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Top 3 DIY Homemade Acne Face Masks

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Homemade acne face masks are excellent natural remedies for getting rid of acne breakouts and eliminating acne scars. These recipes include a variety of ingredients that help nourish your skin and eliminate acne-related problems.

Honey, which is used in all the three masks we are preparing today, hydrates your skin, keeps it soft by preserving moisture, and promotes skin cell renewal.

It is highly beneficial for acne-prone skin because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Its anti-inflammatory nature also helps reduce redness and inflammation caused by acne and pimples. It is best to use raw, organic honey rather than processed honey as the latter may irritate your skin.


Ingredients such as cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, green tea, turmeric, and milk are also useful in reducing acne and acne scars.

  • Like honey, cinnamon has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The alpha hydroxyl acids in apple cider vinegar help unclog skin pores and dissolve dead skin cells. Moreover, apple cider vinegar treats blemishes, restores the natural pH of your skin, and minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • Green tea is packed with antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals and help you maintain bright, flawless, and younger-looking skin. It too has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Turmeric is good for treating skin problems, owing to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also helps fade blemishes and acne scars.
  • Raw milk contains lactic acid that works as a gentle exfoliant and delivers anti-aging benefits.

Here are recipes for the top three face masks for acne. Make sure you remove all makeup and wash your face thoroughly before applying these natural face packs. Cleansing your face helps unclog pores and allows the masks to penetrate deep into your skin.

1- Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face Mask/Scrub



Things you will need:

• Apple cider vinegar
• Green tea
• Honey
• Sugar
• A teaspoon
• A bowl



  1. Put one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a bowl.


  2. Add two teaspoons of cooled green tea.


  3. Go, add five teaspoons of sugar.


  4. Finally, put one teaspoon of honey in it.


  5. Stir the mixture well. For a thicker consistency, add more sugar.


Spread the mask on your face using a cotton pad and massage it for a few minutes to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation.

ACV acne mask

The sugar in this recipe works as a natural exfoliant helpful in breaking up scar tissue and unclogging skin pores. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Use this beauty mask about once or twice a week.

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138 thoughts on “Top 3 DIY Homemade Acne Face Masks”

  1. I tried the honey and cinnamon mask, and i think it worked…? It didn’t sting or leave my face red, like other people said. I think it depends on what skin type you have. Should i use this mask in the morning or at night? Does it matter when i use it?

    1. okay well it seems to have made my skin smoother, but I have one tip: it may seem obvious, but don’t put it in your eyebrows!! ? the cinnamon gets stuck in them and you have to wipe it out harshly with a wet paper towel or wipe hahah & also when rinsing your face don’t scrub with your fingers, do it gently or it’ll cause irritation from the small pieces of cinnamon powder and it’s kinda painful ? I’m going to try and check back in tomorrow morning to see if and of my acne has cleared up! 🙂

  2. I’m trying the honey and cinnamon one right now (my face looks like I just smeared goopy foundation that is like, 50 shades darker than my skin color xD). I was also making green tea w/ honey and lemon and thought “eh, all those are good for you soooo….meh why not?” and added just a tiny swig to the cinnamon and honey mask misk. I have combo/sensitive skin and have been suffering with mild-moderate acne since I was 13 (now 19) and I can never seem to get rid of it. Everything I’ve tried seemed not to do a thing or just break me out. It’s been an aggravating quest to find out my ‘HALLELUJAH!’ ingredients that just erase all my pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and scarring/hyperpigmentation away. Of course I know that drinking lots of water and not eating too much junk food/sweets also plays an important part, and that’s why I’m trying to drink more water (and green tea lol). Just the other day I made a scrub with with green tea leaves and honey and my face felt really nice and smooth, complexion seemed a bit more even, and by the next morning, my pimples and redness had calmed down. Nothing dramatic, but it was noticible, my skin likey ^.^

    So hopefully this cinnamon and honey mask is just another step towards that flawless glowing skin goal shining bright in the distance. Hope everyone here gets there too 🙂

  3. Just washed it off. Skin is smother, complexion just a taaaaaaad bit brighter (not as dull) and even. Pimples and redness just as prominent, maybe a little bit more (thought I suspect that’s from the cinnamon’s naturally granular and abrasive texture). I don’t expect instant results, these things take time. Applied some toner I had around. I guess we’ll see what my skin thinks in the morning. Fingers crossed!! \>.</

  4. I have been using the second method for two weeks now and my once combination, acne-prone skin is now almost completely clear. After I take off the mask of honey & cinnamon I apply a little bit of Clean & Clear’s deep cleaning toner for sensitive skin. After both of these steps your skin will appear a little red if your skin is extremely sensitive like mine, but the redness goes away within minutes. This remedy saved my skin, my life, and isn’t at all harsh on my wallet. 🙂

    1. i have clean and clear cleaning toner, but my skin is oily, u think it will work for me
      trying it for the first time now (honey and cinnamon )
      thank u

  5. Turmeric milk is very good for skin. My personal experience for black spots and acne is nutmeg powder cold milk mix both well and apply on face and let it dry for 15 min then rinse with cold water it’s really work. NUTMEG (zaifal)

  6. Tried the Cinnamon and Honey face mask last night for the first time. The mask was on for ~2 minutes and started to burn, so I washed it off immediately. Woke up this morning with visible red burns on my cheek and forehead from the cinnamon. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN.

  7. I just tried the cinnamon and honey one like 10 minutes ago and I’m already noticing a difference! It seemed to draw all the crud to the surface so I could get rid of it! It didn’t sting or make my face red but my skin’s not very sensitive. I love this and I’m going to use it every day!

  8. I just finished the turmeric one for the first time so i can’t say how it works for the acne part, but it took the redness out of my face. so i will be trying it again in 3 days 🙂

  9. I tried the Turmeric , honey and lemon and it works!.
    results showed after 5 days but i think the best remedie for fresh pimples is garlic i used it and the results show the same day, I sliced a garlic in half and rubbed it on my pimples it stings a bit but it works. do daily twice a day!

  10. The cinnamon and honey honestly sucked.
    It may of work for all you, but I may of had a reaction. My face wasn’t burning or anything, but when I took it off, there were red spots. Great! What I need! ✌??✌??✌??

  11. Try to use apple cider vinegar organic mix with clay musk it’s really works for pimples fast and use the apple cider vinegar as a toner every night it’s amazing!

  12. I tried the honey, apple cider and sugar mixture. I really liked it! I had very red acne and irritated skin but once I did the mask the redness had decreased a lot and the rawness I felt was much milder than before. I toned and moisturized after and will give my face a break from makeup for a day. I don’t normally break out like this but I tried a new kind of make up and it clearly isn’t a good fit for me! Broke out almost instantly.

  13. Used the second recipe of cinimmon and honey and had a very bad reaction. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN !!! I didn’t even have it on for 10 minutes before having to wash it off as it was burning. My face was on fire and bright red. Had to use icepacks just to cool my face down.

  14. I also had a bad reaction to the cinnamon one, but i don’t consider myself to have sensitive skin. I think it burned so bad because I put it on after exfoliating my face gently… I wouldn’t recommend it! I washed it off after it started burning, so my face wasn’t hurt- it didn’t turn red or burn after I rinsed it off. So yeah, be careful! I loved the Apple Cider Vinegar one though! it left my skin super soft. we will see if it helps my breakout!

  15. gonna try the first and second ones…after reading the comments, the cinnamon one doesn’t sound like a good idea ESPECIALLY because of my very sensitive skin.

  16. I used the cinnamon and honey one and I found that it applies easier and doesn’t leave your skin burning if you apply it with q-tips. I used it once and gently washed it off about 20 minutes later with a warm wash rag. about 3 hours later my skin was so much clearer! so now I have applied a second mask of it and I am just using the same process as last time!! I also have extremely sensitive skin and have my whole life, but I find applying to dry skin with q-tips may help for those with sensitive skin like mine! (:

  17. I am using a soap to clean my face twice a day, u should i keep using it with the mask (honey and cinnamon )
    i read once u should use many products on your face

  18. My sister will be trying the first mask, and I will be trying the second. I will post our results every week for the next six weeks.

    My sister just rinsed off her Apple Cider Vinegar Mask. There are no immediate results, but that is to be expected for the first time. It has, however, left her face super-soft.

    I applied the Cinnamon mask on my forehead, nose, and all around my mouth; my most prominent locations for acne. Being sensitive, I avoided applying it under my eyes and on my cheeks. I also avoided my eyebrows. My chin stung for a bit, but I was able to leave it on for 20 minutes. After rinsing, my face was ever so slightly red and irritated. They only immediate positive result was that, like my sister, my skin felt soft and smooth.

    1. My sister noticed that the redness from her acne has gone down somewhat since last night. Yay!

      I forgot to mention that, after rinsing off my mask last night, I applied lemon juice as a toner and it really stung! After a few minutes the stinging subsided, but I wonder if that is normal? My acne still looks the same today; no better, but definitely no worse.

  19. I’m using baking soda, lemon juice and coconut oil everyday. The baking soda acts as a face scrub and cleanses the face. Helps with acne and makes the skin feeling soft and smooth. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin. You can also use olive oil instead of the coconut oil

  20. DO NOT DO THE CINNAMON AND HONEY ONE!!!!! I DID IT AND MY FACE TURNED BRIGHT RED! my friend also did it once and she got the same result so it wasnt an alergic reaction!

  21. honey and cinnamon is a good mask.
    My sister, my boyfriend and I use it frequently and it leaves our skin super soft.
    It also got rid of some acne scars.

  22. all of these recipes left me with extremely red skin and really painful skin and it burned very bad I would not recommend this to people who have very sensitive skin. it completely ruined my skin

  23. The cinnamon and honey one is something I would NOT reccomend. It left my skin very itchy, and it turned parches of my face bright red. Thumbs down 🙁

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