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Medic for Allergies

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9. Local Honey

local honey

Many people swear that eating local honey really works to get rid of allergy symptoms. Local honey produced by bees in your region contains bee pollen, which helps ward off allergies.

Consume one teaspoon or more of raw, unprocessed local honey three or four times a day to help relieve symptoms during the allergy season.


For best results, many suggest starting to eat local honey about one month before the onset of allergy season.

10. Hot Shower

hot shower

Enjoying a hot shower is another very useful remedy for allergies. When you spend long hours outdoors during the pollen season, your hair and skin are exposed to dust particles, pollen and other irritants that can trigger allergies.


To get rid of the source of your allergy, take a hot shower and wash your hair thoroughly after you have been outside. Also, taking a hot shower helps open up your sinuses, making breathing a little easier. The warm water even helps you relax and enjoy sound sleep.


These are some drug-free ways to treat symptoms of allergies when they arise. However, if the symptoms become severe, consult a doctor.


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