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Medic for Ear Infections

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7. Onion

Onion is a very common ingredient used in cooking. It has medicinal uses too, including for the treatment of an ear infection.

  • Chop one small onion, put it in a bowl and microwave it for one to two minutes. Allow it to cool and then strain out the onion juice. Put two to three drops of the juice in the infected ear, leave it for sometime and then turn your head to let it drain out of your ear.
  • You can also bake an onion for half an hour, cut it into halves and put one half in a thick cotton cloth. Place the cloth on the infected ear for five minutes. Wait for 10 minutes and then repeat the process.

8. Tea Tree Oil

The mild antibacterial properties present in tea tree oil can give instant relief from earache. To treat an ear infection, follow the steps below.

  1. Mix three drops of tea tree oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of colloidal silver and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Warm the mixture slightly.
  2. Lay on your side with your head on a towel. Using a dropper, fill your ear with the mixture and let it sit for five minutes. Then turn and lay on your other side so that the mixture drains out of your ear completely.
  3. Follow this remedy two to three times a day for two days.

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118 thoughts on “Medic for Ear Infections”

  1. Thanks for this site. I am having ear problem right now I don’t know what to do with it. It will be able to cure my infection.

  2. WOW!!! I AM SO GLAD I READ THIS! I was getting ready to do some X-mas shopping online when my daughter came upstairs crying that her ear hurt. I tried to comfort her but her ear was hurting her so bad and she wouldn’t stop crying. So we went downstairs, heated some salt and within 15 minutes she was fast asleep. It has been over an hour now and she is still sound asleep and I am almost done with my shopping! This remedy was a lifesaver!

  3. I struggled with the WORST inner ear pain for almost 24 hours. After reading this site, I decided to try a heating pad on my right ear. I turned the heating pad up to high and placed it on my ear for approximately 5 minutes. I waited for a short time and felt no relief and ultimately felt defeated ๐Ÿ™
    Much to my surprise, after about 15 minutes my ear began popping like crazy and the pain/pressure disappeared! It was amazing! My ear started oozing a little liquid and i felt brand new! Amazing. Thank you!

  4. I tried grgling with braggs organic aplke cider vinegar really worked if u can stomach taste, keep water or ither beverage handy right after to calm sour bitterness after that gargle! I too afraid put something foreign in ear, is so delicate system your ear, balance, hesring anything inserted e.n.t. said can easily damage petmanantly!
    I went to excellent e.n.t. doc. for 30 years, and he had a solution w a prescription prescribed works wonders to maintain ear cleanliness, and avoid fungal isdues inside and out of ear; has alcohol and peroxide, but dont know exact amount, suggest you go to a good e.n.t. they experts at aears because if u start putting things in ears and do it wrong u can go deaf! also tinnitus is caused often by diet, avoid caffeine like the plague! avoid all table salt in foid and change to low sodium diet, huge help, also my e.n.t. invented a vitamin for timnitus available at walgreens look under over the counter ear health section near pharmacy. it has something from a lemon hey isolate in a vitamin to swallow, but nedd to take 2 at a time, not 1. its nit cheap but really works, sorry cant remember name but look for a vitamin that relieves ear ringing ir tinnutus says on label. my e.n.t. used to give me free at each visit solved fullness and relieves tinnitus big time! an e.n.t. can help isolate the problem to outer ear/inner ear, eustacian tubes etc. excess ringing, dizziness or vertigo is a malafy of inner ear, none of the home remedies will resolve, except ginger, eating raw ginger, it, or drinking ginger tea or canada dry gingerale removes nause immediately, this vertigo and tinnitus can be triggered by many things, allergies, hormone imbalance, loud noise,blood sugar, salt is wirst thing for inner ear causes water retention which puts an imbalance on perilymph and endolymph sac which controls your delicate balance system and tinnitus is first symptom, is called menieres disease, causes permanant deafness eventually unless changes in diet snd lifestyle are not immediate. u nedd help of a good e.n.t. who specializes in menieres , balance disorders and tinnitus. I have had menieres disease for 20 years and because I was under the care of excecellent specialist I am in the 1% who still have my hearing! my doc said never let them operate on my ear for this problem because is a destructive surgery cayses deafness and removes tinnutus because they collapse ear! was my guage of how to tell if a goid e.n.t. if they push operation, then run dont walk out of office! If they know nothing about menieres disease, run faster if u have a tinnitus, ringing problem, fullness or pain, could be sign of other very serious condition like a brain tumour, a good e.n.t. will order m.r.I. to rule out a.s a.p. I also have tuleo phenomenon, and that is hypersensitivity to loud noise. which like an emergency siren or lawn mower, train, boombox, airplane of higher decibels can also trigger tinnutus, severe vertigo, nauseu, diziness, and complete incapacitation, for a few days where u are spinning and cant walk, and laying down doesnt help, so the e.n.t. will prescribe mevlizine, or antivert, but over the counter bonamine is same thing, for severe cases they may prescribe diazepam, it basically knocks u out. make sure any other meds u take are low sodium or ototoxic because can also trigfer tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, symptoms. when u are about to go deaf you will have hypersensitive hearing, my e.n.t. got me to get specially custom made earshields u wear all the time, also I wear bose noise cancelling headphones, which is a newer technology for tinnutys/ear ringing the noise in headphones, cancels out the noise ringing in ear and outside nouses gives si much relief, also I wear 32 nrr headphones out doors this has saved me from going deaf, all suggested from my excellent e.n.t. for padt 29 years, doctors cant believe I still have my hearing with such severe case if menieres and tulio phenomenon! the pain of inner ear can be as sharp and painful as an outer ear infection only an e n.t. spevialist is qualified to determin the cause and spared me from losing my hearing completely. if u start monkeying around, purting whatever in it, w such a delicate instrument as youru ears u will pay later, with irreversible damage. Is worth the investment to avoid total deafness disability especially if u have long history of ear problems! also e.n.t. has soecialty instruments to lokk deeper into ear and clean deeper and help maintain your ear health so u dont end up w tons wax buildup that ultimately causes alk the problems and pain people describing here. please use home remedies w great caution because every persons physiology is different and onr size fits all approach is a bandaid temp. solution that could cause long term irriversable damage or disability! Like the guy in news who bought all natural product from australia for building muscle, and weight loss and ended up ruining his kidney, had to have removed and transplant or would die! all his distress and threatening his mortality could have been avoided, so buyer beware! also a reputable pharmacist is a very good resource to find out dryg and natural remedies, vitamins, herbs interactions and side effects befire you experiment on yourself, or yoyr chikdren, talk to genuine experts please! is wotlrth time and investment to get a referral to see reputableefical specialists if u or your child has long term reoccurence of ear problems or any other health problems bevause they can help u isolate root cause instead of just putting bandaid on reoccurring symptoms. may mean the difference between permanant damage and disability or not! also doesnt hurt to shop around and research your specialists, and get more then one opinion, there is old provetb, “wisdom in a multitude of counselors.”

  5. I am currently having an ear infection, I cant hardly hear, it feels plugged, is there anything I can do to unplug my ear safely? someone please help me, its been like this for 4 days and the clinic gave me ibuprofen but its not really help, please help ๐Ÿ™

  6. Oh my God, i have been suffering from ear infection for 6 days now.. I took so much pain reliever I am so afraid that it is going to destroy my liver.. Thanks to you I tried warm compress.. It really works. As I’m typing this, I have a towel pressed on my ear.. Thank you so much!

  7. Cranberry juice. My 2 oldest children when they were younger were getting ear infections regularly when one doctor recommended CJ. Not another ear infection after that and the two youngest have never had an ear infection, just CJ regularly.

  8. thanks for the remedies have a chronic ear infection which makes me to leave with pains it has been like that for ages and i have gone through an operation but since from the operation am experiencing a lot of problems i don’t know if all this mentioned remedies can be an answer for my problem. i will be happy if i can be helped because i don’t know what to do i have being to different ENE but there’s no help. im always taking pain killers and antibiotics they should always be in my hand bag. im will try and let everyone know my results so to help others.

  9. When I tried the apple cider vinegar remedy, I lost my hearing in my left ear and it hasn’t come back yet even after i drained it and cleaned it.

  10. Very interesting- we have also done garlic on the feet (crushed garlic+coconut oil, mixed and spread on bottom of feet); quickly put on cotton socks that are soaked in ice water and wrung out just before donning. Then place woolsocks over top to keep warm. The initial cold therapy shocks system and garlic draws out toxins- great for colds which tend to start the ear infection process in my little girl! We apply at night and let her sleep with it on. The cranberry juice note was super interesting as well, as the ears are connected with the kidney system! I don’t know too much on this but look into healing your kidneys if you have recurring ear infections!

  11. I put a few drops of tea tree oil in my ear and then use a cotton ball to keep the oil from escaping. Heads up, the tea tree oil feels like it burns a bit, but that sensation goes away. It’s one of the few home remedies I found that actually works for the pain and heals my chronic ear infections. The pain doesn’t subside right away, but before I know it, I no longer feel pain. My doctor told me that my stuffy sinuses is what causes my ear infections. Only surgery can correct the sinuses, so I just fight ear infections instead of opting for surgery.

  12. No solution was advised for buzzing or hearing sounds where no sound is and of course no pain associated with the sounds. Any advice?

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