incredible things your dog can sense about you

10 Incredible Things Your Dog can Sense about You

Dogs are incredibly intuitive and, whether you believe it or not, they....

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things you may be doing wrong with your dog

10 Things You May be Doing Wrong with Your Dog

Dogs are just like children and they need your love and care.....

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home remedies for constipation in dogs

Medic for Constipation in Dogs

If your four-legged friend has not had a bowel movement in more....

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home remedies for dogs with mange

Medic for Dogs with Mange

Mange is a common skin disease that affects dogs as well as....

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10 Toxic Foods that You Should Not Give to Your Dog

It is very common to find dogs sitting next to the dinner....

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home remedies for kennel cough in dogs

Medic for Kennel Cough in Dogs

If your dog is suffering from a dry, hacking cough as if....

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how to stop vomiting in dogs

How to Stop Vomiting in Dogs

Like humans, it is not uncommon for dogs to vomit from time....

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how to treat flea bites

How to Treat Flea Bites on Humans and Pets

Fleas are tiny, irritating insects that mostly attack pets. But, if you....

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how to get rid of fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas from Your House, Dogs and Cats

When it comes to household pests, there is one in particular that....

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