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Medic for Diabetes

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7. Curry Leaves

curry leaves

Curry leaves are useful in preventing and controlling diabetes as they have anti-diabetic properties. It is believed that curry leaves contain an ingredient that reduces the rate at which starch is broken down to glucose in diabetics.

So, you can simply chew about 10 fresh curry leaves daily in the morning. For best results, continue this treatment for three to four months. It also helps reduce high cholesterol levels and obesity.

8. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera gel helps lower fasting blood glucose levels. It contains phytosterols that have possible anti-hyperglycemic effects for type 2 diabetes.

The combination of aloe vera gel, bay leaves and turmeric is helpful for controlling blood sugar. To make this herbal medicine:

  1. Mix together one-half teaspoon each of ground bay leaves and turmeric and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel.
  2. Consume it twice daily, before lunch and dinner.

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  1. All above remedies appear to be very good and 4 to 5 are to be taken empty stomach. I want take all of these together to beat the apparent risk of diabetes. Pl suggest if my approach is right or begin with the best out of Bitter Gourd juice, Fenu Greek water, Mango leaf water, Aloe Vera Mix, Indian Gooseberry juice. Also please suggest the Indian or hindi names of Banaba Leaf and Ground Bay Leaf if possible.


    1. Dear Colonel saahib,
      The Hindi name of Banaba is Banda, Jarul, KEVKAND. Regarding Bay leaf you have to go to Hinkhoj dictionary where you will get the appropriate Hindi word of Ground Bay Leaf.

      DATED: 21-11-2014
      PH: 080-28600202

    2. Take bitter guard juice daily for at least 3-4 months daily and try to avoid eating sweets.This remedy is excellent way of fighting diabetes.

    3. Try jamun fruit. Take 350gm at least per day for one month, if you do not have gastric problem. Your sugar level will alost drastically come to normal level.

  2. All above remedies appear to be very good and 4 to 5 are to be taken empty stomach. I want take all of these together to beat the apparent risk of diabetes. Pl suggest if my approach is right or begin with the best out of Bitter Gourd juice, Fenu Greek water, Mango leaf water, Aloe Vera Mix, Indian Gooseberry juice. Also please suggest the Indian or hindi names of Banaba Leaf and Ground Bay Leaf if possible.


    1. Dear colonel,

      If u want to avoid Diabetese, please take following steps,
      1. Reduce grains and refined sugars from your diet.
      2. Increase amount of protein in ur diet.
      3. Use good amount of black and red peppers in ur meals
      4. Increase omega 3 intake and reduce omega 6 ( refined oils)
      Dr.( Capt.) R.K. Bharat

    1. Ur all remedies r v good n work fast it’s a very positive way to tell I ve few questions to ask bt quiet personal I’m married n ve som of problems can I ask u

    2. Yoga and Ayurveda are the two precious remedies for almost all health issues that our sages and elders gifted us.
      Only thing is we have to follow it




  4. Hi , your remidies are really very good , i wanted some tip for my sight which is effecting due to sugar. can you give me some tip for it


    1. 100grams Kalamji(black seed)
      100grms gaund(gum)
      100grms wheat
      100grms barley
      put all ingrt. in a vessel and pour 1.5 to 2 litres of water boil it nicely and the cool it stain it and keep in the fridge early morning have a cup of the water empty stomach for 15 days and see the result

      1. dear Susheer ji …. once boiled, even 2 ltr water will remain about 1.5 ltr. … how much to add to water (considering that avg cup size is 150 ml). Also, can u please suggest if kalamji = kalaunji, whats barley in hindi ?

        1. ajay ji barley means it like a rice and it is use for kidney and sugar patient it is good medicine for who suffering from diabetic and all barlie in hindi it is call as barley it wil get Ayurveda medical shop or u can get baba ramdeva any medical shop but it is look like same wheat and same size .

    2. Mam,

      There is no cure for diabetes in this world.

      the above methods will control the diabetes, but u cannot cut of your medicines and tell your husband( to cut off sugar intake if he is taking) excercise, and eating in a break of 5-6 timers in a day.

    3. daily 2 piece of Lady Finger cut into 3 each throwing away the head and end. Infuse it overnight with hot water and drink it the next morning with all the Slimy gel.. it should go down in a month or two.

    4. here is what I changed and mine have dropped 100points in 21 days
      No eating after 7
      added cinnamon
      eating some type of bean soup at lunch
      no sugar. no soda not even diet
      I have also been GF for 8 months for other reasons
      went from readings of 300 to 136…

    5. Respected Kathy.

      Some times common herbs dont effect many diabetic people immune system. So common herbs fail to reduxe blood glucose level. U have be sure which herbs are required by ur organs. For this u have to consult expert , who xan study whole imnune system and make herbal medicine accirdingly.

  6. I want to know about the lady finger which is also helpful for diabetes is that right or fake reply me I am waiting thank you

    1. @Mohammed Abdul Faizan, its true lady’s finger is helpful for diabetes, you can boil it but do not over cook, but better eaten raw ..

    2. hi mohammed,cut one one lady finger vertically and soak (keep by dipping) it in water entire night and then drink that water to control sugar levels.it works.

    3. Have tried the lady finger. I cut two & put in a cup of cold water. Let it sit over night and drink on empty stomach. It works very well. Only I could not use it long because it upset my stomach. It works and helps ftom day one.

  7. Here is a good home remedy that I found to be effective for me .

    1 tea spoon of turmeric
    1/4 tea spoon of black pepper
    mix in cub of water and rink .

    I tend to drink this mixture whenever my blood sugar goes high . It brings the blood sugar down in a short period of time by several points .

    I could not really tell you how many times to drink this a day ……..use your discretion.
    P.S . this was proved clinically as well . I read it somewhere , cant remember where
    hope that helps .

    1. Hello Mr. Saeed
      Turmeric and black pepper mixture seems to be good, but the quantity seems to be high.Also what does mean by rink in “mix in cub of water and rink “.Kindly clarify pls

      1. Yoga and Ayurveda are the two precious remedies for almost all health issues that our sages and elders gifted us.

        Pranayam, papaya and guava can give good results.

        else, the easiest therapy is ” USHA PANA CHIKITSA” – try it out

  8. Can you please let me know, which is more effective in controlling blood sugar? Bitter gourd juice in empty stomach or boiled bitter gourd in empty stomach? I am waiting for a reply. Thanks

    1. take 1 bitter gourd 1 cucumber and 2 tomatoes ..now make a juice by adding water and grinding in a mixer …strain it and drink empty stomach…

    2. take 1 bitter gourd 1 cucumber and 2 tomatoes ..now make a juice by adding water and grinding in a mixer …strain it and drink empty stomach…soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight,now early morning drink water and chew the seeds..

  9. Indian blackberry (Jambul) is considered to be an effective medicine for treating diabetes. The leaves, berries and seeds of the Indian blackberry (Jambul) plant help in balancing the glucose level in blood and prevent insulin spikes. Powder the dried seeds or leaves of the plant and drink it with water twice a day.

    Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of fiber useful for controlling diabetes. The fenugreek seeds can be soaked in water overnight and should be taken early in the morning before your breakfast. The seeds can also be powdered and mixed with milk. This can enhance the secretion of glucose-dependent insulin. Repeat this remedy daily for few months to control blood sugar levels.

  10. Suggestions are good for remedy of Diabet but in case of high blood sugar alopathic treatment is essential first . After control of sugar these remedies are fruitful.

  11. 100 gms fenugreek seeds + 50gms Ajwain +20 gms kaleejeeri .roast separately at moderate temp. Grind all and mix powders .take 10/15 gms daily empty stomach and at bed time . Diabetes will run away within 3 months .be confident and experience it .

  12. THE most natural and reliable way to deal with Diabetes is to eliminate simple carbohydrates from your diet, as well as those high carb grain products,( breads crackers, cereals) and limit your high sugar fruits, increasing green leafy vegetables and those other complex low glycemic vegetables.

  13. Av read all suggestions for diabetes control and treatment but I want to advise that patients shd still remain under d care of their doctors for guidance n treatment to prevent complications. They shd also be mindful of their diets by eliminating or reducing carbohydrates from their diets n taking a lot of less sugary fruits n leafy vegetables frequently. I love reading your post because they are very educative. Keep it up n thanks.

  14. I have tried making sushheers suggestion of making health drink but after boiling
    Becomes solid.no water to drink.waste of all my ingredients, n money .i was forced to throw it.

    Other home remedies especially ladies finger soaked in water is too good.

    Reduce the calorie intake.one meal should consist of raw vegetable and fruits papaya and guava n Apple n sweet potato.

  15. Dear all,
    Thank you very much for providing necessary information. These tips are not only useful, but will yield positive results without any side effects. My only request to all our viewers is that if you are taking Allopathic medicine, pl continue the same and please do not stop at once, instead cut down the dosage gradually. Say, if you are taking 1 tab per day continue for a month. Go month reduce it to 1/2 tablets. Please also do not forget to monitor your sugar level on monthly basis. If you check up your sugar level on monthly basis, you will come to know whether sugar is coming under control or not. Try to keep day to day life without any stress. Go for a brisk walk for at least 6-8 km per day preferably in the morning hours.

    If these guidelines are followed, I am 100% sure your sugar level will be under control. I was also a diabetic since 2012, and after strict diet control and proper medication, exercise, now it is fully under control. Any suggestion is welcome. I will be happy to share any information regarding diabetics.

    DATED: 21-11-2014
    PH: 080-28600202, 07259298926,9844126097

    1. I’ve read all the real and positive results from this home remedies. I am G6PD deficient from birth, not too sure if they work for me like those spices and fruits except bittergourds. I’ve gestational diabetes for my 2 pregnacies, my mum and my elder brother are also diabetic. I would like very much to try these natural home remedies quickly like those lady fingers soaked overnite in hot water/ cold water; gooseberries are new to me, so need to check further. I am so happy to have accidentally popped into this website! Thank you so much for the sharing and speedy recovery to all of you!

  16. I Hope This Will Be A Useful Information For Everyone.
    Remedy: Lady Finger For Diabetes

    Please Note That Another Name For Lady Finger (Bhindi ) Is ” OKRA “.

    Last Month In One Of TV Program I Learnt Of A Treatment Of Sugar
    (Diabetes). Since I Am Diabetic, I Tried It And It Was Very Useful And My
    Sugar Is In Control Now. In Fact I Have Already Reduced My Medicine.

    Take Two Pieces Of Lady Finger (Bhindi) And Remove/Cut Both Ends Of Each
    Piece. Also Put A Small Cut In The Middle And Put These Two Pieces In
    Glass Of Water. Cover The Glass And Keep It At Room Temperature During
    Night. Early Morning, Before Breakfast Simply Remove Two Pieces Of Lady
    Finger (Bhindi) From The Glass And Drink That Water.

    Keep Doing It On Daily Basis.

    Within Week, You Will See Remarkable Results In Reduction Of Your SUGAR.

    My father 60 years old, who Has Got Rid Of His Diabetes. He Was On Insulin For A Few Years, But After Taking The Lady Fingers Every Morning For A Few Months,
    He Has Stopped Insulin But Continues To Take The Lady Fingers Every

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. I have been using herbal medication, which has been natural herb; they have been very helpful and fast relief for any sickness. I recommend herbal medication to anyone, they work, and faster than doctors treatment…

  17. Superb! Thank you every one. I’m 55 years old, a teacher for the last 30+ years in a boys school that keeps me pretty active (:-) but have been diagnosed for diabetes with an heart enlargement due to diabetes, yesterday, when I went for a regular check up. I was very worried but your page has given me hope. I’ve been prescribed insulin injections and a host of medicines which I start from today.
    Please keep me posted with any thing else I can do. THANKYOU ALL and May You All Be Cured of This Disease At The Earliest.

  18. Fenugreek can do wonders to control diabetic. Soak it overnight along with 5 almonds and abt 20 raisins . Have it before break fast. Its quite filling & tasty too. We can bring down diabetic in this tasty way. Its tested& proven method by ourselves .Do regular exercise and we are not following any strict diet. Then too diabetic is under control!!!

  19. Methi seed 100 gm
    Gurmar 100 gm
    Charayta 100 gm
    Imly seed big 100 gm
    Karela small 100 gm
    Jamun seed 100 gm
    Paneer dodi 100 gm
    Dalcheeni 50 gm
    Kali zeeri 50 gm
    Sat gilow 50 gm
    Tamba bhasam 10 gm
    Make powder and take one tablespoon empty stomach two time

  20. thanks for such a nice postings, Really happy now to see my diabetes will be controlled I am here in Qatar will try to find some solution to get these items , Thanks for posting link on my fb wall

  21. You can buy also bitter melon gourd in tea form. you can brew tea from the fruit, leaves and stems of the plant or use bitter gourd extract to make a tea. Bitter gourd tea has several potential health benefits. I loved cooking bittermelon gourd by sauteing it with onions and tomatoes with pork and shrimps and put beaten eggs on it or just plain simple with just onions and tomatoes and beaten eggs.

  22. Type 1 Diabetes is not caused by being overweight and unhealthy diet. It is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks itself and kills the insulin producing cells in the body. No diet, home remedy or exercise can make this type of diabetes go away.

  23. 100grams Kalamji (Black Seed)
    100grms Gaund (Gum)
    100grms Wheat (Gandam)
    100grms Barley (Jo)
    Put all ingredients. in a vessel and pour 1.5 to 2 liters of water boil it nicely and the cool it stain it and keep in the fridge early morning have a cup of the water empty stomach for 15 days and see the result

    Dear All,
    Can any one confirm me Gaund (Gum) of which tree. If any one know please help me out.

  24. @ Dear Author, I am recently checking and finding that my sugar has started increasing to a good points. I am much delighted to read article and the precious views of all members here . I feel that comparing groud, which is really too bitter, i will take start with Lady Finger. But got confused as should i cut from both ends or should i cut it all vertically in two pieces? Dear Author Kindly advise

  25. UT, tnx for explaining more on OKRA. Just want to ask if water used for soaking the okra is hot or cold. And since okra is from the bean family, can I consume it since I am suffering from arthritis? Also tnx to the other viewers who contibuted their knowledge .I’ m very grateful to get this link. Tqvm.

  26. How much and when I can take the following mix in equal quantity for my diabetic (I have BP too)
    1) Cinnamon powder, Turmeric powder and Black pepper powder

  27. Hi All,
    Thanks for sharing such nice remedies and discussions.
    Someone can tell me the nicotine effects on health of diabetic patient like cigarettes, Milk Tea without sugar, cappuccino etc.

  28. I have three requests
    1) best home remedy for pre diabetic mehi or bhendi or tigether in each day
    2)which are fruits for prediabetic to normalise the blood sugar
    3) daily diet suggested whether rice to be avoided
    Kindly reply ur most experience

  29. Im pleased to note te power of fenugreek n orther herbal home remedy in reducing blood glucose. Im myself a victim of tis diease . Im on medication now, but it only helps a little. I control my diet severely so much so that i can keep hlucose level undet control. I exercise almost everyday.But with all tis things im doing just to get rid of tis ailment, im still not sucessfull. Im getting tired day by day. Now finally together with my medicaton, im planning to drink te water soaked with fenugreek. Should i also gulp te water together with te fenugreek seeds as well.? Dear readers if there is any other herbal apart from te tips given in tis blog , please share. Its being a long time i ever had a good stomacb full rich meal, or even an ice cream nor chocolates or some.sweet stuff. Thanks in advance to all te kind hearted readers.

  30. Giloy is a wonderful herb for control diabetis. Take geloy stem about 7/8 inches, cut it into small pieces. Soak it into water for overnight. In the morning , boil it properly. When it is getting cold, consume about 60 to 80 ml in empty stomach.The decoction has a tremendous good result. The blood sugar level will must come down drastically within a period of 7 days.

  31. Dear Friends,
    I am suffering with Sugar for 3+ years. I did lot of research how to control sugar without medicine.
    Here my experiment. I reduced my sugar level from 350 to 115 in just 30 days. Doing these things
    1. Weekly 5 days took bitter ground juice 1 hr before breakfast. Add lemon juice as well.
    2. Morning Walk 30 minutes/Run 5 KM. Or both
    3. Lunch 4 Chapati + fiber
    4. Dinner 4 Chapati + fiber + curd
    5. Boil 1.5 ltr water with Fenugreek seeds & drink one glass each 4 times day

    Hope this info useful for many Diabetic friends

    1. Dear shyam, are you using any english medicines? My situation is also similar. what do you eat for breakfast? Thanks, Venkat

    2. Dear Shyam,
      You are strong willed,so you can overcome any disease naturally.If will power is there you can overcome any disease naturally.
      I may suggest some tasty recipes for diabetes.
      You take Keera or cucumber and make it into thin pieces,soak in curd.Add curry leaves,Dhanya leaves,methi leaves etc ,add green chilli pieces also if you like and add very little salt or no salt and take this in plenty along with chappathies everyday.It helps very well.
      Secondly you continue eating raw vegetables as much as possible.Doing Pranayama and physical exercise heals much faster.

  32. Chant this mantra 108 times in morning and evening.
    “Aum gang aing shreem shreem shreem shreem hang vang raang reeng namah shivaye”

  33. I have been suffering with diabetes since 2008. In the beginning of my being diagnosed I was in control of it. but now it seems that nothing works. I have lost 36 lbs. and still nothing. I can drink one soda one eat a cookie and my sugar will sky rocket. Please tell me what I can do the get this under control. There is a lot of good info here. I will be starting with the gooseberry juice tomorrow
    Thanks anna

  34. Hi freinds.
    I have been treating Type1 and Type2 diabetic people from long time.
    I want to say thanks to all of my diabetic friends , who gave proper cooperation and put efforts to be positive throug out treatment. This is important fact . Firstly diabetic person has to register in his mind that he is going to come out of diabetes. Diabetic person has to beleive from inside that he is healing.

    I see many comments from many people giving different advice on herbal medicine. So I thought of sharing my experience here.

     Yes its true, Im treating diabetic people with herbal medicine, but its not necessary,  every diabetic person has to start herbal medicine.

    Major of times blood sugar level remains between 180 to 280 due to mal function of kidney and liver function.
    I also want to guide you all. GOD has made human body in such a way that, major of medicine are produced itself inside our body to heal major of sickness. Its natural. So before you start any medicine allow your body fight against it.

    Yes i have been treating people but my role in making diabetic person to quit insulin and tablets is only 20%. Diabetic person himself puts 95% effort to heal himself.
    See firstly it is my advice to all diabetic people, to try to understand function of each and every organ. You just have to understand function of this organs ,
    1) Pancreas.
    2) Liver
    3) kidney.
    4) intestine.
    5) Lungs.

    Once you understand function of this organs then trust me , you -yourself will cure your diabetes.

    Now my advice  is for those Type2 diabetic people who have have this following symptoms.

    1) Constipation.
    2) some times pain in abdomen.
    3) continous string pulled type pain in 1 of the legs ,starting from back of knee and ending back of thigh.
    4) Gas formation in intestine.

    If diabetic people are suffering from avove 4 symptoms , then follow this treatment.

    1) By any means, you have to try to clear your constapation. You need to have 2 to 3 bowel movement in 30 hrs time.

    2) give proper 20 min massage on your stomach and abdomen by warm oil daily. After massage use warm water bag on ur stomach and near by areas.

    3) When you breath, see that you hold air in lungs and avoid air reaching to ur stomach.
     98% of diabetic people take air inside their stomach and only 30 % air enters lungs. ( less oxygen in lungs)

    Check your blood sugar level regularly after 5 days of starting bowel movement.  You can use herbal medicine to clear constipation.
    you will get  positive result. Avoid consuming any herbal medicine for time being to reduce blood sugar level.


  35. Very good blog. Please make more studies. The coordinators of this blog can help in the matter.

    We pray for God’s help.

  36. methi dana one spoon in a one cup of water in a night and drink it early in the morning and eat also methi dana too, for reducing blood sugur level.


  37. Having been type 2 diabetic for the last more than 20 years, I think I have some authority to say that this article goes a long way in educating and informing those of us who have been continuously seeking the solution for this disease through the natural remedy method.

    Geoffrey Moni

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