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Medic for Chondromalacia Patellae

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9. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains a compound called capsaicin that gives it natural analgesic or pain-relieving properties.

cayenne pepper for chondromalacia patellae

A study published in 2013 demonstrated that capscaicin extracts were comparable in their analgesic effect to the standard drug diclofenac in animal models . It also has anti-inflammatory property.

  • Warm ½ cup of coconut oil. Add 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper powder to it and give it a nice stir. Apply it on the knee, leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this 2 or 3 times a day. Store the remaining oil in an airtight bottle to use later.
  • Alternatively, you can apply a capsaicin cream to the affected area daily.

Cayenne may initially cause a burning sensation, but soon you will feel better.

10. Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil is another great remedy to relieve chondromalacia patellae discomforts, such as pain and swelling in the knee.

castor oil for chondromalacia patellae

The main active ingredient in castor oil is ricinoleic acid. In a study published in 2000, ricinoleic acid was shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties .

  1. Saturate a thick cotton cloth with castor oil.
  2. Loosely wrap it around your knee.
  3. Cover the area with a plastic wrap.
  4. Place a heating pad over the wrap for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the heat and leave the castor oil pack on your knee for a few hours, preferably overnight.
  6. Do this once daily.

Additional Tips

  • To reduce extra pressure on your knees, try to stay in shape. Lose weight if you are carrying extra pounds.
  • Before doing any exercise, do a 5-minute warm-up followed by stretching exercises and then start your exercise routine.
  • Never increase the intensity of your workout abruptly. Always make changes gradually.
  • For running and exercising, use the right kind of shoes and be sure they fit properly. Avoid wearing shoes that are too worn.
  • Use orthotics if you have flat feet.
  • Try to run on a soft, smooth surface and avoid running on concrete.
  • Wear knee pads if you have to spend time on your knees.
  • Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, to reduce inflammation around the joint.
  • Acupuncture, a part of traditional Chinese medicine, can also give you relief from the pain and swelling due to chondromalacia patellae.


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  1. It’s really helpful. I didn’t realize my condition until I read your article, though I had already used honey & ginger with some sugar because of its antiinflammatory power. Thank you so much

  2. Take One Table spoon Cayenne /Chillie powder. Add One or more tablespoon warm Coconut oil to make a paste. Apply this paste to ur knee and Wrap with Cling Film. Wash off with warm water after 30 minutes. Voila!!! No swelling and pain.

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