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Medic for Dandruff

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Dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis is a common scalp disorder. It can occur due to dry skin, irritated oily skin, growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, inflammatory skin conditions and other such factors. It causes itchiness along with excessive formation of dry skin flakes on the scalp.

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Dandruff can be controlled by following a healthy hair care routine. You can also try some simple natural home remedies. It is true that natural remedies take time to show results but they can effectively treat the problem completely.

home remedies for dandruff

Here are the top 10 home remedies for dandruff.

(Out of the 10, we have covered 3 highly effective home remedies in this video as well.)

1. Indian Lilac

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of Indian lilac, also known as neem, help treat dandruff as well as many other hair problems like scalp acne, itchy scalp, and hair fall efficiently.

dandruff home remedy

  1. Boil a handful of neem leaves in four cups of water.
  2. Cool and strain the solution.
  3. Use this decoction as a hair rinse two or three times a week.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps eliminate dandruff due to its antifungal properties. It also moisturizes dry scalp and provides relief from itching.

Natural Cure for dandruff

  1. Take some coconut oil and mix half the amount of lemon juice in it.
  2. Rub it on your scalp and massage for a few minutes.
  3. Wash your hair after at least 20 minutes.
  4. Follow this remedy two to three times a week.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Scalp treatment with apple cider vinegar is effective in getting rid of dandruff. It restores the pH balance of the scalp, thereby inhibiting the growth of yeast. It also works as a natural hair clarifier and helps clean clogged pores and hair follicles.

apple cider vinegar dandruff remedy

  1. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Mix an equal amount of water and 15-20 drops of tea tree oil in it.
  3. Apply it onto your scalp and massage. Rinse your hair after a few minutes.
  4. Follow this natural treatment two or three times a week.

4. Baking Soda

Being a mild exfoliant, baking soda helps remove dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil. It can also help balance pH levels on the scalp and reduce the growth of fungi that cause dandruff.

  1. Wet your hair and rub a handful of baking soda onto your scalp.
  2. After a couple of minutes, rinse your hair well with warm water.
  3. Repeat once or twice a week for a few weeks.

Note: Do not shampoo your hair after this treatment.

5. White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the best home treatments for dandruff. Vinegar has acetic acid that prevents growth of fungi on your scalp and relieves itching.

white vinegar for dandruff

  • Add one-half cup of vinegar to two cups of water. Rinse your hair with this mixture after shampooing your hair.
  • Another option is massage your scalp with a mixture of two parts white vinegar, one part olive oil and three parts water. After 10 minutes, rinse it off and shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo.

Follow either of these remedies once or twice a week.

6. Olive Oil

apply olive oil to treat dandruff

Scalp dryness can be cured with regular use of extra-virgin olive oil, an effective natural moisturizer.

  1. Heat some extra virgin olive oil until it is slightly warm.
  2. Massage it onto your scalp and then wrap your hair in a warm towel.
  3. Leave it on for at least 45 minutes or overnight and then shampoo and condition your hair.
  4. Repeat this remedy a few times a week.

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116 thoughts on “Medic for Dandruff”

    1. what will happen if i use shampoo after the baking soda treatment? im planning on adding baking soda to my shampoo n wash my hair, after rinsing ill shampoo one more time without the baking soda,is it ok? kindly reply

      1. Shirley, baking soda leaves your hair vulnerable to breakage. Shampooing immediately after using means you handle your hair roughly enough to cause breakage.

    1. I was asked to try mayonnaise.
      Depending on your hair length, 1-2 tblsp. Mayo after wetting your hair.
      Work it in well, leave it in as you shower.
      Once your shower is finished, rinse your hair and apply regular shampoo.
      It stinks, but it’s amazing how and what it does for your hair.
      Also there is no better conditioner for your hair.

  1. I have tried 1liter warm water with 3 disprins 1/2 cup of vinegar on my scalp then applied olive oil afterwards, this really work.Thanks a lot.

  2. I’m african american with a bad dandruff problem. Before washing my hair i put two parts of vinegar, 3 parts of water, 1 part of olive oil and a couple drops of lemon juice. I stirred it up real good and I parted my hair and applied the formula all over. Than I massaged my scalp. After 5-10 minutes I rinsed and shampooed. Worked pretty well (:

    1. Thank you so much for posting this information. I am African Jamaican residing in the UK. My disabled daughter is plagued with itchy scalp and reoccurring dandruff and her lovely thick hair is now thinning. I have tried just about everything recommended on the market, some not suitable for her hair type at all. I was just about to wash her hair today when I decided to Goggled “home remedy for dandruff ” and sighted your posting. How often do you recommend I use this natural remedy and how long will it take to see result? Can you also recommend a product to keep her natural hair moisturised in between washes. Most of the hair care products USA are also now available in the UK.
      Kind regards

      1. Could she be allergic to sulfates in the shampoos? I just recently found that out and the sores and itching have stopped!

      2. ACV – Apple cider vinegar is an amazing conditioner. I found I couldn’t use it directly on my scalp as it made it too oily. If you search apple cider vinegar as conditioner you may find more information. I rather like chamomile tea as a rinse also.

    1. Try cutting all dairy products from your diet for a few weeks. Skin problems can be due to dairy sensitivity as it’s not natural for non-infants to consume dairy (and we’re not baby cows).

    2. good evening……………
      mix kasturi turmeric powder+2 teaspoons of milk+ rose water+ 1teaspoon of honey+ multani mitti+ sandal powder and make a thin paste and apply ,,,,
      it will decrease pimple

    3. Try using multani mitti , mix with neem powder,it will help to control oil secretion and infection ALTERNATELY use Pernox gel 2.5 or 5.

    4. Hi Binita,

      Use :
      1. neem leaf paste 2-3 times in a week as a cream for 1-2 hour & then wash it with cool water.
      2. Avoid Fast-food and start drinking more water, use 2-3 glass of water in morning before starting day and one glass water before going to sleep.

      3. Eat 4-5 soft neem leaf each day in morning before eating any thing.

    5. Do not apply any cream or soap just wash your face with water 3 to 4 times daily to avoid oily skin. Dandruff is one more reason for pimples , so clear out your all dandruff.
      Drink 2 Litres water a day. And don,t rub the pimples because if you rub it , it will grow more pimples. Do this regularly you will find difference in 2 weeks only.

  3. i stay away from home and i do not have so much time for praparation of such ingredients so suggest me a good ready made shamppo and oil which which i can cross this dandruff and hair fall problems

  4. i am suffering from hair loss, plz tell me how to get healthy and thick hair. and also dark spot on my face how to reduce it plz help.

    1. For ya hair that’s falling out cut up an onion buy a clear shampoo like coconut shampoo or which ever its clear like see thru you mix the onions in that shampoo let it sit in the shampoo for 15 days before use on the 16th day shake before every use rub in scalp as if u rubbing in baby oil let it sit for 5to10 mins then rinse and then rewash your hair with another shampoo and conditioner to remove onion smell repeat this twice a week you’ll start seeing less and less of hair falling out… Now for your dark spots on your face you can use ambi fade cream. Good luck!

  5. Suffering from dry dandruff, and some grey hairs also, if I use lemon juice in oil will it be effect on my grey hairs also.

    Please advise

    1. Hi
      I have tried every possible thing on this universal for dandruff control.
      Accidentally I cured it to most extent by practicing the following , take a Body Moisturizer *( I took Nivea’s Moisturizer for very very dry skin) apply a thick layer of it on you scalp , wash of the next morning with a mild shampoo for 5 conservative days and then buys a natural aloe vera gel start applying this on your scalp every night and trust me you will see the results , I had layers of dandruff covering the entire length of my scalp , Now its all clear and Touch Wood i sighted re-growth.
      My scalp skin type is Oily , yes its strange that a very very dry skin moisturizer worked initially and the Aloe Vera Gel (Natural) Killed my dandruff all of it.
      I had tried all the tricks from Oil to Spices , Chemicals to Yoga , Tea tree oil to Onion Juices , everything ……. and the solution I got was Aloe Vera Gel …… Try it, will not have a side effect anyways its natural….. Hope you get it controlled Like I did …… I Know The Pain …… I have been through ….. All the Best Friends.

  6. throat spray the best way for hair dandruff ı live in turkey and ı found the way by accident. ı use klodamin spray and oroheks spay. but that sprays can make hair loss you must careful

  7. for pimples cure take two to three basil leaves(tulasi) and boil them. then take the water of basil leaves and keep on pimples. this treatment should be done daily upto they cure

  8. Cure for dandruff that worked on my hair is 1. Wash hair with soap in cold water do not leave on hair to soak,rinse straight away.2 dry chair naturally not with hair dryer.3 apply hand sanitiser to hair massaging into scalp let dry do not wash out. After scalp no itch and a lot less dandruff.

  9. very nic………i hav a dandruff problem definetly i ll try the method of lemon juice nd coconut oil………thank u very much

  10. Any reason why you have to add water to the baking soda? What about just powdering your head with it and leaving it on and not thinking of it as a shampoo? Or powdering head and then covering it with vaseline?

  11. I tried curds and pepper mix to my dandruff problem….! It was an awesome remedy.
    All dandruff. Vanished. In 1 single wash wow..

    Suggession : along with pepper you can add fengue seads also

  12. For ya hair that’s falling out cut up an onion buy a clear shampoo like coconut shampoo or which ever its clear like see thru you mix the onions in that shampoo let it sit in the shampoo for 15 days before use on the 16th day shake before every use rub in scalp as if u rubbing in baby oil let it sit for 5to10 mins then rinse and then rewash your hair with another shampoo and conditioner to remove onion smell repeat this twice a week you’ll start seeing less and less of hair falling out… Now for your dark spots on your face you can use ambi fade cream. Good luck!

  13. Ok guys l… now try this
    2 tablespoon olive oil
    1/2 tablespoon of water
    2 pinches of salt …
    Stir weel till you get a foamy mixture .. apply , massage n then wash
    Try it 🙂

  14. Pls be carefull about already made Products recommended for people because all those already made Products have site effects on certain types of Skin. Pls pals stick to the natural Method, it more same to the Generals Skin types..

  15. Take coconut oil and olive oil in 2:1 ratio and heat it. While it is warm enough apply it on your scalp and massage for at least 10 mins. This really has a visible effect. But make sure the oil is not too hot. You don’t want to burn yourself!!

    1. Take 2 spoon fenugreek seeds soaked in water overnight .make paste apply on scalp leave for 30 mins then rinse it of then apply any mild shampoo.all dandruff will vanished repeat every week

  16. thank u soooo much. the coconut oil therapy really worked for me. I like white vinegar treatment too. vinegar water after shampoo make your hair really shiny.

  17. I had lots of dandruff before but now its very less by using the natural method given below:
    Mix aloe vera gel, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil(for dry hair) and cucumber juice. Mix it properly andmassage it on your hair for 5 minutes then leave it on for 15-20
    minutes. Apply this mixture 3-4 times a wweek and u will see noticably good result….

  18. Very well and I had a lot of dandruff it went very.this is the best thing of olive oil,coconut oil&apple cider vinegar.thanks for the tips

  19. ya,its really true.I have tried the treatment of Neem water.I realised the difference.my scalp completely get rid of dandruff.try this and get good results.thanks and bye.all is well.

  20. I poured a bottle of vinegar with a few cap fulls of extra virgin olive oil.. I mixed it with a fork to get as much oil as possible in the vinegar evenly … Works wonders.. This is a miracle cure for me. I’ve tried everything and this finally worked.. No more flakes! No more build up.. Amazing!!! Thank u so much.. U have no idea what this has done for me

  21. I have a dandruff in my head like a mud .my hair is falling so much ..im 20 years old …I spent alot of money now im very upset im getting bald

  22. hi,thanks for the this dandruff therapy,i have been having problems with itchy scarf and dandruff for as long i can remember,i will start this treatment as soon as i log off,i intend to mix lemon juice with apple cider vinegar.hope it works for me.

  23. I don’t have true dandruff, but I do have dry scalp that causes itching and flaking. Lately its been worse than usual, so last night I made a paste with baking soda and regular vinegar and massaged it into my scalp really well. I got my hair wet first so the paste could reach my scalp more easily. It was so messy! I let it dry and actually left it on overnight. I looked totally crazy! I washed my hair this morning and was amazed…there were absolutely NO flakes at all, and believe me, I looked. I ALWAYS have little flakes after I wash my hair, so I’m extremely pleased. I could smell the vinegar on my hair while it was still wet, but it faded to almost nothing as my hair dried. My hair also felt a LOT cleaner than it has in awhile. The mixture is extremely messy, and as it dries, the baking soda tends to fall all over, so I recommend using a shower cap. Despite the mess, it was totally worth it to not have flakes. I really encourage anyone with this problem to try it.

  24. Try ground coriander, green chilli, finely chopped tomatoes, onion, salt and dash of lime. Works wonders. Also, you can eat the remaining as chatni with pakoras.

  25. What kind of ” Baking Soda ” ? is the one that clean microwave, stoves and bathroom etc. Is it chemical powder that kill your skin and pass through . I am not certainly sure if it is safe to put on my hair and skin.

  26. These remedies really do work. I use a shampoo with natural ingredients, along with these home remedies. Thanks to these my dandruff has been in control!!!

  27. Simply stop washing your hair frequently. I was plagued with dandruff for years-tried all the proprietery products but to no avail. Then about two years ago, I took to washing my hair every two weeks or so and the problem has disappeared.

  28. The given home remedies are helpful to find a holistic treatment in traditional medicinal history also helps to live a little longer.

  29. Kind of found the remedies helpful. Will surely try them out just wanted to know about the side-effects of applying two to three remedies once or twice a week together. Will be waiting for your suggestions. Thank you all.

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