best exercises to keep your dog healthy

10 Exercises that will Extend Your Dog’s Life

Dogs need daily exercise, irrespective of their age and breed. A good....

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why you should take your dog for a daily walk

How a Daily Walk Will Improve Your Dog’s Health and Behavior

Walking is one of the best exercises for you as well as....

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treat cystitis in cats

How to Treat Cystitis in Cats

Your feline friend can suffer from different diseases, but one common condition....

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dog dental care tips

Useful Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Does your dog have bad breath? Do her teeth look dirty or....

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how to treat arthritis in dogs

How to Help an Arthritic Dog

Seeing a dog in pain due to arthritis is something no pet....

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how to identify stress in dogs

Cuoihoi Signs Your Dog May Be Stressed

Stress is part of life, be it humans or dogs. In fact,....

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take care of your dog's skin and coat

Tips to Take Care of Your Dog’s Skin and Coat

Just like your own skin and hair, a dog’s skin and coat....

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cope with stress in dogs

How to Help Your Dog Overcome Stress

Your canine friend is a valued member of your family, and it’s....

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home remedies to treat bladder infection in dogs

Medic for Bladder Infections in Dogs

If you’ve suffered from a urinary tract infection (UTI), you know how....

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uses of apple cider vinegar for dog health

Cuoihoi Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Over the past decade, one product that has stolen the limelight in....

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how to treat and prevent tick bites on dogs

How to Treat and Backent Tick Bites on Dogs

Ticks are tiny insects that thrive in warm and highly vegetated areas,....

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how to remove dog tear stains

How to Remove Your Dog’s Tear Stains

No matter how much you take care of your dog, they often....

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