

3. Warm Compress

As soon as possible, apply some heat to the painful ear to bring some comfort. The heat will reduce pain.

  • Dip a clean washcloth in lukewarm water, wring out the excess water and place the washcloth on the painful ear for 5 minutes. Wait 10 minutes, then repeat the process as needed.
  • Alternatively, press a warm water bottle or heating pad against the painful ear.
  • Another option is to heat 1 cup of salt on stove or in the microwave, put the warm salt on a piece of cloth, tie it in a bundle and place it on the affected ear for 10 minutes at a time. Use as needed.
Note: The warm compress may make your child uncomfortable and this can cause a lot of squirming.

4. Steam Inhalation

One of the best home remedies to relieve ear pain in children due to congestion, sinus infection or cold is steam inhalation.

Steam helps alleviate congestion which can help make breathing a bit easier. The warmth of the moisture will also thin the mucus to make it easier to expel.

  • For small babies and children, run a hot shower and keep the door shut to prevent the steam from escaping. Sit with your baby in the steam-filled bathroom and allow your child to inhale the steam for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • For older children, use a large bowl full of hot water and have your child inhale the steam for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat 1 or 2 times a day.

Additional Tips

  • Give your child an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to ease earaches. However, consult your doctor first.
  • Avoid overuse of antibiotics, as it may often lead to antibiotic-resistant infections.
  • Your child’s sleeping position can either aggravate or reduce ear pain. Lying down flat can sometimes worsen the feeling of pressure and pain in the infected ear. Hence, it is recommended to consider changing the sleeping position and opt for an elevating position.
  • If you bottle feed your baby, hold the infant in a semi-upright position to prevent formula from flowing back into the Eustachian tubes.

The good news is that ear pain usually resolves on its own over time, so be sure to use some of these home remedies while nature takes its course.


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  1. U can also put some Vicks or move or any pain killer tube outside the ear over the pain area and rub gently and cover the area. Soon pain LL relive

  2. For earache… I myself took an egg daily as advised by my grandma.. No medicine… I m fine for the past one year ….. But no yogurt. Intake…

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