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Medic for Bedwetting

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7. Honey


Another popular home remedy for bedwetting is honey. Many children like the sweet taste of honey, making this an easy remedy to try.

  • Simply give your child one teaspoon of raw honey before bed.
  • You can also give your child a spoonful of raw honey mixed in milk for breakfast.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar helps balance the body’s pH and reduce acid levels which may be contributing to the problem. It will also aids detoxification and treat constipation.

  1. Stir two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.
  2. Optionally, add a little raw honey.
  3. Have your child drink it with each meal.

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50 thoughts on “Medic for Bedwetting”

  1. My son is 12 and still bedwets, I will try these remedies, honestly I feel for my son because he’s the only one doing it in my house and the younger ones are no more doing it.

  2. I read Azo is helpful, I have bought some. I even give horsetail it helps some just keep reading you will find something that will work.

  3. My Son is 24 years of age. Eversince he had enciphalities, his bladder is mess up. He always wear diaper on his age. He could control now at day time but at night, that is the big problem. He often wakes up with so wet diaper.

  4. Comment: Bedwetting is an embarrassing condition. I must make it clear that its not because of laziness, you do it unwillingly. At 18 I hve gone through a lot trying to treat the issue. If you are a parent try to understand how your child in this condition feels like. My mom beat me everyday but it did not work. I was embarrassed a lot and still it ddnt work. The best that I could do was to research about it and now I have found a bit of comfort knowing that I m not alone.

    This page has helped me a lot. I still have some hope of getting it settled.

  5. I remember having sleepovers at my friends house and laying awake all night for fear of wetting the bed. Even my best friend did not know. No way is this laziness and anyone who thinks that is uneducated. It s hell for a kid.

  6. Kattty
    My son is sixteen yrs old but still wets d bed once or twice in a night with heavy flow. I hv taken him to renowned urologist I don’t know what to do. Day time he is normal. He does not get sensation when he is fast asleep

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