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Medic for Big Toe Arthritis

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7. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is very effective at easing the pain and other discomforts associated with big toe arthritis.

acupuncture for big toe arthritis

In acupuncture, thin needles are inserted in and around the big toe to relieve pain. This treatment can also promote mobility.


It is best to have acupuncture done by an expert who specializes in it. It may take a few sessions to reduce the pain and improve the mobility of your big toe.

8. Healthy Weight

Extra body weight adds stress to the bones in your feet and can lead to increased pain and inflammation associated with big toe arthritis.


healthy weight for big toe arthritis

Maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent your joints from experiencing extra stress, thereby lessening the pain, improving joint functioning and reducing inflammation in the body. Fat itself is an active tissue that creates and releases pro-inflammatory chemicals.


If you are overweight, you must try to lose some weight. It is important to keep in mind that losing weight is not a race. Avoid crash diets. Instead, strive to lose weight by adopting a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.

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