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why you cannot sleep

10 Reasons Why You Cannot Sleep Properly at Night

Do you struggle to get to sleep for hours after going to....

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castor oil benefits

Cuoihoi Castor oil Beauty Benefits for Skin and Hair

Castor oil is extracted from seeds of the castor oil plant. It....

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health risks of obesity

10 Health Risks of Being Overweight or Obese

Two words that have been in news more and more frequently over....

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10 tips for healthy pregnancy

10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy

“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation,....

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golden rules to stay fit and healthy

You Must Follow These 10 Golden Rules to Stay Fit and Healthy

With a busy lifestyle, pollution, stress and the zest to do better....

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nails reveal

What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

People may take a fancy to certain body parts. Some people may....

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best essential oils for headache

The Best Essential Oils for Headaches and Ways to Use Them

Headaches are one of the most common ailments of our time. A....

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blood clot signs

10 Signs & Symptoms of an Unusual Blood Clot You Should Know

If you think about it, your blood has the most crucial job....

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why you should not let anyone kiss your baby on lips

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips

When it comes to protecting our little ones, we are all the....

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how to do dry brushing to remove toxins

How Dry Brushing Helps You Get Rid of Toxins

Toxins are tiny molecules, proteins or peptides capable of inflicting disease and....

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strange home remedies

10 Strange Medic You Won’t Believe Actually Work

We all love home remedies for routine illnesses and health problems. Using....

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tips to avoid pesticide residue in food

Simple Tips and Tricks to Avoid Pesticide Residue in Food

Pesticides are toxic substances used to kill weeds (herbicides), insects (insecticides), fungus....

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