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Medic for Asthma

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7. Honey


Honey is one of the oldest natural cures for asthma. The alcohol and ethereal oils in honey help reduce asthma symptoms.

  • Just inhaling the smell of honey produces positive results for some people.
  • You can also mix one teaspoon of honey into a glass of hot water and drink it slowly about three times a day.
  • Before going to bed, swallow one teaspoon of honey with one-half teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This will help remove phlegm from your throat and allow you to sleep better.

8. Onions



Onions have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce constriction of the airways when suffering from asthma. Also, the sulfur content in onions helps decrease inflammation in the lungs.

Simply eat raw onions to clear your air passage ways for better breathing. If you cannot bear the taste of raw onions, try eating cooked onions.

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155 thoughts on “Medic for Asthma”

  1. I’ve heard that putting a saucer of vinegar with brown paper in the room will also help. Also, lying on your front will help your lungs to drain and enable you to get rid of any mucus build up. Animals with feathers or fur are known to trigger symptoms as is perfume or strong smelling deoderants / chemicals.

    1. Hi jenny,,
      Was also told as a child that lying on ones front would help with asthma. Draining the lungs thing would seem to make sense, wouldn’t it, from a lay persons perspective; Gravity is not making mucous a weight on the lungs. I know I find it a relief whatever the reason.

      1. when i was young i also found out that laying on your chest and folding your legs under you did help me in bed. it seemed to open my lungs up a bit and help to breathe better. this works for sure but doesnt totally cure the lack of air flow, my wife said it is called childs pose in yoga. hope it helps someone 🙂

        i am also trying honey, lemon and ginseng tea now, even as I type this. I also added a tspoon of honey and some black pepper to the drink. I am on my second tea now. Wish we had ginger here but we dont. My ventolin inhaler wasnt working too good for me tonight so I stumbled on this website. I took a pen and paper and wrote down all of the natural cures. I will try all of them for sure. I have had asthma since I was very young and hospitalized a few times as well, not for many years though. It seems to only act up now when I get sick or get a virus. It sucks because I know that its coming… maybe now I can try the remedies before it acts up. Thanks everyone and good luck.

  2. I have an 8 year old an I put honey on a warm towel and that helps to loosen my child up enough to get to a doctor

  3. Feeling very ill with asthma. So wanting non-chemicals treatment. Have just inhaled few drops of Euchalyptus oil on a kitchen towel whilst waiting for water to boil and steep 1 inch organic ginger as suggested (I peeled it first.)
    Took tiny taste of honey to ease cough a few times whilst waiting for ginger to steep. Only managed a bit as chest mucous was making me feel sick as it was. After 5 minutes as suggested, drank third of ginger water, inhaled more eucalyptus, bit more honey. Within 10 minutes an improvement. AMAZING!!
    Felt well enough to water garden (fresh air, deep breaths). Lots of nose blowing, thank goodness, mucous clearing, cough going too. Chewed quarter of the piece of ginger too but didn’t swallow strawy bit you end up with, bit too gingery for tummy at moment, which I think also helped.
    Have been hospitalised as child with asthma twice so know how really ill one can feel. After three quarters of an hour feel virtually completely clear. Astonished!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Whoops, just remembered. Took 500mg chewable Vitamin C about 30 minutes before started Eucalyptus, ginger, honey treatment.

  5. Hi, update. After couple hours symptoms returned, Asthma as I know is always worse at night. Despondent, I halfheartedly chewed a bit of the presteeped ginger n inhaled a bit more eucalyptus, knowing I should make another ginger drink but was too fed up with it all to bother. (I know, defeatist, but Asthma takes it out of you, it really does). Hoping for a bit if strength resurrection overnight, took a sachet of Iron n went to bed.
    Up at 3am with dreadful bunged up sinuses tho mercifully chest was clear. Stumbled around not being able to face the effort of making the ginger drink, I put a bit of Vicks emollient on my sternum area and inhaled some eucalyptus on a tissue. Feeling hungry (it takes a lot of energy this “breathing to stay alive” thing) had some organic oats (which for me calm my system after an allergic reaction so thought would try now too), with sheeps milk (very good if, like me, you’re cows dairy intolerant) and some organic currants for energy. Still feeling very bunged up and unhappy, gave up, took a Piriton antihistamine and fell asleep on the sofa, noticing wearily I was now a bit wheezy. Oh dear, that’s ALL I need.
    Morning, woke with clear chest, thank you God, but the most whacking headache. Could not be bothered with making wonderful ginger drink, just felt too clogged to focus, so hit the wonderful strong coffee suggestion above which, for me, has even shifted migraines in the past. Half a cup of coffee later pain greatly reduced and sinuses starting to clear. Feel strong enough to fix oat (calming for me) breakfast, as above, again and eat in garden where I try to breeeeeaaaaathe deeeeeeeeeeep as much a possible. Potter about a bit, getting the bronchials moving, they can tighten up through stress and fear at not beng able to breathe very well. Pottering about was also a helpful distraction. Feeling stronger, I take a shower, the warm, damp air; very settling for my bronchial tubes, very soothing. I add a couple of drops of Lime aromatherapy oil to a tissue n leave it on the side, a mistake really as thought it was eucalyptus oil but for me it did the same job of making the soothing damp air a nice scent to breathe deeply down into my lungs.
    Out of shower. Make another strong coffee but steam from shower seems to have loosened mucous in my sinuses, alleviating the dense pain, a great relief which has an overall detensing effect which also helps my general breathing. Whew!! Feel heaps better and decide don’t really need the extra.caffein after all.
    Now going for bracing walk. Breeeeeeeaaaaaaaath!!
    Much love all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi, Have had asthma, mostly allergic, for half my life which was exacerbated after having a surgery at 40, Spoke with a doc and asked why it got so very bad and he said the anesthesia was an insult to the lungs. Have talked to many others and they stated they never had asthma until post surgery. Also, when we were kids and to this day, when you have a cough, cut an onion in half, put it next to your bed and your cough will be gone and you will have a good night of rest. I tell this to many folks and some of them look at me funny but too bad, their loss. Try it, it works. Mary

  7. One cup of milk, add 1teaspoon( start half) turmeric and 1 honey. Shake well n is ready to drink.
    You can practice it at night time as last drink too.

    1. thanks for your asistaance
      whenever the problem triggers up I give her lots of warm water, 1tsp mix of ginger juice and honey in the morning. Avoid milk, butter, cold things, banana and rice. Try to give her more soups. these really help her a lot.
      To prevent from asthma, when you are in good health, first thing in the morning when you wake up, do some breathing exercises (yoga), which helps a lot.
      I hope these small remedies and information wi

  8. i was allergistc to dust especially spider web .My asthma problem start when i was pregent and cleaning the dust in my room. since then whenever i exposed to dust i wil get asthma.Some of the above remedies really works for me may b i am in the bigining stage.I used to do steam inhalation as soon i feel breathing difficulties and drink strong black coffee with ginger.Also apply vicks or any vapour barm on my neck and chest.and make sure i am not exposed to cold . I take proper rest because walking or exerting make asthma werse .usually with in few hrs i feel better.

  9. Drinking lots of water, exercise, and eating simple healthful, non processed foods will all work wonders. Try to take meat, dairy, most oils out of the diet, too. Many remedies work to a degree, but you need to do this first and foremost; it is the foundation of curing most ailments.

  10. My 10 yo daughter has asthma, she suffers in winter season, whenever the problem triggers up I give her lots of warm water, 1tsp mix of ginger juice and honey in the morning. Avoid milk, butter, cold things, banana and rice. Try to give her more soups. these really help her a lot.
    To prevent from asthma, when you are in good health, first thing in the morning when you wake up, do some breathing exercises (yoga), which helps a lot.
    I hope these small remedies and information will be helpful for someone.

  11. Thanks for every one…. Eucalyptus oil worked for me right now …. it will work for sure … and then ginger juice …… Thank God…..

  12. I was a slave of my asthma for almost 10 years slave of inhaler, nebulizer and drugs prescriptions well i have to agree that helps me get rid when my asthma hits me but i had to agree that taking drugs everytime will also cause side effects to my body. So i try to look for some remedies and thankfully i found this page i try to chop ginger and boiled it.while boiling it i inhaled the vapor coming from the ginger boiling in water and it was effective it helps me escapes the hardness of breathing and make me feeling comfortable. This time after i do that i will drink the ginger tea and see how it effects like how it effects when i inhaled the aroma and give you some update after

  13. Try this salad. Kale, wole. leaf spinich (freash not caned) toasted almonds, carrots, olive oil, viger, salt,garlic,onions. cucumber, ground ginger, honey, goat cheese. i know this sounds crazy but when I eat these combination of items. i dont have ashma attacks. DONT ANYTHING NOT IN THIS RECIPE. Than follow with large glass of water. viniger kills. polutants and. cleans toxins. onion and garlic help with inflamation. Large glass of water helps flush out the bacteria. Salt helps. kills lung infections when Used properly with lots of. water. Cucumber carrots spinich, kale are rich in vitamens.Olive oil helps lubricate air way to stop dust, alergans from getting trapped in vili. Try. this you wont. regret it.

  14. My son 7 years old too has been having ahsma for the last 3 years , Last night he had an attack with difficult breathing i read about coffee and so i boiled one glass of coffee i give him after 10 minutes he was back to normal…….

  15. I hope someone will advise me based on his / her personal experiences. My son aged 12 years is having asthma recently diagnosed by a Pulmonologist. He was suffering with persistent cough for the last one month or so and antibiotics had a little impact. So the Pulmonologist has advised him an inhaler two puffs twice a day , an allergy tablet daily and little steriods with an antibiotic suspenison. The most worried thing for me is his severe cough all the day long and at during nights. Its a productive cough and he throws mucus after every cough attack. The Pulmonologist has advised that the Inhaler and the allergy tablets will have to be continued for sometime. Note: My son is not too much healthy may be having weak immune system due to which he often remains sick i.e. chest congestion and cough since his birth. Please advise me some best home remedies for his cough treatment. Thanks.

  16. May God richly bless everyone who participated on the behalf of does who are suffering from asthma nd letting them know the right curable remedies for their problems tank u very much stay bless and may the good Lord alwaes strengthen you nd ur household bye …………………………..

  17. For all those people who made fun of cow urine and don’t realise the importance of what it can do to the health. Please do some research on it. It helps in various deceases including asthama. I have seen people in worse situation who have survived just with cow’s urine, milk which numerous medicines couldnt do. I know it sounds fake, stupid but its a fact. Ancient books, researches have proven how important it is. But clearly it doesn’t sound real so why would anyone bother. Please do some research before commenting is all im saying. Thanks

  18. I’ve had asthma since I’m five years old, now I’m 62. Fresh squeeze lemon works great for me, it dissipates the phlegm. I know everyone is different, I get that.

  19. Good day everyone,

    I’m Thariq Aziz from India, Since my childhood i was having breathing trouble. While climbing stairs, while lifting weight, even while performing mild exercises i felt exhausted, become tired very quick and sometimes gasp for oxygen.

    And now i’m completely alright with one simple method:

    Took boiled water with “Cumin, Ginger and honey” both in the morning and at night before going to bed.

    Believe me within 15 days, i could able to carry a load of 20 kg’s on my shoulder up to 3rd floor of my building.

    1. I am tired ….can’t walk fast or climb staircases ,,,,, I am going to use the combination of Cumin , Ginger and Honey…. Thanks everyone for sharing what worked …

  20. WOW! Avoid coffee at all costs. Sends me other way. In fact caffeine all together. Also dark spirits like dark rum does me no favours. ?. What works for me is juicing 2 apples, an orange, and 2 sticks of celery every morning. I work early in the morning and the air is heavy. Sometime when I am cycling to work I really struggle, especially with the pollen in spring./summer. This fresh juice workers well for me. Did it every morning, but now found 3 times a week is enough.
    I’ve also found having a lower heart rate and staying fit is a must. 11 month ago I smashed my ankle at football/soccer. And couldn’t do any exercise. With the same diet and no other changes, I’ve really been dependent on my both inhalers. Some how I feel like being dependent on the inhalers has made me worse off!?

  21. Hello,

    Thanks for your valuable information. My mother having the problem of asthma and now her age is 47. I like to use your ginger juice, pomegranate juice and honey mixed remedies. It would be better for my mother and how can I stored this ginger juice, pomegranate juice and honey mixed remedies? Can you makes me a quick response, please?

  22. My name is Syed Mohiuddin, aged 68 years suffering Asthama for the last 10 years, using inhaler Backentive Pump, two puffs a day to clear whistling sound in breathing & fee heavy chest. Looking an alternate herbal medicine to stop using inhaler.

    For cure of cough I use two drop of Eucalyptus Oil in quarter glass of water and drink daily to clear mucous and clear the lungs. If the lung is clear you will not get cough.

  23. I have more trouble in cause of asthma how can I cure.Sometime water through the nose continue how can I stop this I am very trouble

  24. Thanks for all these contributions. Even though I have read a lot about asthma, these sound more real since they are coming from individuals. I just gave my 11 year old son who is asthmatic ginger, garlic, honey, coffee, turmeric. I made him inhale ginger steam, I used the same hot ginger to make him black coffee mixed with honey. I will put onions by his bedside right away as I have read here. I do hope he gets a sound sleep. Thanks a bunch.

  25. A lot of asthma symptoms comes from allergies. Good natural remedy increasing immunity is onion.

    To make onion syrup cut onions and put them with a sugar layer by layer in a bowl. Two spoons everyday is very helpful in treating cough and increasing immunity in general.

    Also very overlooked is an onion skin (the brown external). You can make some kind of tea with it, taste is surprisingly good, and it doesn’t smell like onion at all.

  26. Magnesium can also help…choose a form that is easy to digest such as capsules of magnesium citrate and malate. Also soak in a warm tub of water with magnesium flakes or epsom salts which are high in magnesium. Magnesium helps relieve tension especially in the muscles. Many people who are asthmatics are magnesium deficient.

  27. Hi Every one, I Suffered from asthama from last 3 years. My age 25 years. I consult lot of doctors. but no solution. When I use doctors medicine, it safe but when it completes again it start asthama. Doctor says it came by allergies. My quetion is “Is this curable!!!!!!!!!!” . In This stage is this curable!!!!. How I use perfect natural remedies. please help me…..

  28. I’m SO glad I found this site tonight. I have been having asthma problems several times a day recently, but I don’t want to use my inhaler that often. I was looking for natural remedies that wise people have discovered over the years.

    I discovered that luckily we just happened to have organic ginger powder & honey, so I immediately boiled up some water & poured it over ginger (1 TB) & honey (1TB) & starting sipping it & immediately felt relief! 30 minutes later, no more wheezing or tight chest! Wow!

    I also want to try some of the other suggested remedies so I can see what works for me — and variety is always good. Figs & pomegranate sound wonderful. And eucalyptus, yes. I am also going to get fresh ginger to boil up as tea when I pick up figs, etc.

    This has been a life-saver this evening! Thank you, kind people, for taking time to share your home renedies — enough of these dangerous & expensive drugs!

  29. my mother suffer asthma, she was cured with oregano, lemon and pure honey. mixed together and drink more water every day..

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