Alternative Cures
home remedies for menopause

Medic for Menopause Relief

Menopause is an important change in a woman’s life. In simple terms,....

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Medic for Bursitis

Bursitis is an inflammation of one or more bursae, the fluid-filled sacs....

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home remedies for watery eyes

Medic for Watery Eyes

While tears play an important role in keeping your eyes healthy, helping....

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home remedies for inflammation

Medic for Inflammation

Inflammation and pain go hand in hand. Inflammation occurs as part of....

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home remedies for asthma in children

Medic for Asthma in Children

Few things are scarier than watching your child wheeze and pant due....

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home remedies for ulcers in the stomach

Medic for Ulcers

An ulcer is a kind of erosion (open sore) on the surface....

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home remedies for xerosis

Medic for Xerosis

Xerosis is the medical term used to describe very dry skin, which....

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Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome home remedies

Medic for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)

TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome) means there is inflammation and tightness of the....

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dry cough home remedies

Medic for a Dry Cough

Coughing is a common reflex action that occurs when mucus drains down....

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home remedies to drain sinuses

Medic for Sinus Drainage

Ongoing mucus or phlegm problems can make your life hell. According to....

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oily skin home remedies

Medic for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a pain to deal. The accumulation of excess....

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get rid of acidity

Medic for Acidity

 An excess or imbalance of digestive acids produced by the stomach....

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