Alternative Cures
home remedies for yellow jacket stings

Medic for Yellow Jacket Stings

Yellow jackets are often mistakenly called “bees” due to their striking similarity....

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home remedies for ingrown toenails

Medic for Ingrown Toenails

Note: Do not self-treat this condition at home if you suffer from....

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home remedies for blepharitis

Medic for Blepharitis (Eyelid Inflammation)

Your eyelashes have hair follicles that contain oil glands. When these glands....

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Medic for Bunions

A bunion is an unnatural, bony bump at the base of the....

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home remedies for dry socket

Medic for Dry Socket

Dry socket, also known as alveolar osteitis, is a painful dental problem.....

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Medic for Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis, also known as delayed gastric emptying, occurs when the stomach takes....

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home remedies for eye infections

Medic for Eye Infections

An eye infection is a very common problem that can affect people....

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home remedies for gangelion cysts

Medic for Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts, also known as Bible cysts or Bible bumps, are small,....

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home remedies for burping

Medic for Burping (Belching)

Burping, also known as belching or eructation, is one of the ways....

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home remedies for chafing

Medic for Chafing

When your skin repeatedly rubs against other skin or clothing, it may....

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carpal tunnel syndrome

Medic for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition affecting the hands and arms....

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home remedies for autoimmune disease

Medic for Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases include various conditions in which your immune system attacks healthy....

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